Rose & Thorn [44]

2:21 PM

A full heart..and belly!

Rose: An entire weekend with my family!
Thorn: Relationship stuff with.

I had no idea this weekend would so wonderful. I was able to spend the whole weekend with my immediate family and our little family. We definitely kept ourselves busy all weekend, out and about, but it was time well spent with those that I love. The high and low of this weekend was extreme, but feel renewed today with a full heart.  

This has the potential to put you to sleep with its length, feel free to just skip the text and look at the pics ;)

I was really hoping we'd get let go (from work) at lunch, but I totally settled with being let go around 3PM. I ran an errand and then headed home to hang out with J and L. There was a free kid's pop up event put on by Display California, which I'd seen on IG. So we decided it would be a fun thing to do with L. They had Easter basket decorating (at a cost), free Maui Wowi smoothies, free cookies, free coloring, and had a bunch of really cool, local kids stuff for sale. Display California is a cool concept and even cooler because they are focusing on kids for two months (worth of events). After an hour or so we headed home to hang out until it was time to get ready to celebrate B(ryson)'s birthday!

Decorating station
Sugar // Chocolate Chip // Creamsicle
We met up with B and the rest of the crew and had a lovely dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, Mayahuel. I hadn't seen this group of people in a while, so it was nice to catch up.

Bryson and I
Bomb, grilled fish tacos!

After dinner, I dropped L and J off at home and went back out to meet the group. They'd moved on to a different spot for some post-dinner libations. I hung out until the next stop, but then parted ways. It should be noted I fell off the wagon for Lent for one of the last days. I had chips at dinner and had drinks for B's birthday on a weekday. I was bummed at myself, but apparently not enough to stop me from partaking.
Yo // B // Kaelyn
SaturdayUp early for a Midtown class, per the usu. Since L was pretty upset I didn't take her last time, I made sure to wake up up, even though she looked as if she wanted to sleep. Once she was up, she was hyped to be attending class. J had said he was going to run to meet us, but told us he was too tired. So we said goodbye and went on our merry way. Midtown is ridiculously accommodating for the Lovebugs and encourage you to bring them. L has an absolute amazing time there. So as I was getting my sweat on she was emulating me or doing her own little workout. She was so freakin' cute doing wheel barrels with Bobbie (my coach)!

Too our surprise, J ran to Midtown to meet us. L guilted (totally made up this word) him enough into getting up and running! After class was over, we decided to grab a coffee from Insight Coffee Roasters. We had a little treat planned for L, but we didn't want to partake in the food.
The local Kiwanis club was offering a free Easter Egg hunt at our local park, McKinley Park. We got home just in time to walk over. Originally we were going to take L to the pancake breakfast, but we only had 15 minutes before the egg hunt. We walked over to the egg hunt area and ran into Angie and Adriana, which worked out perfectly since they were in the same age group for the hunt. This cool, free event was staffed by local high school students. They put out a bunch of empty eggs, then you turned in your eggs for a bag of candy - it's a great set-up and I was glad we took her there. While there, Shell and Randy also met up with us.
Random, random, random
Instead of the pancake breakfast, we decided to call my parents and all go out to brunch. We went and met at Fox & Goose, which is pretty popular spot on the weekends. It was here that we decided to go and watch Furious 7 after brunch. Since my Mom had no interest in watching it, she and L went grocery shopping for her upcoming Cabin trip. The five of us piled into BB and headed straight to the movies. PS - I still hadn't showered from Midtown, I was feeling real grimy!
J's Benedict Arnold and L's waffle
My Pub Grill w/ bacon and a Mimosa, of course.
Scone of the Day: Strawberry Almond and cream.
I didn't think I'd feel so emotional after that movie. I guess I was more sad about Paul Walker's death than I realized. Even though I haven't seen any other movie, besides the original, I still was in awe that he died during the making of this movie. After the movie, the boys went to grab a beer and Shell and I ran into F21 to do some quick shopping. Like, real quick!
Awful movie treats pic!
Once home, I finally showered and took a little nap. Shell and L played Life for the first time and Randy and J watched college basketball. J had tryouts for a local soccer team. When he left the girls and I went to Target. Randy was still immersed in basketball. We had some Easter shopping to take care of, so we killed time and our bank accounts at Target!
Once home, Shell and Randy left to get ready for dinner. L and I ran to Old Navy to finish off her Easter outfit. But she was having real stomach issues, so it was a little rough. I felt so awful, because I couldn't do anything for her. We were a few minutes late to dinner, but we made it, even though her tummy was still achy. 
We ordered, just short after J showed up from his tryouts. We had a great dinner made on the hibachi grill. Our chef was awesome and even hooked me up with hella fried rice! We had a really late dinner, so once we were done we skirted out of there pretty quickly. We were all exhausted from a long day of fun!
Veggie & Shrimp Tempura
Filet Mignon ans Scallops
SundayEaster! J was also up super early for Spurs Sunday, but then came back to bed. L and J woke up to some treats from the Easter bunny. After deciding to skip a run, I finally got out of bed. I still had to make the appetizer for the party, so I did that and J came and helped out too. Then I ate my breakfast while he got ready. Him and L left earlier than me, since they needed to hit the store.

