Rose & Thorn [51]

11:01 AM

Glorifying busy with a grateful heart!

Rose: Lotty receiving her Master's degree & a weekend of footy!
Thorn: Losing our co-ed semi final game on Sunday :(

We knew it would be a busy weekend, but we were prepared for it. A soccer tourney for J, meant that lots of soccer and time at the Pub were going down. Mix in a concert, graduation party, another graduation, and more pretty much have our weekend nailed down. Although it was jam packed with FUNsitivites, we did get spend some quality time with the three of us each day. That's whats most important on our weekends with L!

I came home to this amazing snail mail! We are a week away from the Women's World Cup, get excited!!

I'd been waiting for this day for months, ever since the Concert in the Park (CIP) line-up was announced months ago. I swore off CIP years ago, but since Blackalicious was going to be there, I knew I had to too! J went to pick up L and they headed to a graduation party, while I was at home and the Guidette was my roll dog for the concert.
It was really, really hot and it isn't even summer time yet. We are wimps, what can I say? We got there super early, but Blackalicious wasn't going on until the end. So we grabbed tokens, which are necessary for drinks. We walked around and hung out a bit. We ran into tons of familiar faces, but we ended up stealing some blanket real estate with the Guidette's friend, Bernadette. That's where we stayed for the rest of the concert.

After the concert was over, we all walked to a local restaurant, Pizza Rock. They all stayed and ate and I headed home to see L and J, before bed time. I was starving, so I ran to get curb side pick up at one of the only late night spots on the Grid, Ma Jong's!

Had to start the weekend off right at Midtown. Bobbie kicked our asses, as per the usual. I headed straight home after class, since J had to head to his tourney. L and I ate breakfast and then got ready for Lot's graduation at the Memorial Auditorium. After we got all dolled up, we headed out. We got there right as the graduates were walking in, so we got locked out for a bit. Luckily the other girls were right behind us, so we all went in together. It was packed, so we didn't get to sit by Lot's fam. Halfway through the ceremony seats cleared up, so we moved down to sit by them so we could cheer like crazy.

After the ceremony and obligatory pics with the grad, L and I rushed off to change into comfy clothes and then headed to J's soccer tourney. We got there in time to see the second half of the second game, but luckily he had a third game that we'd be able to watch. After the second game, we had some time to kill so I ran to Togo's and they hung out. Sadly, they lost their third game. Our day at the field was over, but it was mandatory that the team show up to the the Pub, their sponsor, after the game.

At the pub, we were treated to free eats of whatever they served us! All of which I thought were tasty, good 'ol pub fare! Who doesn't like french fries with gravy? I had told the Wench that I'd watch her lovebug, so they could go on a date. So they dropped Levi off at the Pub and went on a dinner date. Then as promised to both kids, we left the pub to head to the Park for some fun. It was rather late, however thanks to the longer evenings, we were able to get some good park time in. Then wench and hubs met us at the park after their date, they even had a special treat for me - toasted almond gelatto! After it was too dark to play any more, we all parted ways and said our good byes.

Back home it was time to relax, recoup for the next day of sports, and eventually off to bed for us all!

Yaaasss! A little sleeping in is always a plus! I made it to about 7:15AM, I'll take that as a win! Since we both had games that day, I knew a carb breakfast would be a good idea. I ran to Noah's to grab us all bagels for breakfast, then made breakfast for all of us - by made, I mean toasted the bagels and made coffee too.

J and I had games at the same time, so I decided to go to Midtown for their Sunday yoga class. I love and hate that shit. My body needs it, my mind needs it - but I always am struggling and sweating through the hour long session. It was great, regardless. I also had plenty of time to stretch and change before my soccer game.

Sadly, we lost our semi-final game by one point. A lot of our guys were at the tourney J was playing in - so most teams were missing fellas that day. We fought hard to come back, but it just wasn't our game. After the game I went home to meet J and L there, then off to the pub.

WAGs. Do you know what that stands for? I had no clue, I had to look it up like an old lady: Wives and Girlfriends. WAGs and kidlets were all in attendance at the Pub after the tournament. Sadly, they lost their game which meant no fifth game for them. It was a great time, that turned into a really good time. Jen was here this time, so we ended up hanging out the entire time, by hanging out I mean drinking an obscene amount of adult beverages. We closed out the pub (for the team), then sought out food with our fellas.

We walked over to Crepeville for some much needed food. J and I split one of my fave burgers on the Grid. Then we all decided it was probably time to head home for the evening. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and falling asleep ridiculously early!

Footy weekends are the best weekends!

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  1. All of your weekend posts give me the impression that you have the best group of friends. Your weekends are always jam packed with fun activities and lots of yummy food-I love it!

  2. Aww, thanks so much! That is such a compliment and it is also very true. I've found a great group of women who I've surrounded myself with over the years! xoxo, ganeeban


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