Thinking Out Loud - My First Game of the Season

1:25 PM

The SF Giants are everything (insert hands up emoji)!
On Monday, I posted on FB, that I was already in love with this week. And it was NOT a lie! This week has been progressively been getting better and I can't stop smiling today! Yesterday was my first SF Giants game of the 2015 season. And it did NOT disappoint one bit. From the road trip there, to the tailgating, to the actual game, to my sleepy ride home. Feeling completely blessed and grateful today!

You should basically expect a post like this every single season, here's last year's post for my first game...such good memories!

So, this post will be all about my musings thoughts from my first game at the Yard AND way too many pictures!

Half Day// Although it was a night game, I took a half day at work to get ready for the game. I had errands to run and we left in the early afternoon, as to miss most of the traffic...if that's even possible. We met up at the Bestests' casa, Guidette was a little tardy, per the usu! Once we were all there and accounted for, we bundled all our junk into Roxy and we were off. Not before we stopped at a gas station for gas (duh) and a wine opener (fail)! Then a few miles down the road we made a coffee and bano pit stop. After that, we didn't stop until we got to the parking lot!

Wild Cherry Pepsi on tap is the holy grail!
Pre-road trip pic is essential!
Candid with my clique!
Tailgating// This wasn't your typical tailgating situation...if you know the three of us, then you'd understand. We're lazy, in the most productive type of way. If we wanted to go all out, we do and can, but we kept it simple this time - especially since everyone is trying to watch their figure. We brought three bottles of wine (for two people drinking) and snacks. The Guidette is on a mission for her b-day, so her tailgating consisted of her Tupperware full of body building-esque foods, like chicken, veggies, and brown rice. She also made a protein shake with iced coffee, while the Bestest and I drank wine and ate chips! We made so much fun of her, but she was a good sport! Since this game was to celebrate the Guidette's bday, her sister, brother, and family friend were also there. We went to hang out with them for a bit too. Then we changed into our warm clothes and headed to the Yard!
Gas station wine opener came in clutch!
Drinking and iPhone's always make for a fun time!
Bestest photo shoot session with a Johnny photo bomb!

Thanks for the tickets Mama Romeo - Pictured (L-R) Evan, Guidette, Wench, Me, Krystina, & Johnny!
They totally mocked my #NoChella purse!
The Bestests' $10 come-up!
The Dugout Store// This place is always a shit show and today was no different. Except, they added another section. They got rid of the Mexican restaurant and carved out a wall to add an extra section to the store. BofA was there promoting their Apple Pay and would give you a coupon if you listened to their spiel! I did and only got $5 off, since I wasn't a BofA member. But then all three of us listened to another sales person and I bartered with her for the $10 off coupon! I worked hard for that coupon, so I could by the new Gold hat!
The Game// The line to get in was so inefficient. I don't think the medal detectors are new, but they sure made the time to get in, extended by a lot. We missed the first pitch, but not by much.There were too many damn Dodger fans there, it's annoying! Anywho, the game started a little slow, but then we got some runs on the board. Sadly, MadBum was starting to fade and then they hit a 2-run bomb on him and then Boch pulled him. After that the game got intense, tied up until the bottom of the 9th! Some dramatics, but the anticipated pitching duel was everything we could have hoped for. The best was the bottom of the ninth, when the bases were loaded. The Dodger brought in their famous Left Fielder to be an extra infielder and then Panik hit a bomb to drive in the winning run! The bench cleared and the G-men took the win! I don't care what anyone says, a win over the Dodgers always means a little more.
Missin' my Boo!
Long lines make us act weird!
Javi & Romo warming up in the 7th Inning.
The Food // In an effort to be good and cost savvy, I ate a Dad's sandwich on our ride up to the game. Knowing the park's veggie options aren't the best (re:my fave), I didn't want to rely on the park for dinner. So, I knew I'd get a snack when I was there. Sadly, I forgot to bring in my snacks that I brought, I was thinking about my Sour Patch watermelon's the whole game :( I opted for sharing nacho's with the Bestest, but as a team, we both couldn't finish the Grande Nachos! I can't wait to go on a non-VW!! 

Dad's Sandwiches // Besto Pesto
Grande Nachos
Snap. Crackle. Pop. // It honestly doesn't matter if we are on the couch in one of our homes or out and about gallivanting around Napa, being with these two is a ridiculously, good time! These gals are the essence of true friendship and I'm blessed by their presence. I'll be missing a fun weekend with them, but they'll Face Time me, I'm sure! Have fun in Napa, without your Pop!

So glad I was asked to be the Guidette's plus one to the game, it was magical...

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  1. You are just adorable! I'm glad you had a great time! I am not a huge baseball fan but I do miss living in dallas because the games were always a blast. Especially the food part. oh I'm so jealous of you right now. :)

  2. You are the cutest little sports fan, so glad you're having such a great week!!!

  3. I've never been able to get into baseball (hockey fan!), but I do love the excitement and atmosphere of games. Love that you had such a great time! And hope your week just keeps getting better and better :)


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