Leftovers for breaky and pretty Easter flowers!

After finishing all the Easter touch up and stopping by the parentals casa, I made my way to J's G-rent's house. There we celebrated Easter with his family. Just as we finished putting out all the eggs it started to drizzle a little. Watching kids at Easter has to be one of my favorite things, especially the little, little ones. After they checked out their loot, we all hung around until L got picked up by her Mom.

We left shortly after, to head to my family's celebration. Typical Easter celebration, but we were also celebrating the March and April birthday's...this means this was my last celebration for Birthday Month! Per the usual, we had about three hundred (million) eggs for six kids. It should be noted, that when Shell was hiding eggs she stepped on a dead rat, it made for quite the spectacle. We'll be talking about that for years to come, for sure! Our adult to kid ratio is very one sided, but something about watching my little lovebugs scurry about grabbing eggs seriously makes me feel completely happy. Helping them find them or just carrying their basket, all of it makes my heart smile.
Caprese Skewers for the WIN!
Birthday Girl got ribs! Lumpia!!
All the eggs and my handsome hiding more!
Crown shots to celebrate our birthday's and Micah's engagement (half pictured)
Madrid don't play!
Big & Lil
Apparently no one calls him Bubba anymore, but I will forever!
Mark, the paparazzi!
Shell && Randy
Egg hunting spectators!
Something weird was in the candy this year!
After plenty of food, eggs, and candy, we finally celebrated the birthdays. I was so spoiled, my Aunt got me my Mrs. Field's cookie cake that I so deeply covet! There aren't too many birthday treats that I love, but this is one of the top five! We celebrated mine, Poppa Bear, Aunt Margie, and Madrid's birthday - the singing is always terribly awesome!
Mrs. Field's Cookie Cake is Heaven in carbs!
Madrid gets to do the honors!
Birthday 'cake' and coffee, perfect treats!
We hung out until past 7PM, then finally decided we should head home. At home we finished the last of season 3 of House of Cards. I'm sad that it's over, but I really like that show - in a sick and twisted way. I got hungry super late, so I heated up a Trader Joe's burrito with a side of Doritos's (yes!) and some wine.
J and I had some stuff to talk about, tears were shed, but we are a better couple for it. The hard talks are never easy, but afterwards I feel like we are closer and more in tune with one another, our relationship, and ourselves. If we can't get through the hard stuff, then that's not a good sign. But we did and we will continue to do so. Although it ended really late, I was still on a euphoric high from the weekend of family and my heart is full of love. Not everyone has a family like mine and I am keenly aware of this as I age. I can only count my lucky stars for the amazing people in my life. Stay grateful and work hard, that's what I'm here to do.

The true essence of Easter was wholeheartedly felt by me this entire weekend!

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  1. Looks like an amazing weekend of family fun. I love those weekends. You get home and just feel so happy.

    1. That is exactly how I felt. Completely happy :) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Basically this post just makes me think your weekend was filled with all the delicious food and I'm so jealous! Yum!

    1. It was and now I better sweat out my sins ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  3. This post made me extremely hungry. Then a little sad because all I have to eat is an oatmeal packet. I'm sorry you had to go through a little bit of a low this weekend, but it sounds like yall have good communication and that it just makes you stronger! If you didn't talk about the tough stuff, you wouldn't ever deal with it-and that would be worse. Glad the rest of your weekend was amazing though!

    1. Aren't the weekends for indulging?!? Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it. It's never fun, but those talks are always worth having. Hope you ate something good or at least added some PB to your oatmeal packet ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  4. It sounds (and looks) like you had a very fun, colorful Easter weekend with friends and family! Isn’t it just so fun spectating little kids as they search and hunt for Easter eggs and goodies!?

    Oh man, what did you think of the last episode of House of Cards? I’m addicted to the show as well and have no idea how the next season is going to begin. Part of me thinks that SHE is going to run for VP or Pres. We’ll see. I hate that we have to wait forever to find out!

    1. Just think, next year you'll have a little lovebug of your own and have a whole new perspective on all holidays :) Oh my gosh, I didn't think she had the balls to do it! I thought they were going to have her run as Pres or him as Pres and her as VP. I did not see that one coming at all! We have a few months until OITNB to come out, so hopefully I can find something to tide me over - we were thinking Breaking Bad...but I'm a little hesitant. xoxo, ganeeban


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