Mahal Kita, Grandma!

11:18 AM

Fourteen years ago....

Grandma - Amelia - Me - Gabe (below) - J (above) - Grandpa
...we said good bye. You left us peacefully surrounded by everyone that loved you. You entered into your new life and reunited with Grandpa.

I miss you every day, Grandma.

I don't have favorites when it comes to my grandparents, but you are the one grandparent I spent the most time with. Your passing coincides with a very celebrated holiday, which means we can never forget the day we said goodbye to you. Last year I wrote a very similar post, but my words and feelings remain the same.

So many things remind me of you. You continue to keep me grounded, in the most honest and vulnerable ways. Just remembering you makes me want to be a better person, a better woman, daughter, friend, sister, and partner.

There are so many random things that will make sense to no one, well maybe some of the family, but that fiercely remind me of you constantly:

  • Rice Krispie treats made with anything but Rice Krispies.
  • Flat soda.
  • Diet Cherry 7up...but flat.
  • Sitting at the table w/ Grandpa prepping lumpia.
  • The rice cooker always having fresh rice.
  • Frozen OJ in your juice jar, always.
  • Your house.
  • You watering your garden.
  • Tic Tacs.
  • Walks to Raley's.
  • The Hall.
  • You saying the P-word to me one time in the car.
  • Our 4th of July Old Navy shirts you bought for all the grand kids.
  • Your glass grapes in the living room.
  • Grandpa's room at the house, which we never went in.
  • Your make-up and jewelry section.
  • All the loose change.
  • Poppies.
  • You being active in your various clubs.
  • You volunteering your time, for anyone.
  • Your generosity.
  • Persimmons.
  • Learning you swore like a sailor, but we couldn't understand.
  • Also learning you spoke dirty and we couldn't understand.
  • You smelling our armpits (just don't ask).
  • Cable TV.
  • Your Honda.
  • Your Faith.
  • St. Mary's Church.
  • Your incredible love and strength.
  • Your family values.
  • Your wrinkles.
  • Your lipstick.
  • You cooking over the stove.
  • Sweet potatoes in the microwave.
  • Us trying to record your answering machine message - 10,000 takes later...
  • You harassing Mark for everything.
  • Calling 911 when Gabe fell off the stairs and cut his good jeans.
  • You telling Gabe he needed 'husky' sized underwear.
  • Gottschalks. 
  • Your humor.
  • Your laugh, the way your face crinkled up when you were genuinely laughing.
These are just some of the memories I could come up with, although there are thousands more I could list. But, you get the gist. She was an amazing woman, who has left a legacy with her family. We uphold what she taught and instilled in us every day. If we mess up, we get back on track, because that's how she and Grandpa taught us to be. They fought hard to create a good life in the States and we won't and don't ever take that for granted.

If you still have Grandparents alive, give them hugs, talk to them, and learn your family history. If you have issues or drama, let it go by the wayside and be grateful they are still alive. You get to talk to them, hug them, hold their hand...things that I won't ever get to do again. With all four grandparents in Heaven, I don't get that luxury anymore. So, I live vicariously through all of those that still get to experience it.

Although our 4th is a little different now, we still make sure to party just like Grandma would want us too!
Happy 4th of July y'all! Have fun and be safe!

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