Musings: Containment

2:50 PM

I have a friend that always swears 'girls are crazy'.
I hate that she says that. I hate the stereotype that it perpetuates. Women are emotional beings, yes. Crazy, no. I associate the word 'crazy' with so many negative connotations, that I don't want to think that we (women) would say that about ourselves. Yes, women tend to be more emotional (generalization, don't kill me) than men.

Anyway, on my path to work toward being better at communicating and growing as a person, I came across this quote from a Tiny Buddha post:

Sometimes containment means holding back our own crazy and being the functional adult who can move beyond it. Other times we leak looking for the other person to be responsible for us. It’s about practice and progress, not perfection.

Even though I'm adamantly opposed to saying women are crazy, I completely understood exactly what this author meant. There is no negative connotation at all, although the same exact word that I deem awful is actually being used.
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I realized, sometimes our emotional state leads us to create unreasonable, less than rational ideas in our head. Even though in our heart, we may not believe them, the brain takes over and we stop thinking rationally.

So I get it. I have had to go back to this passage multiple times over the last few weeks. Something about reading it, grounds me. It reminds me that yes, I maybe having 'crazy' thoughts and that I need to stop, relax, and re-evaluate where my thought process is at. Am I angry? Am I making up scenarios in my head? Am I thinking too emotionally versus rationally?

Sometimes you read something and it just sticks with you. This was one of those passages I know I'll continue to use in my own personal growth. It just makes sense.

Note to self: Contain your crazy...

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