Five Things Friday - Five and I'm OUT!

4:17 PM

It's Friday (night) and I feel all right...
five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!
...the party's here on the West Side! I want to keep singing the lyrics...even though they are written. That's probably one of my fave songs, ever! I love when it comes on, my 'gangsta rapper' comes out in full effect! Keepin' it simple, cause today is pretty busy...gonna drop five on ya and keep it movin'!

5 Things Making Me Happy
1. Girls Night - I know I probably sound like a broken record, but the saying 'People will come and people will go. The best will stay.' is so freakin' true. These ladies and the ones who couldn't make it, are such an amazing bunch of women that I get to surround myself with. Add them and their little lovebugs and the first Thursday of every month is pretty amazing!
The Teacher and I
Pasta theme for May!
The Teacher, Summer Sister, and Yo
When you can't find a Sharpie, you use Frozen stickers!
Zachary...had his first Popsicle at Girls Night!
2. Race for the Cure - I'm really excited I actually get to participate in this event this year, it's been a few years since I've been able too. I'm also really excited to be a part of Team: Geri's Goodies! Geri is the Guidette's momma and just hit her 5 year cancer free mark, which is a huge deal. We will walk in honor of her, but will also honor all the other survivors, those currently fighting, and those who have lost their battle.

3. Pizza Anything - HAHA! I didn't realize pizza was such an obsession, it's not quite on the level of bacon or Target, but it's really close. I was perusing Heart Boutique the other day and came across these two shirts that I soooo want! SWFF = Stop Waiting For Friday apparel is pretty awesome, they also have a #HellaKind shirt that I want too. They have a version for kidlets that reads #HeckaKinda that I want to get L too! Love their stuff and their philanthropic ways!
4. Mother's Day - I don't think I need to embellish. I love my Momma. Fact! Can't wait to celebrate her all weekend, as well as all the Momma's that are in my life - friend are family, we appreciate all your hard work and love you give unconditionally!
Throwback, easiest pic of us to find on my phone!
5. New Eats -  It's not very often I try two new spots on the Grid in two days! We randomly had a dinner date night on Wednesday and found a soul food place, we forgot opened awhile back. Then yesterday for lunch, my fellow foodie co-worker and I tried a new-to-us place!
Sticky Gator
Lil Sticky Platter - Fried Chicken, mashers and gravy, and mac-n-cheese
Strings Urban Kitchen
Minestrone soup,Aglio Frittes, & Fettuccini Alfredo
5 quick little nuggets, just like I promised!

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