5 Surprises (not Things) Friday!

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I love surprises!
five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!
I'm just not that great with receiving them, even though I love getting them. I wouldn't say I'm full Type-A material, but I think I am on the cups of Type-A and B. That being said, I like to know the details, the plan, and to think of back-ups as needed. And my intuition is pretty, I mean really, good. I normally pick up on surprises well before they happen. Kudos to J and his accomplices, I was astonished, surprised, and am still smiling from ear to year.

Sometimes you need to let others take the wheel and be surprised!

Technically he only had four surprises lined but, but there were so many little surprises within the surprises that I'm stretching it out to FIVE! So this weeks 5 Things Friday is gettin' a little remix...

Here's the set-up: He planted a little bug in my mind that were were going to see an Avengers re-release at a new cool theater in town. I told him that wasn't really my ideal birthday eve treat and that I didn't really want to go. Then I felt bratty and told him I'd join him, I realized it wasn't even my birthday...so I didn't have an excuse to be bratty. All along this wasn't the case, but I had no clue. I was trying to pump myself up to go see this movie!

Let the surprises unfold...

Surprise 1: Surprise! Pack an overnight bag, we are going somewhere to celebrate your birthday!
Whaaat? Okay, guilt totally set in, since I thought he was taking me to a movie of his choice. Eek! Okay, get over it and pack. Pack, like a mad woman. He won't tell me where we're going so I have no idea what to pack - set in mini stress out mode! I grabbed comfy's, a relaxed outfit, jammies, and the basic girl essentials! I even surprised him with how fast I packed, cause if you know me, this usually is a big to do!

Surprise 2: Dinner in the city or head to our Airbnb and get takeout? 
Again, whaaat? The City and an Airbnb? I don't think I've blogged about my obsession with trying Airbnb, but J sure knows about it. So, since we love to find firsts together, he thought it would be perfect - which it completely was. I ended up choosing dinner in the city. He had every single detail planned out and so we headed straight to our dinner spot, the Grubsteak. He did his research and this one had been on DDD. It was popular for it's Portuguese dishes, of which we ordered. It should be noted, the headache I had all day was starting to kick in full gear again and I didn't have any medicine. We shared the Nugget (not a veggie) Burger and their Costeletas de Porco à Alentejan. They even kindly separated both meals for us. The service wasn't that great and the food was okay. We both decided it wasn't bad, but that there were plenty of other places we'd go try before we came back. After dinner we headed to our Airbnb!
Costeletas de Porco à Alentejan -    Pork Chops Seasoned w/ White Wine, Garlic and Spices from Alentejo
Nugget Burger - a cheeseburger with bacon & a fried egg
It was a cute little SF home near Golden Gate Park. It was really clean, comfortable, and adorable. I was excited to be trying out this service, even though my Type A would normally prefer a hotel. But I'm glad we tried it, because now it's another option for our next adventure out of town!

Surprise 3: Shop in the City or head to Baker Beach?
So, fast forward to my actual Birthday Morning. I didn't sleep well because the headache turned into a full on migraine. It was so bad, that by 7AM I woke J up and asked him to get medicine for me, which he did, like a true gentleman. At this point, I was puking, could barely move my head, was restless, and felt awful. The medicine kicked in and I got a good two hours of sleep! Then I slowly got ready and that's when he handed me surprise #3. I decided that I'd prefer to go to Baker Beach and then into the City if we have time. Both of which we had plenty.
Made it a point to enjoy the backyard for exactly 3 minutes!
We've only been to Baker Beach once and had a great time, but it was nice to be back with warmer weather. Still not warm enough for bathing suits, but warm enough to lay there, chat, and chill for a few hours. After hanging out, I finally felt hungry. I Yelped some local spots and we got our grub on at Chomp 'N Swig. Since their fryer was out and next door smelled really good, we ordered food from both. Next door was Hot Sauce and Panko and their specialty was wings and waffles. Wings paired with a bomb grilled cheese, we were content!
Eat all the FOOD!
We fell in love with this little set-up on our walk to and from our car.
Then we headed to the Union Square to wander around. By wander around, I mean shop! Duh! However, before we made it to Union Square we stopped in Japan Town so J could find a drink he loved from his time in Japan. Sadly we couldn't find it, but we did peek in a few fun stores!
Fell in love with the colorful artwork on the wall!
Too funny!
Empty handed, we made our way to Union Square. As we parked the car, should be noted J did the best parking job of his life (no exaggeration), J handed me my next surprise!

