Five Things Friday - ACA-scue me?!

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Today more than ever, do I need to remind myself of happiness...
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Thanks, Clare!
Too many thoughts swirling around my head without the perfect forum to verbalize them. Maybe I need a journal, maybe I should blog it...I'm just a little lost today. So, it's the perfect time to remind myself of things that make me happy!

5 Things Making Me Happy

1. Pitch Perfect 2 - No, not deja vu, I wrote about this yesterday. But I'm a changed woman! I saw the movie last night, ACA-awesomely it wasn't crowded in the theater! The crew behind us was hilarious, they used a whoopee cushion on one of their friends and then we laughed over their bandit'd wine and outside food, while also cheers-ing them with our bandit'd wine! The move was good, and not just good for sequel. I really, honestly enjoyed it. Laughed tons and was entertained from the beginning to the very end. I can't wait for everyone else to watch it so we can discuss which 'ACA' use was the best!
2. Annual Girls Hiking Weekend - Well, I'm happy to be with the girls, but I'm not so happy about the potential snow and/or cold, rainy weather being dumped on Tahoe. I'm just a warm weathered gal, what can I say. I prefer to sweat it out hiking, rather than be bundled up while hiking. Maybe that just want I need, a weekend in a cabin with the girls and just and snacks too, obviously! Glad to be getting away, some serenity would do my wandering mind some good.

Throwback to last years trip...its gonna look a little different this year!
3. Japanese Food // I've been battling this craving (yes, true story) for Chicken Katsu for over a week. Last night, I finally caved and shared an order with J. It was good, but it lost it's crispy panko (re: my fave part) due to us taking it to go and being in the Styrofoam container. I even had the inkling for some sushi and got a roll, even more astounding, J tried a piece - it had shrimp AND crab in it. Its the small food victories that make me smile!

Tamaya Sushi // Grasshopper Roll
Tamaya Sushi // Chicken Katsu
4. Articles // I've read a few good articles this week -- topics varying dramatically. But ones that have given me good insight and perspective on various things in my life. Sometimes its nice when little nuggets fall into your lap (re: eyes) and make you think, think deeper than surface thoughts. 

5. Community // My little community of bloggers that I follow and interact with, but I won't leave out the community I surround myself with here as well. The blogging humans I've never had a face to face conversation with...or even on the phone...have given me encouragement through various messages, comments, and posts. It's nice to know that although you may have negativity in your actual life, there are random humans in this world that believe in the good, the happy, the positive, and the optimistic and will openly share that with others. Their posts and words ring true in my ears and specifically reminded me that when someone else is being negative (in any capacity) it is more to do with them than you, even if it is directed at you.

Off to go hike snuggle in a warm cabin with hot chai wine and girl time!

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  1. I'm going to see Pitch Perfect 2 with my friend this week so I'm glad to hear it's worth it! I love sneaking wine into the theaters! So much fun!

    1. Yes! You'll love it...I'm guessing! Yes, from sneaking in treats to wine, growing up is fun ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Can not wait to see that movie!!!


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