WIAW - Road Trip Style

11:24 AM

Woke up in one city, fell asleep in another!

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Sactown to SLO...

Last Friday, J and I set off on a road trip to start our SLO Marathon weekend. Thursday afternoon, our plans to leave were changed, but it worked itself out. We left later than originally planned, but it gave me plenty of time to finish packing and get ready - so J wasn't waiting around for me.

We started our road trip off by stopping to try a new coffee spot in town, called The Trade. They brew Blue Bottle coffee and also sell a few select Freeport Bakery goodies in the cutest little pastry holder ever! I'd seen them on IG and realized they are really close to our house. The staff working was awesome and I was chatting them up about their New Orleans iced coffee and the lovely employee made me a sample, it was bomb. When in NOLA I wasn't fond of the chicory in the hot coffee, but iced, it's delicious! We'll be back for more. Another cool thing about this spot is that they have rental spaces for working/meetings - for groups or for individuals. Totally cool set-up, glad to welcome them to the Grid.

Since we needed sustenance for the road trip, we made our way over to Noah's bagel for breakfast. J wasn't too hungry so he got a smoothie and chips (re: healthy breakfast of champs) and I went heavier with my own makings of a whole wheat sesame bagel, with easy veggie schmear, and egg whites! It was a little messy for car consumption, but thankfully I wasn't driving!

A few hours into the trip we needed gas, which also mean that we could pick up essential road trip seeds! There are two reasons that seeds were mass produced for, one is for baseball games and the second is for car rides. My addiction to them when I commuted was bad. I'm obsessed with the David's BBQ ones, but more recently found Trader Joe's to be delicious and less salty. However, my TMJ hates when I eat these!

J has never been to SLO and pretty much let me make the decisions for the weekend. So without hesitation, he drove directly to Firestone Grill, as directed. I'd been hyping this place up our entire relationship, so he was excited to try it. Although it is widely known for it's tri-tip sandwich, I'm all about the ABC burger. Their fries are sprinkled with crack and probably the main reason I love this place, well, those and the fact that they have Wild Cherry Pepsi on tap! They also have a full bar if you're in the mood for that! We were starving when we got there, there wasn't too much of a line to order, and it was even easier to find a table.

Crazy (car) hair, don't care!
Just as we were starting to devour our food, Annah and Alyssa sauntered up to our table. They had just arrived in SLO as well and came to get a snack and meet up with us. After we all stuffed our faces, they went to get pedicures and we went to go wine taste for a bit.

I'd done this a few times during college, but I wanted to go and check out a couple while we were there. Since I didn't have to race the next day (yet), I thought it would be a good time to check them out. I used good 'ol Yelp and found a small spot, Autry Cellars. A very eclectic owner and his girlfriend, from what we could gather, ran the joint. There was a group already there, so we nestled in a little corner of the patio and enjoyed ourselves. After a full tasting and deciding to buy a bottle, we moved onto the next one.

We went to the winery next door, Tolosa. This winery is huge and much more commercialized, compared to it's neighbor. We both tasted a flight and people watched. It was really windy, so we opted to taste inside. After we finished our tasting we walked outside to take in the patio and the vineyard, it wasn't too bad!

Two wineries was plenty, since we didn't have a DD. We made our way to our hotel to check in and get comfy. I thought it was common knowledge, but Embassy Suites are where it's at - huge rooms, free cook-to-order breakfasts, and free HH! Seriously, what is better than that? So we checked in, took a little nap, and then hit up the HH. Both of us were full from our late lunch, but decided to eat chips and salsa anyways. They also had veggies and ranch, which we partook in as well. I went with the house Cab Sav and J had a Vodka Cran. They SF Giants game was blacked out so we couldn't watch that, but we settled for basketball.

Then we got ready to meet up with Alyssa and Annah in Avila Beach. They were having their weekly Friday Night fair on the pier. Annah said they were on the pier, so we walked to the very end (which was pretty far) only to not find them there. Apparently they were already back, walking through the fair. We sat at the end for a minute and took in the gorgeous view, well I did, J did when he looked up from the Spurs (basketball this time) game on my iPhone.

We made our way back to the girls and then we played on the swings until our reservation at the Custom House was ready. Thank goodness for technology, they text us when it was our turn. We were seated on the patio, even though it was cold we had an outdoor heater right above us.

J was so enthralled by the game, he didn't want to eat. The three of us girls shared two meals - Fish and Chips and a Fish Sandwich. J, Alyssa, and I did partake in adult beverages - all of which were tasty glasses of red wine! Everything was good, except the service. The waiter didn't even ask us if we wanted dessert, he set the tab down and walked off. We had a good laugh about it! We ended up sitting and chatting for awhile, until we realized we all were tired from the drive.

Fish Sandwich w/ regular fries.
Small order of Fish & Chips w/ garlic fries.
Side of onion rings.
Alyssa, the Mormon, and I.
We parted ways, they went to Pismo Beach and we went to SLO. Well, we stopped at Target for a quick trip, necessities of course. Then made it home (well, our home for the weekend) to get some sleep!

I'm not sure if I love SLO or the food I get to eat while there....

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  1. These posts always make me so hungry! I WANT THAT BAGEL NOW! Also, sunflower seeds are a must for every road trip. Also just for every day. Glad you had a blast!

    1. Me too! And wish I could take really cool food pics, instead of iPhone grainy ones! I wish I didn't love those lovely heaven sent circular carb goodies so much! xoxo, ganeeban


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