Musings: Celebrate the Small Things

1:56 PM

Please tell me I'm not the only one...

...right?!? Is my world so small and boring, that I want to celebrate the small, little victories in my life?

Immediately after that thought, I scolded myself for belittling my excitement at my small victory. I thought, well hell, YES you should be proud of yourself. If you don't strive to get better, then you'll never change. So don't wait for the big, huge, momentous victories - take the time to celebrate the small ones too.

To most others, my small victory is probably just another evening in the kitchen. But for me it was a small victory. Because I relish any idea or attempt at cooking. It's not because I'm horrible at it, I just don't place much value on my effort/cost to result ratio. 

Anywho, I guess I should tell you what my small victory was: I (we) successfully made crock pot BBQ Chicken. My coworker was heating up some food at work and it smelled tasty, so I complimented her on how good it smelled. She proceeded to tell me how easy it was to make it. I'm pretty sure she had no idea of my lack of cooking desire or skill set. So, knowing I had defrosted chicken that needed to be used, I attempted it. without getting my hopes up. Bless J's heart for always going with the flow when I get an idea.

We had planned to hit up Trader Joe's that evening, anyways, so grabbing the two items I needed was the only work that needed to be done. Our decision process for which BBQ sauce purchase basically boiled down to cost, we went with the cheapest one, baller-on-a-budget-style. Although I'm generally against purchasing produce from TJ's, I didn't want to make another stop, so I grabbed a red onion too. That was all I needed.

My crock pot and I are still acquainting ourselves with one another, so it's been a rocky relationship so far. I haven't figured out the timing aspects of the low and high options, because those are the main to to choose from. The last time (out of one or two) I tried to do chicken with a recipe in the crock pot, it didn't go so well. So now you understand why I was a little hesitant.

I chopped some onions, poured in the BBQ sauce, then added the defrosted chicken, and then added some water to the BBQ sauce bottle and dumped it all into the crock pot. Two things that worried me, there was way too much BBQ sauce to chicken ratio and the chicken was defrosted. I wasn't sure how long I should cook it and it was pretty late in the evening, so I checked it at hour one and it still wasn't done. J checked it at hour 2 and it was done. J took it out and shredded it, then it went into the fridge for future consumption. All looked well, but the final test would be when we ate it.
No so pretty picture of the shredded BBQ chicken with egg whites and rice!
It was good! I was proud!

If you've read through that who play-by-play on how to make the world's easiest chicken, then thanks. My musings extend further than me executing chicken. But more to the point that we should celebrate our small victories. My small victory may mean nothing to you, but that does not mean it loses it's importance to me. I should have the mindset to not belittle my own small victories, but I should embrace them and enjoy them. These are my small things that will add up to larger victories. 

I feel more confident in trying to use my crock pot again. It also allowed me to have a handful of meals for the week, so I can make healthier and more cost effective food choices. Both J and I could eat it, so it saves us both some money and time in meal preparation. Again, these are just small little changes that make our lives easier. But if I start with small actions, it is in hopes that they spread through other aspects of our life.

Don't be hard on yourself, as long as you're pushing forward in whatever your goal is. Don't shoot for the final execution right away, remember everything is/has a process. It can be as simple as nailing a strict handstand or as big as cleaning up your credit, all the small little victories will lead to something bigger. You just have to believe and put in the work!

Don't ever stop celebrating the small victories!

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  1. I am always excited when I make food at home instead of eating out. Over the past few months I've started cooking a lot more and it has become a bit more natural for me but it is still a victory!

    1. I don't know if I'd go that far, but yes, I love when new things from 'my' kitchen come out well! Maybe your good habit will rub off on me :) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Good for you! I think it's important to celebrate little victories and be proud of ourselves for stepping outside of our comfort zone. I'm terrible with a crockpot so I would celebrate this too.

    1. Thanks! Those darn things are so temperamental, but I think we're starting to get along now ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  3. I think the only way to achieve big victories is to appreciate and recognize the smaller victories along the way. I have had several moments in my life where I have found myself jumping for joy over the smallest thing... but to me, it IS worth the joy. Why not, right? Personally, I would be celebrating any small victory in the kitchen, as I don't cook very well. :)

    1. That's why we could be friends in real life - wine, Fireball, and lack of cooking are things we'd bond over instantly ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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