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11:19 AM

Loving my happy mood...

I'm going to chalk it up to lady business and say that I was in a bad/ugly mood the last few days, but that has come and gone. Maybe its the endorphins from my workout this AM or my pizza hangover, but I'm in better spirits. So here goes my Thursday randomness ritual!

Nailed It // I'm doing a 5K with my work tonight and I wanted to make my over sized shirt cute. Well, my ability to 'nail it' goes beyond food, apparently! Damn DIY, Pinterest, you got me AGAIN! Here's where I found my inspiration gone wrong! So I started cutting into the shirt, without realizing that our logo was on the back. The front had our name, so I thought I was in the clear. When I turned it around to do the cute back piece, I realized I'd be cutting right through all of the logo. FAIL! So, I ended up with a jankey looking, cut up, trashy tank top that I will have to wear another tank under for our race tonight. Don't worry, I'm the captain of the I can do what I want apparently ;)
DIY Workout Shirt via Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth

Spectator // I've been really slacking on Ate duties this year. I usually try to make it out to as many games as possible, but with three lovebugs at all different age ranges, it was hard to accommodate. That and also trying to incorporate our weeknights with L, I just sucked as an Ate. Luckily I was able to get out to Lano's last t-ball game of the season! That little slugger is going to be a BEAST! The best part is, his team is also the SF Giants! So I easily had plenty to wear in support of his team. I think if he happened to be a Dodger, part of my heart would die inside ;)

Not a binky, just a Ring Pop!
Beat LA // Since I'm talking baseball, I just want to love the fact that we've shutout the Dodgers the last two evenings! Okay, thanks, bye!

Women's World Cup // Although I couldn't devise a plan to get to Canada for one game, I'm still super hyped that it's less than two and a half weeks away! If you haven't heard about it, there has been a huge debate leading up to the games. They women will be required to play ALL of their games on turf, instead of natural grass. With my extensive soccer career (haha, just a joke, relax), even I can say that playing soccer on turf versus playing natural grass is a completely different game. The ball rolls way faster, not just a little, but a freakin' lot faster! The precision of passes and skill level is expected of these ladies, but the turf will inevitably change the speed and tone of the games. Sharon Katz did a great job to breakdown the details on How An All-Turf Womens' World Cup Will Impact The Game

Back At It  // Today was my first day back to Midtown in probably about 3 weeks-ish! I stopped going after the Monday I strained my calf. Today was H-A-R-D! Mostly because I've lost a lot of my conditioning, but also because Bobbi was killin' us with tons of plate burpees. I'm still not at 100% at all, but I modified what I needed to too and did what I could. I felt slow and lame, but I reminded myself I'm not competing with anyone. I know I shouldn't care, but always being last to do the workout, reeks havoc on my self esteem. I'm getting better at letting it go, especially when everyone is cheering me on! Who couldn't go a little harder or faster with everyone cheering (re: watching)?!?

Memorial Day Weekend // I'm looking forward to our upcoming weekend of minimal things to do. Just relaxing and hanging out seem to be a majority of our weekend plans. We might be going to do a fun day trip on Sunday, which I couldn't be happier about! But other than that, I'm excited to keep it low key - I say this now...but I'm sure it'll change at some point ;)

New Car?!? // Can it be? Is it almost time to get a new car? My relationship with Big Blue might be coming to an end and I'm pretty sad about it. I don't want a car payment, but time to put on my big girl pants and get a new (or used) car! This weekend I might decide to go on my first 'test drive' ever. Big girl moment. Eeeek!

I need to keep writing to avoid the Nordstrom app & their Half Yearly Sale....send help!

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  1. I have been trying to avoid the Nordstrom website as well...aah it's just so tempting! Yay for being back at Midtown, hopefully your strain has healed and you can get back at it. The endorphins always feel SO good!

    1. I was able to get the top I've been eying for half off!! Score! Yes, thanks, still a little sore but working through it! Those endorphins are amazing! xoxo, ganeeban


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