WIAW - Or Monday, Really...

10:36 AM

Monday + Veggie Week = Just one of them days....
Thanks, Jenn!
In spirit of trying to keep the WIAW spirit alive, I will keep it as Jenn originally intended. Although, I must admit, this will be rather boring, but at least I'll be keeping it real with you and showing you exactly what I ate! So here goes a WIAM(onday) for veggie week!

I had brought a piece of toast w/ my Coconut Peanut Butter and some cereal. As I was about to rip off the crust, I don't like it on this loaf, I noticed a bunch of mold. Sick, I need to pay better attention. So my breakfast was just relegated to the new cereal J surprised me with...which was pretty tasty! Didn't snap a pic, so here is what I had:
I had been craving noodles since Sunday evening, but was too lazy at that point, to actually go out and get some. So I figured, I better succumb to my craving and got some for lunch. I called in my order to Thai Basil so I could swoop by and pick it up before I headed back to work. I went with the veggie pad Thai. When I got to work, I opened the take out box and was so excited...yes, for noodles. But after the first two bites, I realized it just wasn't that good. I ate half of it, because I spent money on it, and then put the other half in the fridge for another day and time :/

I went Groupon happy when I saw Jamba Juice on there. I bought 8 individual Groupons for either a juice, smoothie, or bowl. So, slowly I've been working my way through them, but not fast enough. I have six to use until 3/31/15. So, if you like to have an acai bowl date with me, holler! That being said, we had our final indoor game that night and we don't generally like to eat heavy meals. So we napped and then headed to Jamba. The first JJ we went too didn't have granola. So, like a Diva, I made us go to the other one on the Grid so I could get my Acai Primo bowl. I don't do well with just sweet stuff for dinner, so I also bought a Parmesan pretzel, which makes it a perfect meal - sweet & savory! I was pretty full, but content.

Just cause I know you are so curious, we didn't win the final. We lost 2-0, but it was a really good, physical game. I left annoyed, because I didn't get much playing time and there were a few players who could have shared the playing time, but I couldn't be too mad, because I never call them off the field. Oh well, outdoor will be starting this Sunday, so I will get plenty of playing time, indoor and outdoor.

And just because I am still obsessing over my dinner last night, I wanted to share my little, quick, impromptu dinner date with some of my girlfriends. A text the day before the dinner date, makes it impromptu in our book. In total, there were three of us who could make it, so we met at the centrally located Taro's restaurant.  Again veggie week reared it's ugly head, but it turned out fantastic.

I almost ordered the ramen by itself, but knew I'd regret not getting the Vegi-ten roll I had my eye on. I figured J could enjoy my ramen leftovers, since it's his fave. So I went for it and got both items. The roll was perfect, mostly refreshing, but with a little bit of fried goodness added to it. I am sitting here wishing I was eating another one for lunch! It was really nice to get together with the Teacher and Sarah, since this trio doesn't happen very often. Listening to work life, love life, and regular life stuff was nice. It's nice to spend quality time, and by quality I mean laughing at and with one another, with these gals!

I am so glad today is the last day of veggie week, bring on the meat manana!!

Good food on a Monday...or any day...can make it so much better!

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