WIAW - Monday (Ugly) Eats

9:35 AM

Being a rule follower today!
Thanks, Jenn!
So here is What I Ate Monday. As much as I want to, I won't apologize for how ugly (re: foil plate) my plating and eats are. This is a genuine day in the life of my food intake. Breakfast and lunch are almost always consumed at my desk. Dinner is always up for grabs, more than half the time I don't even know whats going to happen until it is being made or purchased somewhere!

Breakfast Sandwich: Whole Wheat bread, one slice of TJ's Colby jack cheese, three egg whites, and a little (actually a lot) of TJ's Organic ketchup!
Coffee: Pete's grinds, TJ's turbandido sugar, and rice milk

Pasta Chips: Garlic Olive Oil - perfect snack to curb my snacking, they are just gross enough to eat a few and be satisfied.
Water: Stay hydrated my friends

*It was National Pizza Day - holler! My lunch crew just happened to pick this spot, not even knowing we'd be celebrating this special day. Lunch was with J, L, the parentals, and Bagha!
Round Table Buffet: Pizza, salad, and dessert...all you can eat!

Taco Salad: From La Fiesta - carne asada, rice, guac, slice of tomato, and lettuce.
Sope: From La Fiesta - Gordita/Tortilla bottom, carnitas, lettuce, and lettuce.

I also wanted to post this pic, because I was proud of making something different for dinner last night (Tuesday) with J and L. Turkey sliders and french and sweet potato fries. Dinner was a hit and it didn't take too long at all. Everything was compliments of Trader Joe's!

Also, I know there are so many Sriracha lovers out there. Although I want nothing to do with them, I wanted to sneak you a peek of the latest Blue Diamond almonds that will hit the shelves near you within the next few months! Get excited you spicy lovin' people!

Foil is the new food stylist trend, you should try it!

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  1. I almost bought those pasta chips the other day! Good??

    1. Hi Kim! I'm on the fence, they are really strong in flavor and after about five chips I was done. But it was enough to make me feel full, but I'm not sure if it was because I didn't really like them or because they were filling (for a snack). Sorry, worst recommendation ever! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I love a good taco salad! Now I feel like I need one!

    1. I always instinctively go for a burrito or street tacos, but taco salad's are where its at :) Get yourself one, girl! xoxo, ganeeban


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