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America's Pastime is for the ladies too...
Yup, I'm talkin' baseball today, ladies (and gentlemen)!
7th Inning Stretch - Kasey At The Bat
Thanks to Poppa Bear, I've bled Orange && Black from the beginning. Born and raised a SF Giants fan, I will forever love my team. I played softball from six to eight years of my life (I'm not actually sure how long), so I know the basics and some of the strategy of the game. I am making a small comparison to softball and baseball here, when I say I understand the game, don't get your panties (isn't that word so vile?) in a bunch!

I don't know everything about the SF Giants, some of their history as a club is lost on me. I know the important details and even some of the small trivia. However, I am not fanatical about them, in the sense that I cannot spout statistics and/or every once of SF Giants Trivia. I'm just a girl that grew up loving the SF Giants and will do so, forever!

I felt it was my duty to write this post, because I was slightly embarrassed that although I'm a self-proclaimed (as are all my Giants girlfriends) Gamer Babe, I couldn't tell you what number corresponds with what position on the field. If you don't understand this, you will shortly. So here goes my (second) attempt (because I deleted the whole post on accident, let's not talk about it) to provide you all the details necessary to be a:
SF Giants Gamer Babe - The Basics

The League
Major League Baseball - (MLB) The professional organization that governs professional baseball, divided by two leagues.
American League & National League - These two leagues are then divided by divisions.
Central Division, East Division, and West Division - These are based on the location of your team.
Gamer Babe Pro Tip - The SF Giants are in the National League, West Division - better known and commonly said as the NL West!

The Positions
You should know the names of the positions, but not the numbers corresponding. The numbers associated with the name of a position generally don't really matter unless you're listening to the game on KNBR (AM, Gamer Babe's), looking at the scoreboard at AT&T park (at the bottom of the current batter, you will see how they did each at bat), or if you are keeping score (let's not get ahead of ourselves here).
There are some Very Important People in the SF Giants organization that you need to know about as a GB:
Bruce Bochy - Also known as Boch or the Skipper, he is the Manager of the SF Giants. He is responsible for the on-field strategy and the coaching staff.
Brian Sabean - is the General Manager (and Senior VP) of the SF Giants, his main role is to manage the congrats, negotiations, and field a team for Boch to manage.
First & Third Base Coaches - You will see two men on the field when we are at bat, near each respective base. These coaches are in place to direct the runner (player) to either continue to the next base or stop.
Gamer Babe Pro Tip: Remember these last names, you'll hear them often and will help tie many things together as a GB!

Batting Order
This is how Boch will execute his offensive strategy. The batting order or line up is used to strategically place players in an order to score runs.

Lead-Off Hitter - This player is the first to bat in the order and their main goal is to get on base. Gamer Babe Pro Tip: Nori Aoki is our lead off hitter!
Clean-Up Hitter - This player hits fourth in the batting order. This player has strength and power (and is probably perceived as the best hitter on the team), and Boch will expect this player to be able to hit a grand slam (also called a grand salami) if all hitters before him get on base. Gamer Babe Pro Tip: Buster Posey is our clean-up hitter!
Designated Hitter - This hitter is only allowed in the American League. This hitter's sole job is to hit for the pitcher in the line up. Generally speaking, pitchers aren't known for their skills at bat, so this may help a team out offensively. Gamer Babe Pro Tip: This only happens for the SF Giants if we are visiting a AL team. Madison Bumgarner, one of our starting pitchers, can HIT  - last year he hit a Grand Salami, so the saying that not all pitcher's can hit, doesn't stand true for us!

The Broadcasters
Mike Krukow & Duane Kuiper - Who also go by Kruk & Kuip, are the dynamic duo are who you will hear call the game when the game is not Nationally televised, they will mostly be on the local broadcast on CSN Bay Area. Gamer Babe Pro Tip: Kruk is the one that actually coined the phrase 'Gamer Babe.'
Mike Krukow & Duane Kuiper
John Miller - he is more famous and known for his lengthy tenure as a broadcaster. He will also call games and share innings with the broadcasting team.
Dave Flemming - he probably makes the least amount of appearances for the SF Giants (I could be wrong), but you will no doubt hear his commentary from time to time.
Spanish Broadcasters - Yup, we're multicultural around here, there are two voices for the Spanish speaking population of fans!
Gamer Babe Pro Tip: To listen, use KNBR 680 and to watch, use CSN Bay Area.
The Mascot
Since we are the team 'by the Bay,' our mascot should only be a water living creature, right? Lou Seal, you will see this goofy character acting a fool and running around AT&T Park at every game.
Gamer Babe Pro Tip: Get a picture with Lou, he never say's no, it will give you hella GB street cred!

AT&T Park
Or has the seasoned go-er's call it, the Yard! This topic deserves a post in-itself, because of all the intricacies and awesomeness it offers. If you need tips on anything, please ask directly, I'd be willing to share with you! In an effort to keep this section short and sweet, I will give you the basic, basics!

AT&T Park has won plenty of accolades for it's aesthetics and it's high priority to be as green/LEED as possible. The best seats are in the 'Lower Box' and 'Club Level' section of the park, they tend to be pricey, but so worth it. The bleachers are where the party is at, all. the. time! The club level has an indoor walking section, so on the cold City nights, it's perfect for keeping warm. The smells of some of the food are foodgasmic - the garlic fries, the cinnamon almonds, and the clam chowder. But do yourself a favor and walk out behind the bleachers and get the Crab Sandwich, you're welcome. Alcohol is expensive, but you already knew that!
Lower Box Seats
Same evening, look at that sky!
You're Official Now!
Now, you can officially call yourself a Gamer Babe. You have the basics down and feel free to attend/watch any game, head held high, clad in orange and black, looking gorgeous as ever! Enjoy the game, the baseball pants (the tight ones of course), and the atmosphere of the G-men! Nothing compares, you'll see...I promise!
From one Gamer Babe to another, LET'S GO GIANTS!!

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  1. loook at you + how cute all of your pictures are!!!! I really did love the trip I made to AT&T! plus. you know, buster is a georgia boy!

    1. Thanks Chica! It was an older post, but totally relevant for your link up! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I can't wait to see more of the stadiums! Yes, he is! Georgia boy turned Cali boy! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. YAYYYYY another gamer babe!! Great post on the basics, thanks for linking up!

    1. Gamer Babes unite! Yaaasss! I love when I meet another human that loves the G-men as much as I do! xoxo, ganeeban


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