Disneyland In One Day

9:29 AM

Or 12 hours to be exact!
It's been over two years since I've been to Disneyland, but my (kinda) secret Disney freak was ready to be unleashed! However, I didn't want to get my hopes up in case we didn't go. But ever since Poppa Bear mentioned 'maybe' going when we debarked from the cruise, I've been holding my breath!

Lucky me, we did go! Duh, or else I wouldn't be writing this. After we rented our car, drove from the LBC to Anaheim, stopped at our hotel, and got on the shuttle, we were finally walking into the Happiest Place on Earth!
I can't even put into words how giddy I was. I know, a 32 year grown ass woman who absolutely becomes the likes of a five year old upon entering the gates of Disneyland! I couldn't stop smiling as Poppa Bear bought our tickets to get into the park.
I'm all about doing as much as possible when I'm there, as well as taking advantage of their open to close hours. We arrive a little after noon and we didn't leave until a little after midnight. I'm not sure J knew what he was in for with me!

Another reason I was so excited to be here, was because they are celebrating their 60th Anniversary, also known as the Diamond Celebration! I didn't think I'd even get to be here for it, but alas, I did! 
When we walked in, I walked straight to the section where you take your obligatory picture at the front. I didn't remember this, but the Disney photogs are so freakin awesome, they take your pics with your phone and/or camera, then use theirs. They also give you a card, which they scan every time you take a picture with them, so you can go back and order them online or at one of their stations! I love how non-stingy they are!

Because I know you know all about Disneyland, I'll just list the things we did here:

Rides: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters x2, Space Mountain x2, Indiana Jones Adventure, the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland Railroad, and Star Tours the Adventure Continues.

Shows: Mickey's Soundsational Parade, Paint the Night (Electric Parade), a glimpse of Fantastimic!, and random bits of the Disneyland Forever fireworks show!

Others Fun: Pictures with Aurora, Captain America, and Thor.
Serious Princess discussion going down!

Now to the good stuff, the EATS of Disneyland!

Since we stopped at Sabroso! Mexican Grill (also #61 on Yelp's 100 List in 2014), before our Disney adventure, we didn't need lunch. We snacked on random things, up until about 10PM when J and I ate dinner, we were tried and hangry!
Sabroso! // Fish taco, carnitas taco, and a carne asada taco!
Sabroso! // Cool little spray painted image, never seen this before!
Starbucks is at Disneyland: What. The. Hell? Technically called the Market House, I think! I knew it was in Downtown Disney for awhile, but they straight up gave them their own shop. I was happy and mad at the same time. Starbucks, taking over the world, as usual. I swooped up an iced coffee, since it felt like 200 degrees outside!
Dole Whip: If you have never had one, I'm sorry. These magical cups of paradise belong in more than just Disneyland. They were such a delicious treat, as we melted in the hot So Cal weather. We grabbed one before the Mickey's Soundsational Parade started and killed it. Come to find out, the inside is hollow, no whip there. I felt cheated, a little. Also, a note for when you're buying it. Go inside the turn-style of Enchanted Tiki Room presented by Dole and wait in that line. There is shade and even random drops of water from the tree. OR you can wait in the long line that bakes in the sun, your choice!

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus & Pomegranate Lemonade: I had to have bacon, so we stopped by the Bengal Barbecue, which is right across from the Jungle Cruise. This snack was perfect, I could have eaten about five skewers, if left to my own devices. Poppa Bear surprised J and I with the Pom Lemonade, since J was obsessed with the lemonade on the ship. However, if you look the little balls look like pomegranate pieces, but really, they are little balls of liquid pom juice. They weirded me out, a texture thing. You broke through the skin and there was juice in there. Good, but weird...really weird for me! Poppa Bear also got J the spicy chicken skewers, which I apparently forgot to snap a pic of.
Churro: What would a Disneyland trip be without one of those nasal orgasmic smelling churro's? Not a good one! As we waited for the Railroad to arrive, I ran to grab one. The smell was too intoxicating. It was so fresh, the cast member handed it to me straight out of the frier machine (or whatever that is). It was warm, sweet, and perfect!
Bottles of Water: We bought a few of the Dasani water bottles, which were much needed for the weather that day. However, they also give free water cups at most places, you just have to ask. Another surprising fact that shocked us!

Dinner at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe: We walked all over to see what was still open, but plenty of things closed at 10PM, so we ended up back at this cafe we'd already passed twice. J ordered the grilled cheese and I ordered the Albacore tuna melt. My meal came with kettle style chips and then I ordered a small soda for us to share. The tuna was more on the dry side, but I actually liked it. It didn't taste like I was eating tuna drenched in mayo. They also add a little of Dijon mustard, but not enough to be overwhelming. I was a little nervous ordering this, but I actually enjoyed it. This is also where they had these awesome Diamond Celebration cupcakes. Since I wasn't in the mood for the gross frosting, I didn't get us one, but they sure looked amazing!
Obviously a fake one, but still cute!
Dessert from Candy Place and Candy Kitchen: It should be no surprise to you that I had to buy some type of candy or treat, don't I on every trip? Well I was having a serious hankering for a rice krispie treat, which is exactly what I got. It was so freakin cute, they had one of Mickey and Minnie. I went with the one with the least amount of extra frosting. I just wanted the rice krispie treat and chocolate, I actually made J eat all the blue stuff off of it. He quickly obliged! I also bought a Peanut Butter Sandwich (but more of a square) and J got himself the Milk Chocolate S'mores square. He ate his, but I saved mine, which was eventually devoured in the Southwest line on our return flight. I was hangry and that's all I had, but it was amazing! If you remotely like peanut butter, get one of these things...they are amazing!
As I write this post, I'm a little sad that we didn't get to stay another day or check out California Adventure. Don't get me wrong, this Disney freak is completely grateful for 12 full hours at the Happiest Place on Earth, but it just left me wanting more...
The Photog was stoked for this pic, because no one is in the background...but she had the worst angle ever!

Pardon the shine, it was a hot one!
I told myself and instructed J and the Parentals to not let me go crazy with buying stuff. They executed that plan marvelously, the only souvenir I came home with was an Alex & Ani bracelet. I wanted to get the Diamond Celebration one, but for $70, I left it there. It had an extra blue charm, but it looked cheap for the price tag. I was also on the hunt for Diamond Celebration ears, but I couldn't find any that I liked! #DisneyProbs We picked out a cute little surprise for L and my parents also got her a cute little gift, but that was the extent of shopping....although we spent a good amount of time in the huge store on Main Street!
Even though Club 33 isn't as secret as it once was, neither is the Dream Suite. I'd vaguely heard about it, but this time I made sure to spot it! After minimal research, I see that you cannot pay for it. You have to win it as a grand prize, which was in the past. I'm not sure you can even win it now. But I'm not sure which out-of-my-reach option is worse, it being too expensive to afford or having no way to actually try to win it!

Exhausted and a sweaty mess, I went to bed the happiest gal ever! My first trip to one of my fave places with J, marks another first off our list together! He got to see the crazy Disney freak in me and obliged every single want I had there, even the silly character pictures AND staying until the very end, even though the Parentals left hours before we did! It was an amazing addition to our summer and I'm grateful that the Parentals decided we should go!

We are already planning our trip there next year, holler!!

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