Rose & Thorn [40]

5:04 PM

Adult slumber parties are the best...

Rose: Celebrating my 32nd twice on Saturday!
Thorn: A lingering migraine/headache since Wednesday...

Mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about an all girls, actually woman, slumber party! This weekend was filled with family and friends, and my birthday of course. Although, no matter what the occasion is, I just love being surrounded by those that I love!

Friday Family Date Night! I mentioned to J that we should go to BJ's so I could get a free birthday pizookie, that was all it took. We waited a bit, it was the typical Friday night crowd, but we were seated within about 20 minutes. Typical random night shenanigans with J and L. We all had some yummy food, but of course shared with one another. We finished with them singing the birthday song to me, then L and I killing a mini PB pizookie, sorry J...he only got one bite.
Seafood on Friday's!
We stopped off at Total Wine to get some goodies for my party on Saturday. Old Navy was conveniently next door, so we had to go in, but left empty handed. We finally made our way home and it was immediately bed time for everyone, since we had a race the next AM!

Donut Dash! No more long run, 6AM alarms. However, it was Spurs Saturday, so J was up at 6AM to check the line-up. We both got up around 7AM to start the day, however he just watched the game and I went downstairs for some coffee and laundry. L came sauntering down a little after and we hung out until we had to get ready to leave. 

We should have won best dressed...stay tuned for tomorrow for all the pics!
The race re-cap will be up tomorrow, but it should be noted that although I said I'd NEVER wear a tutu, but I thought this would be the perfect race to try it out. It reaffirmed that I'll never be doing that again! My only caveat is that if I have a daughter (or son) that wants to run a race together and match with tutu's, then I will oblige. This also includes L, if she wants too, then I won't say no! But other than that, I don't think it's my style. It was silly and fun, but made me feel like a muffin top, instead of a pretty ballerina!

Post race we went to eat a local restaurant that is inside of a local airport. Like a small, really small, airport. Not the international airport, but a small dinky one where you can run on the tarmac without TSA chasing you. The fam and, B, and M came with us for breakfast at this hidden gem, that serves the Hawaiian flare on top of American breakfasts goods! After being completely stuffed, we all headed our separate ways.
My meal - Chicken Fried Steak with a side of tutu!
Fried Rice w/ ALL the meats!
J's Meal - Loco Moco

Home just in time to clean for a bit, get ready for the evening, shower, head for a much needed (post marathon) pedicure, and swing by the store! After all that was said and done, I was finally on my way to check-in to the hotel. Instead of using my house as slumber party central, I rented a suite. I didn't want to displace J and L for the night, so it just worked out better that way. 
New reads && paraffin
Shortly after getting into the room, everyone started to arrive! In total, 15 girls came to celebrate my birthday with me. We pre-partied harder than any part of the night, before dinner. We didn't have a reservation until 8PM, so we had one and a half hours to kill with booze and endless snacks, both of which we did. The elevator ride down was one for the books, we almost got the whole group in there!

The front room, but the day after.
How real women get down!
Fireball fun
Shots are contagious
A candid I'm in love with - the Wench, Yo, & the Teacher
Heeey girl heeeey!
A little before 8PM we walked over to the restaurant, Cafeteria 15L, and ended up having to wait for about 20 mins anyways. This just meant shots were had and plenty of pics were taken. Once seated, we all ordered more drinks and dinner. I was feeling feisty and hungry, so I went with the  Bacon burger and added goat cheese! I was feelin' fancy, since it was my bday! No cares were given at the moment, probably a little boozy haze to thank for that decision.
After dinner was scarfed down, we were all playing musical chairs and chatting. I was greeted with blonde cookie pizza, like a pizooki, and they all sang to me! Cue the tears, haha, not really! But cue the amazing friends that I have! Since the restaurant is connected to a club, we all kinda found our way over there. Slowly but surely, the group made their way to get their groove on. Some of us more so, than others - but it didn't last too long. I mean, really, we're 32 ;) HAHA! It was fun to dance some of the calories off, but I think we laughed more than we danced! Oh what a night :)

Instead of posting 5,000 pics, here is collage of most of the night!
We sauntered staggered back to the hotel, where I opened my presents and more drinking happened. Not much, but there was so much there it begged to be drank! Most of the girls left and didn't actually end up staying the night. Regardless, it's not often this group gets together like this, so it was perfect. 
So spoiled by my girls!

Where there's a will, there's a get us all in a pic!
I'm pretty sure we fell asleep before midnight!

Oh, hey day light savings! We lost an hour and were still up early, must be our 'getting older lifestyles'! Lil left at the ungodly hour of 6AMish, but the rest of us were up around 8AMish. Not that bad, but still early for a night of drinking.

I was sluggish and slightly hungover, but nothing too dramatic. No puking, so I know it's all good! We cleaned up the food, which was an insane amount, and packed up our stuff. We decided a coffee and bagel date would be the best decision we could make. So we dropped all the food and booze of at my casa. We waited while the Wench grabbed her lovebug and met us. We also swooped up L and made our way to our little breakfast date with the kidlets! Nothing tastes better than carbs and coffee after a night of drinking. Okay, well a breakfast burrito would do me good too! HAHA!
Attempting a OOTD selifie #FAIL

We ended up chatting for awhile, while also people watching. Caught up on each others lives and then made our way back home. Once at home, I showered and got ready to head to J's soccer game. Snacks and blankets in tow, L and I watched J play a great game, despite the team loss.

It was almost time for L to get picked up, so we just hung around the house. I napped and they hung out and played. When she was picked up we went to grab dinner at Buckhorn. After dinner, I was craving ice cream. So, we went to Baskin Robbins and I indulged in two scoops, of which I didn't even eat. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, again! Once home, we cleared the DVR recordings and let slumber carry us away. Losing an hour was really setting in...
We shared of course!
Birthdays are meant for celebrating, I don't care how old you are!

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