Rose & Thorn [45]

3:17 PM

Happy Monday. - No one ever

Rose: Celebrating two birthdays and a fun little 5 miler race!
Thorn: Sore. Sore. Sore!

As always, a weekend that flew by with tons of fun in between. In the event of keeping it short, here goes an attempt.

I'm not used to Friday night plans, so when Tanna invited us to her birthday I was happy to oblige. We all met up at Strings Italian Kitchen, in my old stomping grounds, for dinner. They all were going to go skating afterwards, but we had a long weekend ahead of us and decided to skip that part of the evening. I hadn't eaten there before, but it ended up being pretty tasty. That and they sold a carafe of wine for $10, winning!
Birthday Girl and I
My Handsome date!
Meatball Sandwich with absolutely no side dish, weird!
Chicken Parmigiana

As they have been lately, Saturday AM's are for Midtown! Bobbie literally killed us with her workout. My forearms are still exhausted from the tire flips to burpees part of the work out. J's massaged them twice and I used the lacrosse ball, but they are in pain!

After class I ran home, did some chores around the house and cooked a little breakfast, pardon the ugly, and then we got ready for J's Godson's first birthday party (which is also his nephew). We had to swing by Fleet Feet to grab our race essentials, but we showed up plenty early to help set-up and help out.

Ground turkey, egg whites, brown rice, and organic ketchup, YUM!
Between decorating, cleaning, and hanging out, everyone started to arrive and the party was in full swing. Everyone seemed to be nicer than normal, maybe that's what happens when you gather for a one year old's birthday. I didn't snap any pictures, but Claudia (birthday boy's mom) themed the party with Ducks, because they call the baby 'patito,' which is baby duck(ling) in Spanish! It was a really cute theme for the baby boy's bday! Late afternoon, early evening everyone started to depart. I'd been glued to the SF Giants game, but we left in the 2nd inning.

At home we didn't do much since we had a race the next day and because I was exhausted and sore. I was craving pizza, so J picked some up and brought it home. We chilled, ate dinner, and watched a random new show on Netflix - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - the verdict is still out, J was not impressed!

Round Table // Medium Chicken and Creamy Garlic
Up and 'attem for our 5 miler race. We'd actually signed up for the 10 miler race, back in December, but we didn't realize we'd have soccer conflicts to deal with. Luckily it was seamless to change distances. I won't overlap on my race re-cap, but it was as pretty normal as far as pre-race mornings go. Besides running extremely behind and showing up to the start line with less than five minutes to race!

After the race we walked directly to our car. We headed home to change and both get ready for our game(s). J's game was at 10AM and our co-ed game was at 11AM. I committed to watching part of his game, partly because I knew Jen would be there. We had a little impromptu coffee date while watching our fellas ball against each other. A short half hour later, I left to try to make it to my game on time.

J lost his game, but made it to our game with about 10-15 minutes to play. He hopped in goal and we ended up tying the game in the last minute. It was a fun game and everyone played really well.

Forgot my socks, but borrowed these sweet Portugal ones!
After the game, J and I went to the Nugget for our traditional post game treat. We were starving, so we actually ate full lunches! I went for Nugget food and he walked to L&L and got the most random lunch ever - a ramen burger, I could live without ever having it again. Well, unless in NY, there is supposedly an amazing one there.

L&L // Ramen Burger
I was so freakin' sore, after a shower and some Motrin, I took a 3 hour nap. I was so groggy, but felt much better after I rested. The Wench called and asked if we had any dinner plans, which we didn't. So her and the Lovebug came over and we grabbed food to bring back to the house. We ate dinner, chilled, and then walked to the park for a bit. It was a lovely little surprise to end the weekend.

Lovebug && I waiting for our food at Pronto!
After they left, we didn't do anything. We did watch Chef on Netflix and I really enjoyed that movie. I've been waiting to borrow the parentals copy, but noticed it was on Netflix. Exhausted and sore, we fell quickly into slumber!

A nice semi low-key weekend leading up to a pretty low-key week...

What was your Rose & Thorn from this weekend?

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  1. Ah looks like you had a good weekend! I absolutely love your flowered kimono. Also I really liked Chef. It was fun watching the parts they filmed in Austin and I remember them promoting it on twitter when they were here. Yay for low key weeks!

    1. That's dope how they actually Tweeted about it and how it all fits into the movie. A very underrated movie, in my book! Thanks, I love throwing it over something fitting, then I don't feel so self conscious. xoxo, ganeeban


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