WIAW - Taco(less) Tuesday

10:29 AM

I really should participate in Taco Tuesday more often OR ever!

It's always fun trying to figure out where the party is each week. Today, we're back at Jenn's blog, where it all started. Pop on over to see her day of eats and how to join the partay! 

Why do I WIAW? Really, why do I? It's not because I want lots of followers or page views, because I clearly don't have a cult following (and do not aspire to that). My food pics are ugly, so I'm not sure why I really share them with you. I guess, I'm just trying to figure out if it is out of obligation that I do this post or because I enjoy it. I feel much better when I have something delicious to show you or if I have a themed post (which is frowned upon), but when it's my everyday eats...it just feels blah!

So here's to another blah post of the randomness that I ate yesterday, Tuesday!

Yesterday AM started off as my Tuesday's should, with a Midtown workout. However, my workout friend, Chubby Chubby, brought in a treat for my Coach and I. I've heard about these, but I thought they were an urban myth. This was a glaze donut the size of my head, literally! We had some fun staging a photo while I planked for a minute with a 45lb plate on my back. The real fun was when I got home and ate part of it!

Jenn started her new workout routine and came over to borrow our shower, in the AM. So, I made her my random version of healthy fried rice, which we shared to-go for breakfast.

Healthy Fried Rice: Brown rice, egg whites, ground turkey, and low sodium soy sauce.

Donut, fried rice, and coffee were all consumed once I sat down at my desk, I was starving by the time I got to work!

I had to go pick up some goodies for work. Of course these goodies are too tempting to pass up a taste, so I had one of each. They are so delicious and use our new product, which is even cooler! But damn, trying to stay healthy is hard around here!

Ginger Elizabeth
Since we didn't have much food in the fridge, since Veggie Week starts on Thursday, I splurged and treated myself to a burrito for lunch. The plan was to eat half for lunch and half for breakfast for today (Wednesday). But, sadly, at 4PM I devoured the other half, feeling completely gross for the rest of the evening :(

La Fiesta

I didn't think I was going to be hungry again...or was hoping at least. J and L had dinner, earlier, and I just sat there and enjoyed their company. But after cleaning and a trip to the mall, I started to get hungry around 9PM. So I warmed up some of their leftovers (re: spaghetti) and made a small salad. I was hungry, but really didn't want to eat more...since I killed the whole burrito.

Spaghetti was from Maggiano's, their take home frozen entree.

I slept restlessly because I had severe eaters remorse!

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  1. Holy crap, that donut was massive! I'm more impressed with your minute plank with a weight plate on your back.


    1. HAHA! Thanks Jen, I did put my knees down once though, so don't be too impressed. She had us do non-weighted six minute plank on Saturday...I thought I might pass out;) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. That donut looks AMAZING. So does the fried rice... but THAT DONUT!

    1. I know, I hope he never brings me any more treats...they are to damn tempting! xoxo, ganeeban


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