Running Raw

10:56 PM

No, not chub rub.

And yes, you read that correctly. I actually wrote 'running' in a blog title!

Things have been starting to click with running. That might be a slight exaggeration, but at least it's on my mind and in my vocab, lately! I'm not forcing it, nor am I pushing it. More importantly, I'm not stressing myself out over times, pace, or distance. I'm just doing what feels good, but also setting very small (tiny one might say) goals.

As I was analyzing (term used loosely) my Garmin, I realized before June, the last logged run was from April 2015. That's a while ago, to say the least. From what you will see, these have been my current runs, with the exception of one or two, that I didn't take my Garmin because it was dead and I didn't plan ahead to have it charged.
Normally I would be terrified to post these times and paces. But I'm human and I hope that anyone that reads this remember this...because it's hard enough for me to swallow the times. I worked hard to get faster and to be able to run a marathon. I assumed I'd always have that fitness. I didn't expect my motivation to go by the wayside. It did, maybe it was a burnout. But for a long time I assumed (or convinced myself) I'd still have the speed without putting in the work. Naive. Sure, even probably refused to believe I could be wrong. But, oh was I. 

After I realized that I was starting over again, it wasn't so hard to swallow a 10 min+ mile pace. I can't run fast if I'm not putting in the work, it literally is just that simple. Just because you have done something in the past, doesn't mean you can do it again without putting in the work.  So there you have it, I'm starting over again.

I'm trying to fall in love with running again!

I find so much inspiration from runners on Social Media, but it just wasn't quite enough to get out the door. I love seeing everyone active, logging miles, and being happy about it -- but the right amount of envy wasn't there. It would make me smile and be happy for them, but not enough to actually lace up my Kinvara's!

I'm not sure when it clicked, but something did and I started craving a run. Maybe to get inside my own thoughts, maybe because my jeans were tight, whatever the reason I haven't been able to pin point it. Maybe, just maybe, I missed it a little! Who knows? I don't...

RE-startng is truly the hardest part. Swallowing times and paces, which I know I can do better than. As a runner getting faster is always thrown down your throat. Everyone is either openly or secretly trying to be faster than the next person. Going after the "kills" are exhilarating. Seeing a faster pace or PRing are also exhilarating.

No one talks about those times when you lose your fitness (unless discussing injury). No one talks about starting over again, because you just stopped caring (or whatever your reason may be). It sucks. It's hard. But if you decided to do it, then you can. Take the pressure off yourself and set small goals - either time or mileage. Don't put pressure on yourself, it's that simple. Leave your Garmin at home for a few runs, go by feel. Yes, I just told you to leave your Garmin at home. Run a route you know the mileage and just run, if you're that type A. I even took the time to add music again, which I haven't done in over a year. It was nice to have that distraction and if the right song comes on, you might find yourself a little speed (on accident of course). Just get out of your head. Run to run. Run for nothing else. Run for you. Not your Garmin.

Emotional about that's a first...

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  1. Glad to hear you're getting back into it!

  2. These are GREAT times! Hey, you're getting back into it and that's important. Girl, you don't even want to know what I'm averaging these days but we'll get back into it! Keep on running. BTW, nice to see you back here again! Was wondering where you were. :)

    1. Hey lady! Thank you! Slowly, but surely! I've been taking a little break from here, but not going anywhere permanently. Just taking a step back and enjoying life, at the moment! xoxo, ganeeban


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