Surprise 4: ???? We have somewhere to be at 6PM!
Okay, so that gives us plenty of time to wander around the city. I was assuming it was a reservation for dinner. Since we had a late lunch, I asked him why he didn't just cancel the reservation and we'd go eat whenever and wherever. He never responded, so I let it be. We hit up Victoria Secret so I could cop the new SF Giants gear, Nike Town where I didn't buy the shoes that were released that day (even though I'd been coveting them, they just didn't work), Lulu cause it's lulu, and Banana Republic which I got lost in their huge sale section! It was getting close to 6, so we made our way back to the car and headed to somewhere. Which turned out to be Pier 23. I didn't think anything of it, other than it must be another cool spot he researched! Until the hostess said party of 6. I was intrigued, but I just went with the flow - I didn't know who it would be?! Surprise!! It was my parents and Lil and her BF were on their way! Best surprise ever! It's rare that I don't spend my Birthday dinner without them!
Touristy SF shot with the heart!
Nike Town, SF // Love this statement.

Surprise 5: This one didn't have a cool clue, but after all the amazing surprises J made sure we had my favorite cake for dessert and surprised me with new Nike's for training, which I'd been annoyingly debating over for over a month!
Dinner was at a spot my parents have been raving about for over a year, Pier 23 Cafe, their crab is pretty damn good. I wasn't super hungry, but we ordered apps and drinks to kill time before Lil and Randy got there. We chatted about all my surprises and they told me about their day in the City (what, they'd been there all day?)! Finally everyone got there and we ordered our food. Then I opened my gifts, which J had worked with Shell to order my shoes and she brought them, wrapped for me. I also opened her's and my parents gifts, both of which were awesome too!
Crab Cakes
Dinner arrived, I didn't really care for mine, but it was my fault. I always forget to ask if a seafood sandwich is going to be hot or cold? I hate cold ones and that's what I ordered :( As dinner wound down, I was talking to L on the phone and they brought out my special cake. Dad ruined it, I turned around and saw the surprise before it could be presented to me! HAHA! Oh well, it was delish and my most favorite cake in the whole world - Champagne Cake from Freeport Bakery in Sac!  They brought it all the way for me!
Shrimp & Crab Sandwich
The Burger
Alaskan King Crab
Dungeness Crab
The BEST Cake Ever!
Perfect finishing touches to the day!
This was a birthday for the books. J listened to the randomness that I spew and he made it all work, perfectly. I didn't even realize, until we were at dinner with my parents, how much I would have missed sharing my birthday with them. I've done it for so many years, I guess I took it for granted. He told me all about his weeks of planning, then I really felt like a brat! I was giving him such a hard time about that damn movie! I truly loved being surprised, letting go of being the 'planner,' and spending the day filled with fun and love! If this is any indication of how 32 to will be, I have no complaints and only gratefulness in my heart!

J's question on the way home about being surprised: "It wasn't so hard, huh?"...that's still debatable ;)

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  1. Your boyfriend is amazing. Hang on to that one. ;) It looks like you had an amazing weekend in San Francisco, full of surprises! My husband and I are heading to San Fransisco on Tuesday... what are two things we must do?? Highlights?

    1. HI Kristen! Thanks, I think so too ;) I would definitely hit up the Ferry Building, there are a bunch of cool shops and things to eat. I know you enjoy food! Also, if you have a car and are mobile, go try out Bi-Rite ice cream, it's delish...strange flavors. There is also a park near by so you can go there and enjoy the scenery. Those are a quick two off the top of my head. But if you wanted to stop the by the World Series Champs stadium, its right there as well! Baker beach is awesome, you can see the Golden Gate from there and the sand is nice, but that depends on the weather! I hope you have so much fun, can't wait to see what adventures you go on! xoxo, ganeeban


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