WIAW: Bling && Better Choices

2:07 PM

The BLING has been dropped!

Don't worry, I still have some delicious food pics for my normal WIAW post with Jenn, but I had to show you the cutest-perfect-for-SLO race medals that YOU and I will get at the finish line on April 26th!!

I haven't been one to really celebrate medals at the finish, well...besides the Nike Women's in SF. I mean, really, you get an infamous Tiffany's box at the end. Dreaming aside, I do know that many runners obsess over their post-race bling. I get it, I'm just not that into it. However, the SLO bling will mean a lot to me this year. Since it's my first time being an ambassador I will treasure this one. Also, because this is my favorite city in California. Even before Sacramento, I think! The medal perfectly represents the agriculture-obsessed (my own opinion) city and all it has to offer to California. Still not sure which one is going around my neck in approximately 80 days, but either one will make my heart happy!

"Runners take their finisher medals seriously because it is a tangible badge-of-honor and proof of their accomplishment. The 2015 finisher medal with the barn and windmill highlights our local rural heritage, and like competing a marathon or half-marathon, it represents hard work and tradition," said Heather Hellman, Event Director. "Our medals are unique and we change it every year, so they become very collectible. On race day, we look forward to placing our 2015 medals around the necks of all our proud finishers so they can take a little piece of San Luis Obispo home with them." 
 Please feel free to use my discount code to receive $10 off your registration: GANAMB

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program with one of my fave weekly link-ups, because I get to talk about FOOD!
Thanks, Jenn!
I'm never really good at taking pics I eat for an entire day. Probably because my food isn't that pretty for breakfast, or lunch for that matter. So, I usually try to stick with a theme. Taking liberties of Jenn's link up, hope you don't mind Jenn. I still post food pics, but just with my own little flair to it!

Lately J and I have been feeling like...well...chubbies! I know we aren't fat or even chubby, but when you feel like this internally, you might as well look like it on the outside. Since that is all you focus on. So, we've been attempting to make better food choices and cook at home more. However, life always happens and you have to go with the flow. This week we have yet to eat dinner at home. Monday night was the Wench's birthday, so we surprised her with a small dinner party. Last night we had a family dinner date with my Parentals, since we bailed on them on Monday night.

Instead of ordering two complete entrees we decided we'll order a salad and an entree and share both. So we get the best of both worlds. I don't know why my brain thinks this won't fill me up, but both nights I have been completely stuffed to the brim after we eat. I like this plan of ours while we are dining out. However, when we dine in we make much healthier choices.

Monday Dinner @ Ernesto's and Dessert @ Crepeville:
Adult Beverage: Orange Vodka & Sprite
Avocado Chicken Salad
Carnitas Dinner Plate
The Birthday Wench y Yo
Strawberry Nutella Crepe

Tuesday Night Dinner @ Mimi's Cafe:
Cobb Salad
Bacon Avocado Sourdough Burger
Momma Bears Dinner, too interesting not to show: Guacamole Burger
Balance. It's all about the balance. We're working on it and that's all I can hope for!

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  1. Great idea! The husband and I have been ordering 2 different entrees and then splitting them when we go out, but I think we need to switch it up and do a salad and entree. Win. Win.


    1. Thanks! I thought it would be a way to ease back off the heavy entrees and it's worked, it's actually really filling too. Who would have thought? Change your mindset, change your weight ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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