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Stupid sore, but still smiling from ear to ear from this weekend!
The 805 elicits something out of me, that many things don't. Good memories, good times, and good food. There isn't too many places that I make it a point to go to, but San Luis Obispo is right on top of that list. Don't get me wrong, any warm, sandy location is also at the top of that list. But the memories I've made here, the life I remember, and the food I eat here are all reasons why part of my heart will always be here.

So I thought I'd do another, yes, the last two posts have all been 805 themed, SLO weekend themed post...maybe I'll get it all out!

J's First 805 Trip // I talk about SLO to anyone that will listen and probably much more than that to J. My fondness is easily seen across my face when I talk about this little, lovely central coast city. J knows how obsessed I am with it, although he could probably care less and would prefer I not talk about it so much. I knew he wouldn't fall in love with the city as I have, but I just hope he enjoyed it. Overall, I think he did. The food, check. Everything else, according to him "every beach is the same" and there "isn't much to do." So, he didn't quite fall in love like I did, but he did support me and tagged along wherever I dragged him. It was fun to experience somewhere new together, as it always is...

Overwhelmed with Gratitude // There are races where no one cheers me on, there are ones where it's just J, others with just my parents...and then there's the SLO Half Marathon. The destination itself is probably why people came to support me, but I also know that part of the reason they were there is because they wanted to support me at my race. My immediately family came, sorry Randy (but you got your boy's weekend (Lil's BF)), to cheer me on. My Aunt Trisha and Kris live there, so they also got thrown in the mix. Plus, two of my awesome girlfriends came to spend the weekend with me and cheer me on too. Also, my cousin and his girlfriend spent the say with us on Saturday. As I sat in the winery in Morro Bay and looked around the now crowded room, I realize the people in this room were here because I was running a race. Not because I asked them to be, but because they made the decision to spend their time and money to be there to support me. A feeling of thankfulness washed over me, if I was a crier, this would have been a good moment. I feel completely humbled by these humans who continually show up for me, in so many facets of my life! I only hope that I can be this type of person and support to them and those that I love.
Thank you all, for your support and love!
Avila Beach // This is by far my favorite beach near SLO. Pismo Beach is cool, with Splash Cafe and all, but really Avila is much more my style. I remember the sand being much softer from before, but it was still as amazing as I remember. The cute little shops that sit right behind the beach. The deli I'd go into to cool off during summer days and also get some of the yummiest sando's ever. The ice cream shops that tempted me when it was too hot to sit by the water. The play ground and the swings, give families a little more to do when there. Everything, but the parking, is perfect here. 
Perfect day at Avila Beach!
Post race, chillin'!
Lil loves the beach like I do!
Mocha Almond Fudge in Avila!
Nostalgia // As I was showing J the school, walking down Higuera Street, and driving around town it hit me! Maybe I'm in love with what my idea of SLO used to be, maybe I'm not in love with the current SLO. The changes I saw in 2013 (graduated in 2007) were HUGE to me, so I was a little more prepared this trip. The city has become much more commercialized and has a slightly different feel. I don't remember my way around everywhere and I certainly don't know where all the good/cool spots are any more. It made me a little sad that I didn't have an overwhelming feeling of love this trip, but I know it will always have part of my heart. I choose to remember it how it was when I was living there, because everything changes as do people and we have to accept it.

The Food // I am always excited for new (and old) foods I get to eat when I travel somewhere. This trip was no different. Free breakfasts at the Embassy Suites were amazing, but I was kinda sad I missed out on all the good breaky spots in SLO. But gotta be the baller-on-a-budget I know how to be. Here are the eats that went down:
Embassy Suites Breakfast - His & Hers
Taco Temple, Morro Bay // 1 Fish Taco (under that salad) & a carnitas burrito (frijoles on the side)
Cinnamon Roll w/ Cream Cheese Frosting! Morro Bay
The California Pizza - Bacon/Chicken/Ranch
Margie's Diner // Chicken Fried Steak
Margie's Diner // Short stack
Nautical Bean // Soy Mocha
Embassy Suites - Make-to-order breakfasts
Embassy Suites - Breakfast
Infamous High Street Deli for the trip home.
High Street Deli // Turkey Pesto
Everything inevitably changes, but San Luis Obispo will always have a special place in my heart...

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  1. Aw I can tell you really really love SLO. I love the picture of you and J and I am so glad you had so many friends and family members to cheer you on at the half marathon. It's so great to feel supported!

    1. 3 posts in a row, wouldn't be the indication would it? Thanks, I appreciate your sweet words! I'll be rooting you on via social media and sending good vibes this weekend! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Yay for good friends and family! It makes a world of difference to have that sort of support! I am salivating over Chicken fried steak!

    1. Why is chicken fried steak so damn good? I agree, support makes things/tasks so much easier to accomplish! Feelin' pretty lucky these days... xoxo, ganeeban


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