You're My Boy, (Big)Blue!

3:17 PM

Be well my friend! 

Yesterday I said an almost tearful good bye to my friend, my literal ride or die, Big Blue. Yes, I’m slightly heartbroken about giving up my car of fourteen years. That car has become part of my identity. Big Blue and I just go together, we just have since I inherited him (sometimes I used both genders for BB, not too sure why).
Meet Big Blue // 2000 Honda CRV

I’ll forever be indebted to my parents for arming me with a car from the age of 16. I have never been a car person at all, so whatever they handed me I drove, without (many) complaints. My first car was nicknamed the “Lawnmower,” you can use your imagination as to what type of car it was (hint: ’86 Mercury Topaz). When that was put to rest, I was handed down the big red Chrysler Concord, which got me through the rest of high-school and then decided we should part ways, it didn’t want to power steer anymore :/

This is where Big Blue and I became one. My parents had had him for a year or so, before they handed him down to me. They scarified a second car for themselves, in lieu of driving me to college classes, sports games, and work. I wholeheartedly know how lucky I am to have had this luxury growing up, I hope I can provide the same thing for my child(ren) when it is my turn.

Fourteen long years together, parting just shy of 260,000 miles. We started where my days consisted of driving between community college and two jobs to ending with only having a five minute commute to work. There were countless miles logged driving me the 300 miles home from Cal Poly, only to turn around a few days later and add another 300 miles to get back in time for class. So many miles logged driving all over California with friends, making memories in and with Big Blue. From professional sporting events to weekend trips, Big Blue was always the go-to for road trips. Big Blue was the reason I was able to be adventurous, he took me anywhere I desired. Anywhere we wanted too, we went!

I’ll always remember you smelled of campfire for weeks, all because we made the smart decision to sleep in it while the campfire was lit all night. I’ll remember being scared shitless the first time we had to drive down the driveway-of-death in Capitola to get to Ryan’s cabin. I’ll remember impressing many a people with our parallel parking skills, our in-tuneness was amazing. You were always my protector, no matter where I went!

I honestly think every single friend of mine has been inside and enjoyed the glory that is Big Blue. From the conversations, the heart-to-hearts, the arguments, the tears, and the laughter, Big Blue protected us during these moments. So many secrets shared, pranks to drive off from, and rides to and from soccer games our tourneys. You were just another one of the group.

I also owe Big Blue an apology. I used and abused him over the years. However, I always made sure to keep up on regular maintenance and I also only fed you the best (Chevron), in my eyes. Well, some of those early community college days, I might have cheaped out with AM/PM, again, sorry. You are a workhorse in a faux SUV body, you kept trucking along, no matter what I did to you.

I truly will miss you. I will miss being able to parallel park into the smallest spots, ever. I will miss looking for your bright blue in a parking lot. I’ll miss sitting up higher than most cars and enjoying that view. I’ll miss the freedom you gave me, but also the part of my identity you created.

It’s probably a little ridiculous that I’m dedicating a blog post to you, but oh well. Fourteen years together is a long time, longer than any romantic relationship I’ve been in and it even surpasses a handful of my friendships. Your dedication to my safety, my crazy on-the-go antics, and my sanity will be missed and are what I appreciated most about you. Big Blue, you were an amazing car!

It’s the end of the Big Blue era…

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