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10:29 AM

It's been way too long!

I thought I'd let the thoughts flow today, since I haven't done this in a hot minute. I went to peep out the situation over at .running with spoons. to see if anything has changed. Come to found out Amanda is celebrating her 3rd blogging birthday! Hope you have a great birthday, lady!

On to the randomness...

Portal Sac // You know how Sacramento likes to do quirky little things? Well, this is just another one of those and why I love my city! I'll let them describe what it is, pulled straight from their website: "PORTAL is a temporary installation that serves as a flexible space for community members to visualize the future of the region. The installation operates as an urban incubator for discovery, gathering, and experimentation." In my own words - it's a cool traveling installation that is fun to go look at and take silly pics. I met Jacob, the artist who was doing the art on the sides, last night. He was really nice and has been working really hard to finish it up. Last night we went on a running date to check the portal out, even though we looked at it before it was finished about a week or two ago. We got in 3 miles and snapped a couple pics!
Wedding Dress Shopping // Hold the front door, not mine ;) I thought this was going to be a unicorn year, a year without any weddings. Nope, two on the calendar throughout the rest of the year. I don't feel like physically going out shopping for a dress, so with the ease of apps I've ordered two dresses to see which one works out. It's insane to me how easy life is these days. I can sit on the couch and shop my little heart out!

Club de Cuervos // A new Netflix Original series all in Spanish about soccer. I love it and we watched the whole season in less than week. Staying up until midnight, like bosses! Chava, the main character, is annoying. But I guess he's acting well, since he elicits that feeling from me. I've enjoyed the story line, but the soccer they show is not that great. But I'm sure it's hard to find actors who can actually play soccer! HAHA! If you're looking for a series and don't mind subtitles, peep it!
San Francisco // Our weekend in The City was fun. I feel like a weekend home will be nice and is in order! We did the touristy thing and hit up Pier 39. J has never had Trish's Mini Donuts, so I had to introduce them to him. Apparently he liked them, because we want back for seconds on our way out. We ate some amazing homemade pasta so I could carb up for my race. Although it took J probably 30 minutes to park, we enjoyed our dinner. 
Temple Coffee Roasters // I'm always on a mission to avoid Starbucks when I can. So I took my happy, sweaty butt to Temple after Midtown. I'm no coffee connoisseur, but I'm always open to trying new coffees. I asked the Barista to recommend one and he told me his fave was Don Pepe's Excellent Adventure and that when they made the last cup, it would be gone forever. So of course, sounding all exclusive and good, I ordered it. Since it wasn't their normal brew, I had to have via French Press. Little did I know what that would entail. When the Barista called my name and passed me a French Press, a timer, and a to-go cup, I must have gave him the craziest face. I have to do it myself? YUP! Wait four minutes and enjoy. HAHA, I've never had to do that. I thought it was hilarious, almost as funny as the name of the coffee! I guess I'm conditioned to get my coffee right away...
Truffle // I always thought truffle was a mushroom. I avoided anything with it in or on it. How dumb and naive was I? It's a fungus, so I guess its kinda like a mushroom, right? Anyways, I got over it after working at my last job, which is where I learned to appreciate it and many other things I never thought I'd enjoy. I ordered the truffle burger at Umami Burger, as well as the truffle fries. It was all amazing! The burger was plain looking, but amazing in taste. It's so crazy how much truffle brings out flavor in foods! I also ordered a Pepsi, I can't remember the last time I had a soda in a bottle. 
Eater SF // I thoroughly enjoy following a few of the Eater twitter accounts. I came across a tweet from Eater SF for an article they recently wrote, 13 San Francisco's Essential Ice Cream Shops, which of course I had to see how I stacked against it. So I'm at five-ish, I probably shouldn't count #13. I'm making it a goal to try all of the spots, even if my lactose intolerance kicks in!
#3 Fentons - Strawberry Cheesecake & Mocha Almond Fudge
11 Swensen's - Toasted Almond & Mocha Fudge
  1.  Bi-Rite Creamer - Check, love the Earl Grey Tea, try it. It's amazing.
  2. CREAM - Check, in Sac, but still the same.
  3. Fenton's Creamery & Restaurant - Check, both locations. 
  4. Humphry Slocombe
  5. Ici Ice Cream
  6. Joe's Ice Cream
  7. Mitchell's Ice Cream
  8. Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous
  9. Polly Ann Ice Cream
  10. Smitten Ice Cream
  11. Swensen's Ice Cream - Check, bring cash. My cone was stale :(
  12. The Ice cream Bar Soda Fountain
  13. Three twins Ice Cream - Check, but not from their actual location! 
Summer Work FUN // Since I get to be in charge of the work fun, I planned a summer outing for the crew at Federalist Public House. It was really laid back, a little hot, lots of food, and it got a little competitive! This place has absolutely no frills, which they try to compensate for with their food and local beers on tap. Literally, they've cut up shipping containers (so fitting for our group) and shaped them into a large enclosed picnic area with one bocce ball court. Our group took over and definitely brought the noise level up when the bocce ball commenced. I ordered one of everything on the menu and we all had libations. I even ordered old school Root Beers floats for those that still had room. It's been a tough year, but the crew has been working hard and everyone deserved this nice break! I love that I get to do this for our division!
Lots of thoughts I guess. Looking forward to a nice weekend at home, it's been awhile!

Thoughts lead to more thoughts...

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  1. I love truffle but not on fries. Oh boy ice cream is my weakness. If I had a list like that I would definitely have to test each and every one.

    1. Oh the fries had truffle cheese and truffle oil, you would have seriously disliked them ;) Me too, always has been. Ice cream and fresh cookies, which is why CREAM is dangerous! It's like it's taunting me to finish the list! HAHA I'm sure there is a list like that where you live. xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I went through a phase where i was trying to avoid Starbucks as well, so I'd go to all these local mom & pop coffee shops only to discover that I really didn't enjoy a lot of the more 'fancy' coffees they gave me. I had one that legit had the aftertaste of tomato soup. And that was pretty much the end of it. At least with Bux I know what to expect lol.

    1. I remember reading about it. It's hit or miss for me. I have two fave local places, but have been trying more. It's an expensive experiment. HAHA! That's disgusting, tomato soup coffee? My BF won't even get them and says he's not worth the fancy stuff...just give him the Bux, because he won't appreciate it! HAHA! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. I have been to hardly any weddings in my life and I find it totally depressing! I'm dying for my friends to get married so I can attend bachelorette parties and shop for cute dresses to wear to weddings and dance the night away. Loving the art installation in your city, I love cool quirky pieces like that!

    1. HAHA, don't worry. You're young, there's an age range that people start getting married - then you feel like you're going to them all the time. It doesn't stop after that, then it's baby showers and kidlets bday parties. By no means am I complaining, just get ready to be even more poor ;) Yes, the dresses are the best...well and the bach parties too! It made it fun to have a destination to run too. ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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