Rose & Thorn [49]

4:27 PM

4th Annual Girls Hiking Weekend!

Rose: An overwhelming feeling of peace at Cascade Falls!
Thorn: Losing $20 in less than 30 seconds during my first Black Jack experience!

It all started with Yosemite and Half Dome, and we haven't looked back. This year makes it our 4th #AnnualGirlsHikingWeekend with the same-ish group of women, we seem to add more each year. You can peep last year's trip right here. Each year brings new adventures and craziness, but our friendship, laughs, and happiness are always a constant!

Of course I didn't pack, I'm so bad at this lately. I left work a little early to go home, change, and pack like a maniac. Literally, grabbed stacks of clothes and threw them in my bag. Grabbed mostly workout gear, but also grabbed a couple of casual things. I did not plan properly, but what else is new?! Summer Sister (SS) picked me up at 5:30PM, but I was waiting for L to get dropped off so I could say hi/bye for the weekend. I was really bummed I was missing our weekend with her, but we'd planned this trip months ago.

 L was a little late, but SS was cool and we waited around so I could say hi/bye. As soon as we did, we were in the car to grab The Teacher, then on our way to South Lake Tahoe, CA! We decided to grab dinner before we got to the cabin, since the other half of the girls had eaten dinner already. Good 'ol Yelp helped us find a little burger spot, which was soo good...or maybe we were just starving!

Obligatory road trip selfie!
When it starts to snow and you're wearing flip flops, fashion is no longer important!
Burger City Cafe // Bacon Cheeseburger w/ fries
Once at the cabin, we unloaded our stuff, put on comfy's, and poured some wine...and maybe Fireball shots happened too! The rest of the night was spent watching chatting, straightening hair, sipping vino, eating treats, and partially watching Pitch Perfect (to get ready for PP2). I ended up going to bed fairly early.
The living room...not sure what The Teacher is doing?
Our room for the weekend
The steps up to my top bunk!
J-dawg and I hanging out!
The Mormon's gift to each of us for the weekend!

Early morning is an understatement. J-dawg was up at 5AM! Whaaat is that?!? The majority of the women here are mother's and I think their time clocks were still on family mode. So, everyone was pretty much up by 7AM. We didn't rush to do anything, but the Mormon made a yummy breakfast. Then everyone started to get ready for the hike of the day. I'm not sure why some decided to shower before a hike, but to each their own.
Funniest mug at the cabin!
Homemade breakfast // Blueberry bagel with cream cheese, bacon, & eggs!
After I ate and people were still getting ready, I wandered around outside the cabin. I didn't stray too far. After we all were ready, we piled into SS car.
Front of cabin w/ bear box for trash.
The backyard.
This trip, wasn't as planned as our other trips, so we just went with it. Someone looked up a hike on their phone and we went. We ended up at Eagle Falls. It was a very short hike, but had a gorgeous view at the top. The difficulty was easy to medium, but I did sweat some.
Traditional Group Shot: The Teacher, SS, Me, J-dawg, Alyssa, Kelly, & the Mormon!
Annual group selfie, while hiking!
Gotta love a candid!

After finishing the falls, we walked across the two lane Freeway and went to see another little fall on the side of the road. Come to find out, I'd been there before with other friends. We hung out here, took a few more pics, then decided we needed another hike.
Emerald Bay
We were trying to find another hike, but we weren't fruitful. We were relying on our phones, but there wasn't great service out there, so we couldn't find another hike. So we ended up in Tahoe City looking for lunch. We ended up at Bridgetender Tavern & Grill, which is a place I realized I've been too before (with Red Bull). Crammed in a booth, the 7 of us got our eats on and then we decided to head back home. However, since we were already about 60% around the lake, we decided we'd finish the loop and drive around the entire lake. It took a little longer, but it was nice to see the entire lake. We had to stop at the store, but then we finally made it home.

