Rose & Thorn [48]

11:37 AM

It was all about the Momma's...Momma's...Momma's....

Rose: Mother's Day! I love my Momma!
Thorn: The most poorly run Race for the Cure in Sacramento, what a disappointment!

I'm really keeping it short this week, like really!

Right after work I went straight to the mall to pick up our packets for the Race for the Cure, however, it wasn't at the mall. But, I didn't really care because the Guidette was meeting me there for coffee and shopping (re: 10,000 returns for her). I took her on her first trip to Lulu, it was amazing...she's forever changed.

Shopping is my cardio, iced coffee is my fuel!
A little lulu therapy...and on sale!
We left the mall, a little poorer and hit up dinner at Buckhorn. Great afternoon turned evening with the Guidette! Then home for snuggles with J!
Buckhorn Grill // Me - Roadhouse Buck, Her - Grilled Chicken Avo Salad

J made me coffee in bed, what a gem! We had the Race for the Cure Sacramento kinda early, to support the Guidette's Mom being cancer free for five years. I've done this walk (or run) many times and this had to be the worst one yet. Something has obviously changed - race management or the organization as a whole, but it was awful. But it was for a great cause, so I'll stop complaining!

Every day should start with coffee!
Starting our Mother's Day Weekend off together!
Race for the Cure // Sacramento, CA - Team: Gerri's Goodies
We all met at the same time, Girl Scout Brownies!
Two incredible women - Geri & Momma!
Panera with Gerri's Goodies post walk! Then dropped my car off to get it fixed :(

Panera // Steak Panini
Then straight to J's nephew's soccer scrimmage, to Starbucks cause it was too hot, to my nephew's baseball game!

Interesting way to spell 'Steph'
Ran a few Mother's Day errands then finally home to relax before our special Mother's Day dinner with Momma Bear and the fam!

I think Momma bear loves me too much, she picked where I love to eat for her Mother's Day dinner. But, I'll take it! CPK for the indulgent win. We didn't mess around, we ate everything!

I was woken up to my favorite coffee && donuts AND the sweetest Mother's Day card ever! It was the sweetest gesture, which was so unexpected. You don't need you to say it, we all know I'm not a mother...but for them to just say thanks for being there and appreciating me was amazingly sweet!

Our first stop was to J's family's house for Mother's Day. We went early, because we had to leave early, which meant we had tons of time with just J's Mom to ourselves. It was really fun and she taught us how to make salsa (re: spicy) from the start! After everyone else arrived, we ate some delicious carnitas and hung out we left to my side of the fam!

My fam had just finished eating, so we passed out the Mother's Day gifts, then I set up the Sundae Bar for the Momma's (and everyone else)! It was a hit, so we're doing it again for Father's Day! The Lovebugs decided to have a huge water balloon fight, which ensued for over an hour and my Aunt may or may not have decided to participate and ended up drenched!

What Momma wants Momma gets - Mother's Day Starbucks run!
Exhausted, we finally made our way home where we just vegged out the rest of the night! The night ended perfectly when L called us and we chatted about her exciting weekend!

I love being surrounded by so many amazing Momma's!

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  1. oh my goodness there's so much tasty looking food in this recap that I'm hungry in spite of having just finished lunch.

    1. HAHA! Glad I could share my fatty ways with you :) xoxo, ganeeban


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