Rose & Thorn [47]

1:49 PM

Great weekends, start off great weeks!

Rose: First ever Annual Ganeeban Crab Feed and the Guidette's bday (again)!
Thorn: Realizing my calf is worse than I thought and that Manong Manny lost the fight!

In an attempt to keep it short, I'm sure it will still be wordy and annoying. We glorified busy this weekend, but with L with us, it never feels that way!

Folsom and a cute little girl were calling our name right after work. We made our way out there, swooped up L, and then went to grab dinner. We didn't have too much time, since we had the Guidette's bday to celebrate that evening. After we had a quick version of Family Date Night we headed home. J and L hung out, while I got ready. J's Mom came over to hang out with L while we went out.

Jack's Urban Eats - Folsom, Ca // Steak Salad
Uber is awesome and creepy. Our diver was on the nice side, but there is still something off putting about getting into a strangers car and paying them to take you somewhere (and not haul you off and murder you). Okay, too much CSI for me lately! We got to MIX early cause we're old if you get in by a certain time you're comp'd and the Guidette told us to be there!

I literally was mentally preparing for a Friday night club adventure, all day. Saturday nights are easier, but after working all day, the last thing I want to do is dress up, dance all night, and stay up crazy late. Geez, I'm only 32, I need to get over it!

Guidette & I, booth chillaxin'
Partying in your 30s is a whole new game ;)
Me. SS. The Teacher.
My old PIC, back at it!
My Boo, he even had fun 'at the club'!
We all ended up having a blast. I forgot how fun dancing with your girls, and your Boo, can be. Drinks on drinks on drinks! We didn't make it to last call, since the Wench said she'd give us a ride home, we went with her. We dropped of Mad and then swooped up Willie's, cause we were starving, then devoured it at home! We said night to J's Mom and L and then drunkenly dozed off.

Willie's Burger - Sacramento, CA // Double Hammer w/ fries
Let's just say I had every intention of getting up and going to Midtown, but it just didn't happen. Too much fun for the Guidette, meant that I slept in really late, like uncharacteristically late. So instead, we all got ready and then grabbed coffee and breakfast. After that, we made a quick pit-stop at Aunt Judy's casa for their annual garage sale! Momma was selling all my and Lil's stuff, as usual! After we said a quick 'hi' and 'bye' we were off to what I dubbed 'Family Hair Cut Day'. 

L and I's typical 'coffee date' pic!
Starbucks - Sacramento, CA // Iced Coffee & Bacon Sandwich (soo good)!
We spent the next couple of hours at Salon Cheveux, while all three of us got our hair cut! I went first, since I take the longest - touch up on color/highlights and trim. Then L got a small trim and J finally got his hair cut the way he wanted it. I've been trying to tell him you get what you pay for when it comes to the people you let cut it ;) We were starving by the time we left so we ran to Habit for a quick bite to eat, hoping it wouldn't spoil our exciting dinner! Since we were in proximity, we also stopped by Leatherby's to get our contribution to the party later!

Her first salon cut!
His first salon cut!
Habit Burger - Elk Grove, CA // Santa Barbara Burger & Tri Tip w/ fries
Leatherby's - Elk Grove, CA // Best toppings in a 50 mile radius!
We didn't have much time to chill out before it was time to head to our first ever Annual Ganeeban Crab Feed, while also watching the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight at my family's casa! I had to stop by the store and gas up Big Blue, so we drove separate...and so J could watch his (other) Spur's play.

We all love crab, so it just made sense to have a crab feed. We had the whole spread - appetizers, fruit, salad, pasta, garlic bread, crab, rice, butter, and dessert. We don't play when it comes to serious stuff - FOOD! The fight started later than normal, so everyone was already done eating.
L helping with the butter stations!
J goofing off with MayMay!
Helping Gabe with the crab!
Don't mess with the Ganeeban Girls and their crab!
I'm pretty sure you know the outcome of the fight, by now. We weren't to happy, to say the least. I'm don't know much about boxing, so my opinion doesn't count. All I can say, is that I'll be rooting for Manong Manny forever...any fight he's in, I'll always root for him. I have my opinions about Mayweather, but I'll also keep those to myself.
Manong Manny & Jimmy Kimmel is killing it in the background!
Whaat? Spur's Sunday started at a normal hour, 8AM! We were just getting up for the day, since we had a game at 9AM. Out the door and running late, we made it with time to spare. J and I suited up, just as Poppa Bear strolled up to hang out with L while we both played.

Little did I realize my calf muscle was still not in working condition. After my first run on the pitch, I knew it was not okay. I spent probably over half the game on the sideline, but better to be safe than sorry. I did push it and made some runs, but I kinda just hung out in the middle and made passes. I was pissed and in pain, but there isn't much I could do about it.

After the game, we lost, Poppa Bear strolled up with Krispy Cremes! What a DAD!! Just like the old days, when parents had to be bring post-game treats! We happened to run into the Wench, Rick, and the Lovebug at the park so we hung out with them. Then we all were hungry, so we decided to go eat breakfast.

Also, J's godson, (kinda) Sis-In-Law, and niece met up with us too. We had a fun little lunch, before we all went on to different events for the day. We had a quick short break in between J's next game, so we went home and I iced my ankle (new injury from game too) and they hung out.

Cafe Bernardo - Sacramento, CA // Bacon, Asparagus, & Goat Cheese Pizza
Then we were out the door to J's next game for the day. L and I love to run to Whole Foods during half time for a treat (and usually a bano break), we were also thirsty and J drank all the water. We grabbed water, watermelon, and dried pineapple rings for our treat - trying to be healthy around here! Back at the field, the team came through with a win for their last game.

After the game, we were all exhausted from being outside all day. We didn't have much time before L left us for the weekend. She did chores, while J and I iced our broken parts! After L was gone, we both took quasi-naps. Then I had a sudden burst of energy, which lead to cleaning. Our house is a mess from our SLO Marathon weekend, so I wanted to clean up a bit. Laundry and the Kitchen were where I attacked, then I thought we'd better hit the grocery store for the week - since our fridge was bare all week!

Trader Joe's & Safeway stops pretty much have us covered for most of the week! In an attempt to eat healthier and not spend money on going out, we tried to prep as much as we could before me made dinner. Steam broccoli, ground turkey with taco seasoning, and egg muffins were all prepped so we couldn't have excuses during the week. Then we devoured way too much food for dinner and set out to watch both Red Box movies we rented - Big Eyes & Wild!
Our TJ's haul for the week!

Dinner - left over pasta from crab feed & Taylor Farms salad
A weekend for the books, content in the best way possible!
What was your Rose and Thorn from this weekend?

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  1. At 23 it's hard for me to muster up the strength to go out on a Friday night too...I much prefer Saturdays! That being said I always end up having fun. You look gorgeous in that blue dress!

    1. Seriously, I feel ya! Thanks, I wanted to buy something new...but I didn't feel like shopping (something must be seriously wrong with me)! xoxo, ganeeban


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