WIAW - A (Tues)Day In the Life...

10:12 AM

A little inspiration to spice up my weekly post, from Chelsea Eats Treats post today!

It's always fun trying to figure out where the party is each week, but I'm seeing a pattern. So we find ourselves back over with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets. Per the usu, check out Jenn's blog, where it all started. 

Chelsea, of Chelsea Eats Treats, did a 'day in the life' post, but also incorporated her WIAW eats too. So, thus I'm biting her style. My mind is completely and totally focused on leaving work at noon and going to the City to watch what should be one of the dopest pitching duels tonight! Those annoying Dodges and their Kershaw, we got them. MadBum is on the bump tonight, baby!


5AM - Alarm goes off, snooze.

5:09AM - Get up, brush teeth, change into workout gear, say by to J.

5:15AM-5:25AM - Clean up the kitchen, fill Nalgene, and prep my Vega Recovery drink in my Blender Ball thingy.

5:31AM - Arrive to my conditioning class at Midtown - death by Bobbie! AMR as you can in the time allotted - 40 hollow rocks, 20 backward lunges with sandbag, 20 wall balls, and a 200m sprint. She wanted us to get through 5 rounds, but I got through 4.25 rounds. Then we did an ab circuit for 30 seconds each movement - v-ups with medicine ball, knee to elbow things, bicycles, crunches/full sit ups. Then we finished class with plated planks! It was a doozy...

6:30AM - Get in car to drive home, drink Recovery drank.

6:40AM - Get home, dump stuff in sink and head up-stairs to get ready for the day.

7AM - Emerge from shower and take a nap for 15 minutes, say goodbye to J for the day.

7:40AM - Head downstairs to get breakfast ready for the day.

8AM - Arrive at work and immediately sit down to gobble breakfast before an early meeting.
Coffee & Breakfast Burrito - egg whites, Spanish rice, cheese, and avo
8:30AM - Meeting

10AM - Meeting

10:38 - Done with meeting and remember to take my Chlorella.

10:57AM - Have a KIND bar at my desk and work until lunch!
Came in to work with these on my desk, my co-worker spoils me!
12:10PM - Head home for lunch and a nap.
12:40PM - Wake up from a 30 minute nap.

12:45PM - Make and eat lunch, then head back to work.
Tofu-corn dog, ketchup & mustard, Doritos, & TJ's Watermelon Cucumber juice.
1:10PM-5PM - Back at work, nothing too exciting going on...same 'ol work situation.
5PM - Leave work and head home.

5:15Pm - Get home, say hi to J, then head up to take a nap.

5: 28PM - L arrives and comes up and says 'hi'.

5:59PM - Wake up from nap, L and J are gone, do some chores.

6:08PM - Hop in the shower.

6:20PM - Say by to J and L, to head to an appointment.

6:28PM - Arrive at appointment and chat about baseball and soccer.

6:40PM - Arrive at Grocery Outlet for the first time ever, people watch, wander, and finally buy a bottle of Taproot Cab Sav.

6:55PM - Arrive home to see L's almost finished school project, we hang out for a bit.

7:15PM - J and L leave to Folsom, I stay home and do chores before we leave this weekend.

7:50PM - I head to Forever 21 to browse, but decide to save my money and because nothing looked that great :/

8:20PM - Arrive at Dos Coyotes to pick up a to-go salad with chips and guac too. I had a serious craving for this salad again, since we had it on Sunday night! They had Strawberry salsa at the salsa bar and it was pretty good!

8:38PM - Arrive home, open the wine, change basketball game to SF Giants game, eat dinner with J.
Repost of Sunday's pic, cause I didn't take one last night...ate it too fast!
9:30PM - Watching Giants game in bed and eventually fall asleep...
Photo from @sfgiants Twitter
So, there you have it - a very typical day in the life of me! Pretty exciting stuff, right? {Insert sarcasm here}!

Veggie week is over after today, thank goodness...

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  1. Your day sounds busy! And I want a corn dog so bad right now. Have fun today!

    1. Thanks! I haven't had a real hot dog or corn dog in over 15 years, but I enjoy the faux meat ones :) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. A tofu corn dog? That sounds absolutely delicious! Anything with doritos is also a winner! Happy WIAW!

    1. Yes TJ's brand and Morning Star are my fave (they also have mini little nugget tofu corn dog things too)! Yes, Dorito's make me swoon! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. Random note before I comment on your WIAW: I adore your sidebar image. You look so cute in that hat!

    Okay, onto your day: You get up mighty early girl! Your breakfast burrito sounds SO good. Admittedly, I have never had a breakfast burrito, but they always sound enticing.

    1. Thanks, girlie! I only get up that early on Tues/Thurs for my workout class! Oh, you need to try one...any time of the day...they are amazing...especially if you get one with potatoes in it! xoxo, ganeeban


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