Race Recap: Niello BMW Corporate Run 3.1

10:59 AM

Running with my clique!
Niello BMW Corporate Run 3.1

And by clique I mean my awesome coworkers. 20 to be exact, well that was our squad for this race, but one fella didn't actually run it. But I'm stoked that I was able to get 19 of my coworkers out to a 5k on a random Thursday evening.

This was the inaugural race, so I wanted to be a part of it, as I do for any local first race. I read about it via a tweet from The Sacramento Business Journal. So of course I reached out and did some research. Then I beg and pleaded asked my employer if they would assist, in any shape or form, with creating a team. They let me take the lead and also offered to compensate part of our race registrations, which is a total WIN in my book. We truly do live what we preach "Get Your Good Going!" 

Packet Pick-Up
Coordinating and being team Captain was fun for me. I love doing that type of stuff, I'm an organization freak! Once everyone was registered, fees were paid, and the invoice was sent to accounting, there wasn't much too do. I decided to pick up the packets for the team, since it would be easiest and most convenient with everyone.

Per the usu, as far as racing goes in Sacramento, our local Fleet Feet held the packet-pick up the day before the race. There was also race-day pick-up on site, but that would have been such a mess to deal with. I drove over to FF when the store opened at 10AM and grabbed all 20 packets. This packet pick-up was the smallest I've ever seen, you did the regular routine - walk through the entire store to the back part, where there was one table for people to register. Then outside the door was where you grabbed the bibs. That was it, two small tables with four lovely, smiling ladies! That was that, no t-shirts for this race (of which, I swore they said we'd get them...but I guess not)!
BDG had us covered though. We had some extra (bigger men sizes) shirts from another charity event, so we handed those out to whomever needed one. I grabbed one and had the great idea to personalize it. But, you can read yesterday's post to see how that went... #NailedIt!

Race Day
After working all day, I ran home to change, chill out for a sec, waited for L to arrive and eat some of her dinner, then we packed ourselves into the car to head to the race. We really lucked out with parking, which was amazing. Since this was a post work race, in the heart of the downtown area (re: near the Capitol), I assumed it would be bustling with traffic and cars of all the grid employees heading home for the day. We happened to snag prime parking, so I didn't have to get dropped off and hopefully find J and L later. We all waked up to the start line.

There was a lot of randomness going on. I almost walked L and I through a game of corn-hole, because I was so excited to see my team! There was an emcee, tents for teams that rented them, and randomness all about. My parents decided to come too, since I was teasing them the night before. So they met up with all of us too, they also met some of my co-workers. My team was scheduled to meet at 6:15PM for a team photo at the start line. We were hanging out there and I introduced J and L to a few of my co-workers. We were all chatting, stretching, and hanging out. Then we decided it was time to take our group pic. I found a real photographer to take our pic with his fancy camera and he also took some with my iPhone!
We still had a little time to kill before the gun went off. Everyone was hesitant to start near the beginning. Seeing as how this race had less than 500 people, the start line was very spotty. Right before we started, the told everyone to move forward. It is the rare occasion I start next to the sign that says 6 min mile pace...it stresses me out (joking)!

My goal for this run was to just finish. The calf strain was prevalent and I didn't know what I could do, as for running. I wasn't sure if I'd need to walk or how slow I'd run/job. Earlier in the day I'd gone to my first Midtown class in three weeks and my quads were pretty sore, so that didn't help the equation. Also, my Garmin was completely dead and I didn't want to carry my phone, so I honestly didn't have a clue about my pace. I ran on effort, which was a lot ;) So, it was up to the running Gods how this run would go...
Race Course // Via
If you've ever done ONE race in Sacramento, you've done them all. We do with what we have, but every race is so similar. This one was no different. We started on Capitol Avenue ran toward the infamous yellow bridge, but made a quick right into old Sacramento instead of crossing it. We didn't stay in Old Sac too long, we just looped back around - which I knew we'd hit a decent hill, so I just got ready for it. Once you finish the climb, you are back running alongside the water. Then you cross over the tracks and run on the bike/running trail, which is where my shoe laces decide to be untied, probably about 0.75mi into the race. I lost some time, but reminded myself I wasn't racing. Shortly after that, I saw the 1 mile marker. I felt lost with any time of GPS tracking device, but I reminded myself to just run happy!

The next mile was out along the river, then when we hit Broadway, we turned left and got back onto a city road. This street seems to be a continual small grade upwards, but then the last part has a little more steep grade, before you go over an overpass over the freeway. Then you find yourself back into downtown Sacramento. Once we were in downtown, it was navigating the grid to get us to the finish line. This is where we saw the back up of cars leaving work, I don't think they were too happy - I avoided eye contact with most drivers ;) 

At this point I could feel my calf, but was trying to keep my stride as consistent as possible and not make any sudden movements that would set it off. I felt strong in mile two and three. I'd finally caught up to a co-worker who had passed me while I was tying my shoe. On the long straight away, I could see the finish line and the 3 mile marker (which blew over by the time I reached it). As you would have it, I tried to push it a bit. I pushed it a lot sooner than I should have. I ended up passing a fella in a red shirt, but closer to the end he started almost sprinting. The competitor in me started to race him...but I could really feel my calf. Apparently my face told the same story (J and my Mom said). I realized I wasn't in it to win it, so I let him pass me. I focused on getting in before 30 minutes and finishing strong. Of course I was irritated he beat me, but I let it go. You have too. Not every race is a race!

Finish: 29:18.4
Pace: 9:27/M
Female Division: 37th out of 258
No Age Groups

As I ran though the finish, I was trying to ignore the calf pain. I grabbed my medal from a nice volunteer, then a water and goody bag from another. I walked toward a group of my co-workers who'd already finished. We all chatted for a bit, then my cheering crew walked up! Although this race didn't mean anything really, I felt so grateful that my parents, J, and L came out to support me. It is an amazing feeling to have such supportive people in my corner, even for a silly 5K on a week night! We chatted and took some quick pics. We decided to leave because it was starting to get really windy. Kissed the parentals good bye and we walked to our car to take L back home.
Small medal, but better than no hardware!
I wasn't feeling the best after the race, but on our way back from dropping L off, my hunger attacked out of nowhere. So, we made a pit stop to our fave local taqueria so I could get my post-race meal! A glass of wine, dinner, and relaxing with J was a perfect way to end the evening.
Racing on a Thursday is a little unorthodox, but fun too!

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  1. I want to do a run this summer! I didn't know you were in Sac girly! We may have to do a blogger pow wow!

    1. You should, there are some really good, local ones! I do love the Women's Fitness Festival race, it's a great race for our local ladies! Yup, Sactown born and raised, we should have a blogger pow wow with TLG too...we've been trying to set something up for awhile now :) xoxo, ganeeban


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