Running in the 805

4:39 PM

San. Luis. Obispo.
I know I blog/tweet/FB your ear off about this lovely city, but I just can't get enough of it! I'll be there in a few, short months and I couldn't be any more happier. Well, just a little bit since I get to share my favorite city with J. 

In case anyone is interested in joining me running the SLO Marathon or Half Marathon there are a few important dates coming up!

February 28th - Price INCREASE!

Whomp! Whomp! We all know it happens, so be frugal and register before then. Additionally, I can save you another $10 off the full or half distance, so use my code GANAMB when you register! Be that baller-on-a-budget I know you can be and sign up NOW!
March 2nd - Last Day to Add a PERSONALIZED Bib!
I love having my name on my bib, people will scream your name during the race, it's awesome and a little frightening, all at the same time! Get creative or be normal, who cares?! It's not very often you get to personalize your bib, not many races offer this option. Just another awesome thing about this race. The care in detail is pretty amazing!

If my words don't impress you enough, get on IG and go peep the VisitSLO, their pics surely will!

Hotel is booked. Trainings have begun. The days are counting down. 

805 dreamin'...always...

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  1. Such a gorgeous city, a little jealous you're marathoning there. :)

    1. You should plan to race it next year, they have all distances - 5K to a full marathon! Make it a RACEcation! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I would love to be able to run a marathon or half marathon one day! I've never been a big distance runner, but I'm going to give training for it a try this spring summer. I've already started running again (and my time is pretty embarrassing).

    1. Hi Girlie! Congrats, I think it's so cool when anyone starts training for their first long distance. Don't judge your time, just judge your improvement over your training. The first one is always interesting, so enjoy it as much as possible and welcome to what will probably become close to an obsession ;) I hope you post about your training! xoxo, ganeeban


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