Rose & Thorn [42]

3:37 PM

The first weekend of Spring did NOT disappoint...

Rose: Miss Olivia's 3rd birthday FUNstivities and our quarterly Napa trip with the girls!
Thorn: Big Blue needing more work done...

I'm pretty sure I spent more time outside this weekend, than indoors AND it was perfect. Although my allergies might disagree, it was a lovely first weekend of Spring. Of course it was packed with activities, but honestly...what weekend isn't?

As we made our bi-weekly trip up the hill to Folsom to swoop L, we decided to keep our Family Dinner Date night low key. Since it was veggie week our options seemed very limited. J didn't seem into being adventurous and trying Thai or Chinese in a city we don't generally dine in wasn't going to happen. We stopped at Hallmark for some card needs, then drove over to Whole Foods for their huge food bar. We opted for pizza and salad bar fixin's, but had to wait while they baked a new, fresh pie for us!

So we started wandering around the shopping center and found a See's Candy. Lucky us, we had a one pound coupon from my parents for Valentine's Day. J and L had never experienced this before, so as they stressed out about what candies to choose, I chatted with one of the workers. I've had years to hone in my candy selections and can do it within five seconds. They on the other hand, were perusing for awhile. Finally, we had one pound selected, we made our way out of the store, slightly on a sugar high.

L and I's free sample!
Decisions, decision, decisions...
We went next door and looked at a home decor store. Cute stuff, but nothing left with us. We made our way back to WF, ran into Trin Monies who was slangin' Vega, and ate our dinner. There was some very interesting people watching to be had in the food court area. WF in Folsom, on a Friday night, is very popular!
Once home we wrapped presents, decorated Olivia's card, and chatted with L for a bit. Also ate plenty of chocolate, of course! Then we all made our way to bed, for our busy Saturday!
It seems that Saturday's just aren't meant for sleeping in at our house! J had his alarm set for 6AM, because it was a Spurs Saturday and the lineup is released one hour before kick off. So, once he was up, I was pretty much up, even though my alarm was slated for 7:15AM. Finally time to get up and get ready for my Midtown class.

Class was brutal, too many burpees. I left a little early, since we had Olivia's birthday party. Once home, we all were running around to get ready to leave for the day. We had to drop off Big Blue to get some work done, on our way to the party.

What a lovely little park Olivia chose to have her party at, well probably more like SS and Peter chose too. I'd never been to this park in EG, but it is the cutest ever! It was a Belle themed affair, that let the kids enjoy the benefits of the park. Pizza was had and the weather was perfect. After the park and pizza, Olivia opened her presents, which the enthusiasm of a 3 year old should be bottled and sold to others. After more playing, cupcakes and the birthday song, we said our good byes.
Summer Sister, Mormon, and I
Beanie and I
Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Olivia
Karlee and L
We then headed over to J's fam's casa for a few hours. We hung out, walked around the garden, and just lounged with his fam. It was nice to chat, learn about the flowers, and relax. After a while, we decided we better head back home. Once at the house, I napped for a little bit while they watched the Avengers. Once up, L and I left to go do some shopping - I was a little too successful. We had plans to meet J at the park, since he was getting some miles in.

The park was crazy, with tons of bebe's kids, but L was having a blast. J found us and then we hung out at the park for a little while longer. She didn't want to leave, but it was getting late and I was still car-less. Back at home we waited around until the mechanic called to come pick up BB! It was getting late, but since we ate a late snack all of us weren't too hungry for dinner.  

A friend of a friend, our mechanic is so freakin' awesome. He's honest, dependable, and a hard worker - who stays open on a Saturday until 8PM working on your car? Such a sweet fella he is, we swooped up BB, but at some point have to go back for more work to be done :( Since we had two cars, L and J went home and I grabbed dinner for us.

Once at home we scarfed dinner down and then we all went to bed. Well, L went to bed and we watched 2 or 3 more episodes of House of Cards, it's getting so good!

Ma Jong's - Garlic Tofu Bowl and Ma's Special Chow Mein w/ Tofu
1st time using my race souvenir.
I had every intention of running six miles, but that didn't happen. I snoozed about four times, when I finally turned it off. By 7:30AM, J and I couldn't sleep any longer so we hung out and watched TV. About an hour later L woke up and hung out with us. We spent a little bit of time, goofing off and lounging. Then it was time for me to get ready for my Girl's Napa trip and they had to get ready for their day.

Dressed, goodbyes said, I was off to the Bestest's casa to meet up with her and the Guidette. The Guidette is super boughie and has a MUMM membership and needed to pick up her quarterly membership allotment. So we decided to make a day out of it, holler! Finally on the road, we made a pit stop at Krispy Kreme and Starbucks, which is the best pre-game idea ever! We needed carbs to soak up the booze that would be had.

Back on the road we made our way to Mumm! I was having a mental panic attack, because we were driving on the Silverado Trail, where just a few short weeks ago I ran my marathon. Once we arrived, we took in the loveliness that is Mumm and Napa. We were easily seated and ended up tasting the most current flight and enjoying ourselves for an hour or so. Another bonus is they also support the SF Giants, so they have some cool Giants stuff. Of course, I already have the flutes, but I didn't buy the $125 bottle of bubbly :(

We thought we knew where we were headed, but we didn't. So we found the next spot we could and went with it. However, it turned out to be the smallest winery in Napa (so Corey told us), which also happens to love taxidermy. It was a little weird, but we committed to stopping so we went with it. We did a flight and then all bought a glass each. However, the glass I wanted was $25 and I was debating if I should go for it, the other glass I wanted was $ both were dumb expensive. The Guidette treated me to the $25 glass of Rutherford Red for my bday! Winning! We took our glasses and sat outside under the cute red umbrellas. We grabbed our snacks and hung out for a bit.

That fake tongue was so creepy!
Puking deer!
The infamous $25 glass of wine!
It wasn't too late, so we decided to make one last stop. We finally made it to the location we were looking for, after Mumm. At this point, we really didn't need much more, but they didn't sell glasses of wine. You either did a flight or bought a bottle. Since the scenery is gorgeous, we bought a bottle and went outside to enjoy the pretty, overcast day! Not gonna lie, the three of us girls together get really picture crazy. Add booze, and it's over! We were snapping photos like it was our job, but the wine was delish!
Cause we're barrels of fun!
Finally, we decided to head home, the winery was closing and it was getting late. We were going to go to R&D Kitchen, but the wait was 45 minutes. For appetizers and wine, we didn't see the necessity in waiting. We packed ourselves up and headed back to Sac. Of course, as usual I fell asleep. And of course they took an awful pic of me, but didn't post it. Well, to Snap Chat, but not anything else!

Once back at the Bestest's casa, I didn't feel so good. After a few minutes of relaxing, I made my way back home. J was grabbing us dinner and I was patiently waiting at home and kinda fell asleep. He sweetly got us Crepeville for dinner and even got a bottle of wine. Sadly, I was in no condition to drink another glass (it still sounds repulsive). No dinner pics, cause I wasn't feeling so hot, but it was good. Well, what I could eat! We watched some DVR'd stuff and chatted about our day. Then we decided to watch a few more episodes of House of Cards. We are officially through the first season!

Spring has sprung!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! Also that bear's tongue is creepily amazing.

    1. I'm just glad it wasn't squishy too...ugh! xoxo, ganeeban


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