5 Things Friday - It's Been Awhile...

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I'm Livin' my Friday in FIVES!
five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!
It's been a few weeks since I've linked up with Clare, so here goes nothin'... I literally did it exactly as she does these posts - like a true copy cat! I'm pretty excited and focused on getting through this day to get to the weekend. It's going to be a busy one, but filled with everything I love - family, friends, and food!

Five Things I Ate

1. Roxie Deli - Salami & Cheese on Dutch Crunch, (free) sprite, and Fritos

2. Firestone Restaurant - Shared the Philly w/ fries and nachos!
3. Jack's Urban Eats - Steak Salad w/ a side of fries shared!
4. Popcorn from Regal while watching some superhero movie!
5. Lunch today - Taylor Farm's Southwest Salad w/ added avo, Baked Ruffles, & Coco water

Five Workouts
1. Monday - Played pick up soccer, pulled my calf, then threw the ball around with J.
2 .Tuesday - Nada
3. Wednesday - Nada
4. Thursday - Nada
5. Friday - Nada
**That's a whole lot of nada, but because my body was still recovering from SLO and that weird calf strain I didn't want to push it at all. I'm jonsing for Midtown and will be going tomorrow morning...YAY!

Five Pins
1 // Via
2 // Via
3 // Via
4 // Via
5 // Via

Five Things Making Me Happy 
1. The Guidette's FUNstivities tonight, even though we're a tad old for the club!
2. Family hair cut day!
3. Family time while watching Pacquiao beat up Mayweather (hopefully), lets go Manong Manny!
4. Working out - Midtown and soccer this weekend!
5. Attending L's first Open House with her and J last night, neat to see all of her hard work from this year! So creative and

Technically it was a short week, even though it felt like a looooong one...

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