Five Things (Finally It's) Friday

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Oh hey Friday the 13th!
five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!
I was going to attempt to do what Clare does each week, but since I always share my life instantly, I don't have much stuff saved up for FTF's post. Also, I'm kinda in a writing rut. I know I just need to do a free write, but I haven't had a post to do so. I know it's my blog, but I tend to stick to the same schedule, for lack of a better word. Next week, I intend on doing a free write on one of the things I am most self conscious about, stay tuned!

Since you already know my five eats and workouts (or lack there of) this week, I'm going to share 5 Pins/Likes from Pinterest this week:
Sources - 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
The dress (4) is from Australia and I even tried to order it, but they were sold out within 6 hours of posting that pin! I love the contrast from pic 1, it's so gorgeous to me. Take me to 2, pretty please! Quotes are always so pinable, I pin about 5 (really 10) a day!

But, it's always easy to share - Five Things Making Me Happy
1 // Dinner at my Parents casa - Momma bear made her special chicken wings, paired with rice and veggies. So tasty, I couldn't stop eating them. Note to self: Don't get on scale after a homemade dinner at your parentals casa!
2 // Nuts on Nuts on Nuts - I love almonds (peanuts will do, secondary) on my ice cream. Like I really, really like them. This Baskin Robin's employee got what I was talking about! I swear there's a scoop of ice cream below that madness!

3 // New Companies to Support - I find so many cool companies to buy (random) stuff from via social media. I've purchased a few things this week and I cannot wait for them to be delivered. Rea life, I just like to shop!
4 // Shamrockin' Half Marathon - I'm more excited for my friends running my race this weekend, than actually running it myself. There are a handful of people running it for their first half marathon and I'm excited to share in this adventure with them! Not to mention, my company is the lead sponsor, so I'll be reppin' them too
5 // At Home Movie Date - J planned for tomorrow to be an all day, at home day...but it didn't quite turn out like that. So, we've made it work and we're going to stick with the commitments we made tomorrow, but watch a few DVDs tonight and tomorrow. We are compromising, but I'm excited to veg out and get lost in some TV watching!

Five Things This Weekend:
1 // Midtown on Saturday, since I skipped Tuesday this week.
2 // Finally trying the local Dutch Brothers coffee spot with J and Jenn!
3 // Hair did!
4 // Hosting a pre-race carb dinner for friends...and since we're racing too!
5 // First co-ed outdoor game, after our race! A little nervous about the stems being too exhausted.

Please accept my apologies for this less than enthusiastic post... 

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