Avocado Salsa and Chips -- a little misleading!
Bacon & Bleu Burger w/ regular fries!
Everyone showered and whatnot, then we headed to the Casino for some adult fun. And by fun, I mean losing money. Some of us gambled, some of us did not. I was on a mission to play black jack for the first time ever AND find the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Both of which I did, but still left poor than when I walked in. I'm excited to report I finally played my first hand of black jack and that I hit the 'spin' on WOF! That's all that matters, money well spent.
Then we walked over to Heavenly, where they had the movie theaters. Pitch Perfect 2, again, but I knew we'd be doing this...and I was happy to oblige by watching it again! My kids meal treat was on point. I love that Pepsi is all over Tahoe, even if my body hates carbonation!
After the movie some went to get the car and some walked across the street to the grocery store. Since it seemed like not many people were hungry, I grabbed the best girls night delicacy possible - Bagel Bites! We headed home for another evening of games, gossip, laughs, and junk food!
Everyone actually slept in a little longer this time, but probably not the time a normal person would think was sleeping in. I think I was the last one up around 7:24AM. I could hear everyone up, so I just got up. They had devised a plan to go to Cascade Falls, from the recommendation of our black jack dealer, Dean. So that's what we did. Drank some coffee, ate some breakfast cookies, changed, and we were all out the door for one last hike. Oh and we saw a bear on the drive. The car in front of us started to slow down and then we realized it was because of a bear sighting. We immediately stopped, rolled down the windows, snapped a couple pics, and watched him until he walked out of sight.
Cascade falls is where I found my serenity. I had no idea I was looking for it or needed it. It was such a surreal feeling. As we made our way to the falls, it was a moderate hike. Lots of rocks to maneuver, but still easy, yet calorie burning! Once we made it to the top-ish, we all kinda started wandering around. We didn't find a normal sign to indicate you were at the end, because there were so many rocks everywhere. 
My go-to yoga pose for pics!
I crossed a little log to get through one small water section and found a vast open area of rocks and little streams, leading to the large fall. If there was more snow to melt, I'm sure where we were walking would have been covered in water. It was quite, since not all the girls had followed suit. I sat down and took in the sound of the rushing water. I sat down, closed my eyes, and just focused on my breath. This isn't something that inherently comes natural to me, but it just happened. I took advantage of it, cleared my mind and enjoyed the clarity of the moment. I'm still finding it hard to put into words how I felt. If I could have sat there for a few hours, I would have. It was peaceful and pure bliss.
The girls eventually made their way over and we all just started adventuring all over the place. A few of us found our way to be right next to the top of the fall, they others stayed back. It was really interesting to see how the water has shaped the rocks, they were very step like with hard sharp ridges. The girls called us to the top, so we could head back. They'd met a couple who took our pic, then we found our way back to the trail and headed back to our car. Once at the car, we were all starving. We decided to hit up a pizza spot that came highly recommended.
Base Camp Pizza was right by the movie theater at Heavenly, it was nice and warm, with decent food. It wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't bad either. The only negative was that then entire restrooms for the area were under construction, so you had to use POP! Eww! Oh well. After lunch most of us grabbed a Starbucks, then we headed back to the house to get ready to head home.
Garlic fries compliments of Yelp for checking in :)
Make Your Own --Garlic sauce, chicken, bacon, and broccoli
Showers, luggage and car packed, we said our goodbyes and headed home. I was hoping to make it home in time to say bye to L. It started raining pretty hard, so our trip home took a lot longer then the journey there. However, I made it with some play time to spare. J's brother and his family were over. I played with L and J's niece until L was picked up. I didn't realize how sad I'd be, while away from them. We face timed, and J and I text'd all weekend, but I still felt like I was missing out on all their fun. I'm glad I was able to say hi and by to her though, that's what really matters!

After his bro and fam left, we watched the US Women's National team smash Mexico! It made me so excited for the Women's World Cup, which is less than one month away! Then we went to get dinner at Oscar's, which seems to be a reoccurring theme for us. We also stopped at the store to grab a Red Box! We relaxed and enjoyed each others company, since we didn't see each other all weekend!
I didn't know I needed it, but this city girl need some nature in her life! 

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  1. Such a great idea! I would love to set up a girls hiking weekend. It's convenient that you were close to Tahoe too so you could have a bit of nature but also restaurants and movie theaters!

    1. You should. I bet there are some gorgeous hikes near you! It is really nice to disconnect while hiking, but still have the luxuries of not cooking and the movies if you want it ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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