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11:37 AM

April is moving crazy fast!
This week has flown by, it must know that I can't wait to get to the end of the month! Lots of fun things from today until the weekend ends, so I'm a happy girl. Let the random begin...

Belated World Health Day - April 7, 2015 // I've never been asked to promote anything on the blog before, well - besides being a race ambassador. So I guess that's a tiny fib. Anywho, American Recall Center, a great resource for learning more about drug and medical device recalls - reached out to me. Specifically to remind people (especially my loved ones) of this special day, but also to celebrate it all month with an emphasis on medication safety. By no means am I an expert on anything related to this, but twice in conversation this week 'medication safety' came up. I thought that coincidence was too weird to ignore and wanted to share some of their information with you.

The first conversation was with the Bestest and Guidette about the safety of the Nuvaring, apparently it's been in the news indicating it causes blood clots at a much higher rate than any other birth control. Secondly, J's Mom was over this week and was discussing a family member and their forgetfulness to take their medication. These two random, non-related, conversations made me really think about the medications I take on a regular basis.

I don't question the doctor about my medications. I take them daily and hope that they are working. I've been using them for years, without batting an eye. My girlfriend's and I joke about birth control, saying what if we can't even have children and we've all been on it for years? There is some truth to this joke, but it's something we are cognizant of in our early thirties. Also, with my severe allergies, I take medications to control the symptoms and have done so for years. I wonder if my body is immune to them or if my body is dependent on them, but I never remember to ask when I am at the doctor.

I've always been concerned about my parents and their medications. Not only is the cost and amount of medications they take exorbitant, I worry about them mixing the wrong meds all the time. I've thought about this ever since Poppa Bear had his open heart surgery. It was also a tactic I used to get them to try to lose weight and get healthy. I told them to do the math on all the medication they buy for an entire year. They didn't do the math, but they know it's a ridiculous figure.

Since, I don't have the basics down. Here are 4 questions I've come up with for my next doctor's appointment, when I am prescribed a medication:
Here is a little more advice from the experienced and knowledgeable:

Iced Coffee // I love iced coffee, especially as an afternoon or during Summer mornings. But I was hesitant when Starbucks released their cold brew product at the retailer level (non food manufacturing speak: at grocery stores). J and I decided to try it when it came out and I've been addicted ever since. The "slightly sweetened" mixed with my Rice Dream (I don't usually buy Vanilla, but didn't have a choice last night) is literally a caffeine party in my mouth. 
SLO Half Marathon // It's only 17 days away and that means even less days of when I actually get to be in SLO! The weekends leading up to our trip are so booked, I think these next couple of weeks will fly by! So excited to show J around my college days and stomping grounds, plus I can't wait to eat at Firestone!
Convicted // Just shy of a week until the next Boston Marathon, one of the bomber's was convicted on all 30 counts! I couldn't be happier to hear that news. However, it is still important to remember those that we lost and the ones who are still suffering through aches and pains from the devastating bombing. The race has forever been changed, but I am extremely excited for the big race on Monday, as I am every year!

Baseball // is baaaack! I can't even stand it. The last three nights I've had the Giants game on and watched/listened to almost all of it. It was nice to see Heston get is first MLB win as a pitcher, ever, last night! Now the boys are headed to SD, then they finally come home for the home opener on Monday, 4/20/15!
Good Food Day // Yesterday was a good food day! A good food day consist of me not cooking and my food being tasty! Breakfast is not pictured, but I had coffee and a frozen TJ's burrito!
Lunch: Original Pete's - Lunch Combo; 2 topping personal pizza & a side Cesar salad
Dinner: Duke's Plates & Pints - Macho Nacho's w/ pulled pork
Dinner: Duke's Plates & Pints - Duke Burger

Emoji's //Yesterday (I think) the newest Emoji's were released through Apple's iOS 8.3 update. I was excited, until I actually downloaded it. All I want are more fun food emoji's. I don't care about being PC with skin colors or homosexual couples. Don't get me wrong, it's great and all, but give me a taco or something! Anywho, our use of emoji's is pretty evident with this image below. J's little love message for me on a leftover breakfast burrito! HAHA, too cute ;) #HumbleBrag

Trying not to glorify busy, but it seems to be in my favor right now :)

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  1. New Emojis?! I had no idea! I'd check on my phone, but I have no idea where it is right now and I can't get up to look for it because I'll lose my train of thought :P But that IS disappointing about the lack of food. And that's good to hear about one of the Boston bombers being convicted... I'm excited to watch the race, but yeah... it's definitely hard to separate it from what happened =/

    1. Did you get them? They are so random! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I am always cautious when it comes to things that concern my health. I get pretty paranoid about taking medications or putting things in my body that will change/effect it in some way. You have a great message here and one that is very important!

    I can’t wait to hear about your experience at the SLO half marathon. I am looking at a variety of races in the California for next year (the Napa Marathon is also on that list), so it will be great to hear your thoughts on the course.

    Your love for baseball is awesome. I don’t know many women who LOVE baseball, but maybe it’s because we don’t have a tam here in Oregon. Enjoy the season! :)

    1. I wish I was more cognizant, as you are. If it will make my symptoms/pain go away, I'll try it. Yes, you will kill at the Napa Marathon and who wouldn't want to run through such a gorgeous, although hilly, course! Thanks, I have to give credit to my Poppa Bear - he has always been a die hard baseball/SF Giants fan! I guess the apple doesn't fall farm from the tree! xoxo, ganeeban


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