Five Things Frid(Y)ay!

8:47 PM

five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!
I love that stupid saying!

As I sit down to write this, allergies be damned, I realized this was a very nice week. It didn't fly by, but it didn't crawl by either. No running, but besides that, everything else seemed to be pretty awesome.

Because I just need to get it out of the way, 5 Things That Made Me Un-Happy This Week:
1. Allergies
2. Allergies
3. Allergies
4. Allergies
5. Allergies  

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I'll sniffle, sneeze, and cough my way through a few things five:  

5 Pins This Week:

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

5 Things Making Me Happy:
1. Midtown is adding yoga! Saaay what?!?
2. Came home, after a brutal workout, to this homemade breakfast from J!
3. This card.
4. A little cake celebration with two of my fave Momma's and their love bugs!
5. I love Boo and this dog comes pretty close to him!

5 Things I'm Looking Foward to on the SLO Race Course:
1. Hills - they suck, but they make you a better person, a better runner.
2. Actually running through the city of SLO, I didn't do this while I was there.
3. Vineyard watching without the pain of the marathon distance (re: Napa).
4. J, the Mormon, and Alyssa cheering me on along the course! Love cheer support on a RACEcation!
5. Running in my favorite city ever, because this will be a first!

5 Things I'm Working On:
1. Disconnecting from my iPhone, which I'm not doing good at at all.
2. Being present. Goes along with #1, but I'd say I'm doing much better at this.
3. More sleep. Trying, but my allergies won't let me have 'good' sleep. Oh and our standard 2-3 episodes of House of Cards each night isn't helping ;)
4. Give more compliments. Not so well, need to step my game up.
5. Communicating with J. Yes and No, still needs work, but I'm getting better at it. There seem to be certain topics I avoid discussing, especially when mad/upset, but almost everything else is open for discussion.

Haaay weekend Haaay!

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  1. More sleep and compliments, I'm there with you! :)

  2. I'm with you on allergies! My eyes have been so awful and dry lately!

    1. I wish there was something we could do... xoxo, ganeeban


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