WIAW - Women's World Cup EATS

12:04 PM

All the footy!
AND all the food! Monday was the day that the US Women's National Team (USWNT) had their first game of the Women's World Cup. So, I will celebrate this special day (and their WIN) with my eats from that day. I better eat like that on Friday and Tuesday as well, it only is dumb if it doesn't work, right?

Seems like there was a little mix up on who was hosting, but don't fret, Jenn at Peas & Crayons has it handled this week. Stop on over and see what everyone else is eating! Get inspired or just drool at all the food porn!

I didn't feel like trying to make breakfast after a long day of soccer the day before, I was still exhausted when I woke up. So, I made a trip to Starbucks for breaky:
I'll call this, make whatever you have at home and throw it in a tortilla. I cooked up some ground turkey, warmed up a blend of white and brown rice, threw some guac on the tortilla to finish it off. I've also been obsessed with the Trader Joe's sweet tea, so I took some of that to go as well. Its not overly sweet, but I still add a little water to dilute it. Ugly, but filling.
The USWNT game started fairly early, so I ate dinner instead of HH. My fellow soccer friend Liz (or Scandal if you're a derby girl) and I planned to meet to watch the game. She chose University of Beers, which turned out to be a great place. We had plenty of space, three TVS for viewing, and the food wasn't bad!
As you already know, beer isn't my thing, but they had cider and wine. I went with their house red, which was a Cab Sauv from Lodi, CA. It wasn't bad at all. Liz ordered the pulled pork sliders, but I waited for J to get there to order something to share. It took him a little while, so I ordered us the Bacon & Blue Cheeseburger. It was pretty tasty, probably a little too much cheese for my stomach to handle. The fries were crispy, but a little over salted for my liking, but nothing ketchup and ranch couldn't mask. Thank goodness we split it, because I was full after that.
Post Dinner Snack-ish
The women WON! It was an ugly game, but the last 30 minutes the pulled it together and came away with a 3 to 1 win against Australia. The lovebug had a Tournament of Champions (TOC) game that started during the WWC game, so I ran straight there. Well, I stopped to get a Fiji water, because it was in the triple digits on Monday. I also got some David's BBQ seeds, probably not the best idea, but I ate only a couple of handfuls.

After the game I took the Lovebug to get a celebratory Slurpee and to get gas. He was a little upset, so it was fun to see him smile as we went through the car wash. When I took him home, my Aunt was making dinner so I had to steal some for J...since Spam is his fave. I detest it, but he loves it. So do my nephews! Ugh!

Instead of heading home, I was off to my soccer game, which I was dreading because it was at 10:25PM in an arena that had trapped the 103 degree heat in it all day. Just like I thought it would be, it was really warm in there, even that late at night. A WIN always makes it a little easier, but we were all sweating like pigs when we left!

Futbol and food, pretty much sums up my life :)

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  1. I'm right there with you on the hard cider and wine.

    Happy WIAW, and thanks for linking up!

  2. Beer isn't my thing either! but wine, that I can do !


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