Race Recap: Donut Dash

11:31 AM

Dash. Donut. Dash.
Donut Dash
Just in that exact order. I've known about this race for a year or two, but was never able to fit it into my schedule. So, when I realized it was near my birthday and a weekend that I didn't have many commitments, I made the immediate decision to use this as a way to celebrate the big 3-2. I know, 32 is not a significant age, but it's my birthday and I do what I want!

I'd been telling everyone that this is how I wanted to celebrate my birthday, so I tried to convince friends and family to do it with me. I also made the executive decision that I'd dress up a little different this time. Although I swore I'd never wear a tutu, I wanted to give it one try. And one try only (promise). Since I knew I'd be sporting a tutu, I figured I might as well go all out and secure some doughnut tights!

Needless to say, this was going to be the epitome of a "fun run". This recap won't have all the same sordid race details, but show how we had fun, didn't wear Garmin's, and pranced along for almost four miles with mimosa's and donuts!

This race was started as a fundraiser benefiting the Child Life Program at Sutter Children's Center, Sacramento. They make this very clear and make sure all of their participants know exactly who the funds are being raised for, which I think is awesome. How many races have you ran and you have no idea who is benefiting from your race registration fee? Given that this is the benefactor, one of the packet pick-up locations was at Sutter Hospital, along with Marie's Donuts, and our local Fleet Feet. Due to my schedule, I swung by the hospital and grabbed a group of packets the day before the race (Friday). The process was seamless, the tents were fully staffed, and it was a lovely day to be out on the hospital lawn.
No crazy carb dinner, the night before our four mile run. Again, it was weird not to be so focused on a race, but just living my life with a random race on a Saturday morning.

I set my alarm in time to enjoy some coffee before the run, but I dare not eat anything, since I had to potentially eat four donuts in one sitting. As I was running around getting ready, Haley stopped by with our tutu's, which completed my race day fit! Rushing out the door, J, L, and myself were on our way to William Land Park.

This race has many different intricacies as a participant. Do you want to run competitively or non-competitively? Do you want to eat four donuts or six donut holes? Decisions, decisions. Since we were all just there for fun most of us chose non-competitive with four donuts. Some chose donut holes, but I was going big for my first DD ever! That being said, our start time was at 8:40AM, which was ten minutes after the competitive leg started.
Course Map
We actually got there with some time to spare. I located the fam and we set up shop and had most of the crew meet us there. We were taking a million pictures and having a blast. We were being mercilessly teased for our outfits, but we owned them! Soon enough it was time to run. L stayed behind with the parentals, while we were off to dash for donuts!
It's my birthday and I'll tutu if I want too!
Ironman (Amanda) and I
The Teacher and I
Most of the crew - missed seeing Fitfam6 and LaceyB
Best Dressed...In my opionion!
The Teacher and I again!
B and I
This race course is awful...if you're trying to win or be super competitive. It's an out and back and you share the shoulder of the road. There is nothing separating those going and coming. Everyone get's cozy in some parts of the race. It did make it fun to see the lead runners run right past our shoulders and cheer them on! I guess people do take this race serious, we were only there for the fun.

We all tried to stay together for the most part, which we did. On our start to the donuts, we started walking, because it was so compacted. After that got boring we started bobbing and weaving to get around the walkers. We kept a very slow pace for most of the way to Marie's Donuts. However, there was a mimosa station, which was obviously not part of the course, but we took full advantage of these kind hearted Samaritan's offering liquid goodness. Let me tell you, it wasn't even cheapy champs, it was Chandon! Almost all of us had some and then after a few photos, we were off again.

Always take the mimosa
Me and Two Ironmen (Amanda & Linda)
Once we found our way to Marie's Donuts, it is a cluster f***! In the best way possible, but there are tents (which they warn you about in advance) that are color coordinated to match the color on your bib. So I headed to the green tent for my four donuts. All of the donuts were cooked the night before. By the time I got my bag, it was a little smashed and held cold donuts. In my dream world, they were warm and fresh and easy to eat. I had worked up a sweat and didn't feel like eating any. I felt it would be sacrilege if I didn't, so I ate one entire donut. They had cases of water bottles to drink if you needed it and even had a few port-o-potty's for everyone.
Where's the maple bars?
Birthday donuts!
She hates donuts, but she took a bite for me, so I captured it!
Since the race has grown exponentially in the last five or so years, they have a lot of the logistics down pat. It was a crazy mess, but worked out fine. We found all our group members, took more pics and finally started our journey back. According to B, it wasn't even two miles there. Again, we started walking, but then got bored and picked up the pace. We didn't stop until we came back to the mimosa station. However, they ran out of orange juice, so we gladly drank the champs. Sadly, as we were leaving Amanda dropped her fancy iPhone 6 and shattered it. I felt awful, she was a trooper about it...I would have probably cried! 
Everyone picked up the pace for the way back. Holding my bag of donuts I rushed to catch up with the front of the group, which was a feat in itself. Once all at the same pace, we kept running a decent pace until the end. We posed for a pic close to the end and all joked about finishing holding hands or kicking it into high gear and racing. As a joke, but not really, J and I raced at the end. I almost had him...then he slowed down so we could cross the line together. Jerk! HAHA , just kidding. I'm just mad that I can't beat his long legs ;)
Corey (Haley's BF) captured him passing me :(
We laughed. We dashed. We drank mimosa's. We attempted to eat donuts. And we dashed again. ALL without our Garmin's! Say whaaat? I know, I ran a race without my Garmin...on purpose!

At the end we were handed a donut medal and greeted with a huge table of choco milk! We grabbed our goodies and found my parents and L. Of course more sweaty pics were taken. We stood around, laughed, watched L run around, and finally decided to go grab some breakfast! We said our goodbyes, sauntering off with our bags of smashed donuts in hand.
Post-race pic!
Sweaty, but still my fave!
I almost forgot what it felt like to run for FUN!

Is it donuts or doughnuts? Someone help me out here!

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  1. You and your friends looked adorable in your doughnut tights and tutus! How fun! Even though the race was packed, I hope you still enjoyed your birthday celebration run!

    1. Hi! Thanks! It was fun to dress silly and those donut tights were a hit. We also so another fella wearing them :) Thanks a bunch and for stopping by! xoxo, ganeeban


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