Five Things Friday - Donut Worry, Be Happy

10:05 AM

Donut even tell me you don't know today is...
National Donut Day!!
Line out the door, but I still got two dozen :)
A little pun fun for the office!
@heygirlhill tagged me in @meghanpaigetarry's IG  - so worthy of a repost!
I'm feeling all sorts of content...
five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!
...and NOT because it's all about the donuts today! Every week has it challenges and opportunities, this week just seems to be one of those good ones. I think it's because I'm getting back into my workout routine and incorporating running. I know my 'fluff' won't go away overnight, but I can appreciate working hard toward see it melt away...slowly... I'm excited for the weekend, some fun stuff planned, but also taking time to relax with J and some boring house chores, but that's the life of a grown up, right?!?

Five Things I Ate

1. Warm, sticky, freshly glazed Carmel corn - this has made multiple appearances in the blog...but because it is so damn good. They serve it in a take out (Chinese style) box and it's warm and the Carmel is gooey and has not hardened. Its literally crack!
2. Blue Diamond Nut Thins & Garden Laughing Cow - I prefer Milton's crackers, but I had these on hand and it worked out pretty tasty. Also, I get to eat more crackers, per serving!
3. SUK - Strings Urban Kitchen date with the Guidette & the Bestest. What Italian place serves pasta without a side of garlic bread? Blasphemy, just another up-charge to a sistah!
4.  Pronto - I was craving the Farmer's Market salad, so I forced J to split that and Spaghetti with Meatballs. I didn't hear him complain one bit ;)
5. Breakfast Sando - went grocery shopping on Wednesday, so I made this the next morning. Whole Wheat English muffin, two egg whites, one slice of Swiss cheese, and a few slices of tomato for the WIN!
Five Workouts
1. Monday - Soccer
2 .Tuesday - Midtown
3. Wednesday - #NationalRunningDay 3.5 miles w/ J
4. Thursday - Midtown
5. Friday - 3.5 mile run

Five Pins
1 // Via -- Looks like it wouldn't be too hard, right?!
2 // Via -- I'm calling dibs on dessert for an upcoming girls night to make these :)
3 // Via -- Gotta love a good quote!
4 // Via -- Anything that clear, just screams my name!
5 // Via -- Only loving in FULL!

Five Things Making Me Happy 
1. Entourage - I've been waiting for this movie to drop forever. Loved the show from the jump. I'm amazing that HBO created an equally amazing show about men, as they did with SATC. Plus it will be a double date, so that's always fun!
2. OITNB - Next week I will lose hours of my life watching all the episodes in a row. Please do not disturb, thanks!
3. Tacos and Margs after our last soccer game on Sunday, sad to see the season end, but excited for the post game treat!
4. Girls Night, always!

Nacho Bar and Mojito's from St. Maarten's!
The Teacher and I hanging out with the Lovebugs outside!
5. Planning a 'meditation' date with a girlfriend. I'm nervous, but excited to try it out!

Go celebrate and donut ask questions!!

I know we're supposed to try to live a life we don't need to escape from the weekdays, but there's something too magical about the weekends!

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  1. Entourage was incredible! I saw it Tuesday night and it was the perfect cap to one of my favorite shows!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! : )

    1. Yeessss! I'm exited to hear it was good, which is exactly what I expected! I wanted to go on Tuesday, but I went to a baseball game instead #FirstWorldProbs ;) Thanks and hope you have a fun surprise this weekend! xoxo, ganeeban


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