Rose & Thorn [37]

3:01 PM

The long weekend I've been longing for...No pun intended...

Rose: Valentine's Day and celebrating one year as J's lady!
Thorn: Not doing the long run that was on the training schedule :/

How did we luck out with a long weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day and our one year anniversary? Since, originally I hadn't put any, and I am any, emphasis on celebrating either this year...we didn't have any grandiose plans. However, we made due with the last minute 
planning that we could and it turned out to be a very amazing weekend!

Obviously this post normally goes up on a Monday, but I'm one of those 'bloggers' that doesn't blog on holidays or the weekends (generally). So here were are, no free write today, just a recap of the weekend. Enjoy!

J surprised me with a yoga session for a date night, but the Wench and her hubs called us right after work and invited us to a last minute Valentine's Day double date. We rescheduled our yoga date (TBD) and we had dinner and dessert with them. It was the perfect way to start our long, celebratory weekend. 

SS and her sweet accomplice, Olivia, dropped of two pink roses for me :) They went perfectly with J's bi-weekly flower pickup!
Dinner was Mexican, of course. We always seem to go to the same few places, but I'm totally okay with it, it's delish every single time! We were worried we'd have to wait forever, but we didn't wait less than ten minutes to get seated. They had the Mariachi's in full force for lover's day!

After dinner, we decided to splurge on Dessert, so we went to another spot. That was the first time we've all been carded for dessert. Just to be fair, the restaurant turns into a night club after dinner, so that's why. Just silly when we said we wanted to have dessert. We waited behind the roped lines and all...

She left me a #SurpriseSelife on my phone!

Originally I had intended to get a 20 miler in. Yeah, well that didn't happen (at all this whole weekend). I woke up like it was going to happen, but just stayed in bed. Not one ounce of me wanted to get up and go run. J was up by then and we decided to get up and walk to breakfast. After more lounging, chatting, and doing a lot of nothing we got dressed and out the door.

The weather was beautiful. We had breakfast at a spot we love, but don't go to too often. Everyone else loves it in town, so it's always busy. Breakfast was delish, as expected, but the service was horrible...which is also expected there.

After breakfast, as we were walking home I mentioned we should enjoy in the rose garden at the park we have to walk by, even though there were no actual roses. We parked our booties on a bench in the rose garden and just chatted and lounged for probably an hour or so. It was a little hot, but it was so serene to sit there and talk to J about anything and everything. It was just what we needed.

Pretty flowers blooming...
I convinced him to come to the mall with me when we got home. I wanted to invest in my final race day outfit, so a trip to Lulu was needed. Like how I say needed? HAHA! I splurged, got new Capri's and a short sleeved shirt, now I have all of my base's covered for whatever weather Napa will throw my way. 

I live in lulu on the weekends, only to go buy more!
Treating myself there didn't stop. I went to get myself a well overdue facial at a new spot. Getting a facial from someone new is always a little scary, but Glynis turned out fabulous. I knew I was in good hands, because she was recommended from my cousin's wife (who works with her)! And her skin is flawless, so I new I should be fine. Glynis basically told me what I already knew I needed to do, which was to take better care of my face. However, she did say that my skin looked like I had a slight case of rosacea, which I was pretty sure of as well - since Momma Bear has some too. Basically, I'm destined for cold water facing washing from here on out. Ugh! She also taught me that I shouldn't be using my Mia ($150 down the drain) or any scrubs and to only use those on my body, from here on out. Not only did I receive an amazing and cleansing facial, I also walked away with tons of information to take care of my skin!

So, you know how you aren't supposed to do anything to your face for a day or two after a facial? Yeah, kinda lame right. Well, I didn't let it stop me, I still made plans and whatevs, but I was still really self conscious of walking around with no makeup. Glynis did an amazing job without making me blotchy and scary looking, post facial. I went home changed into what I deemed my gypsy hobo outfit, large hat included, to meet the Guidette up for some #GalentinesDay drinks. Apparently this is a new term, which I think was phrased on Parks and Rec, but I dig it! We sat on the patio and people watched the hell out of Valentine's Day early dinner go-ers. It was awesome, that and they offered Happy Hour on a Saturday. We shared a few bites and a drink and gabbed for almost two hours.

After we parted ways, I went home to a lovely dinner cooked by J! It was a surprise and it was delish - ribs, cheesy bacon mashed potatoes, Cesar salad, and a great bottle of Coppola Cab! We'd already spent most of the day together, but it was great to come home to a home cooked meal and more time together. After dinner, I did all of the dishes, only fair since he cooked. He also left me the cutest little heart of rose petals, outlined with votive's...but didn't light them cause it was on the carpet! It was beyond sweet and I love the small, cute things he does for me all the time!

My alarm was set for me to run my 20 miles, but AGAIN it didn't happen. I found it way too easy to stay in bed with J and do nothing. He makes it so easy when be brings me coffee in bed and then cooks me my favorite breakfast - bacon fried rice. I'm easy to please, what can I say!

After I got my lazy ass up, we got ready to go to his soccer game. It was a gorgeous day out, such a HOT day for February. I was rockin' shorts and a tank and was still hot! Coffee in hand, blanket to lay on, and a cute baby to play with - were the bonuses of going to the game! J's family showed up after the first half, so it was fun playing with the other kids too! After the game we all went to enjoy some Panda Express for a late lunch. Plans were foiled, so we parted ways, instead of looking at a venue for an upcoming party. 

After the most glorious nap ever, we woke up and watched the all-star game. This might be the first time in over five years that I've actively sat and watched the whole game. West Coast, Baby! Always! It's really whatever to me, but it was actually kinda enjoyable to watch. I'm bummed I missed the celebrity game, that's my fave to watch OR the three point contest. My inner basketball Wii player comes out :)

Dinner consisted of me being crazy lazy and J going to pick up Oscar's Very Mexican Food for dinner. We enjoyed that with another bottle of Coppola wine! Probably should have respected the Coppola wine a little more, but we just wanted a good bottle of wine with our fatty dinner :) We caught up with our DVR list and then I binge watched way too much of The Game. Stayed up later than I would normally on a Sunday, but that's cause it was a three day weekend, holler!

Without being redundant, I'm going to post most of what we did on this day tomorrow for WIAW! However, it should be noted that this was J's and I's date of being an "official" couple for a year! We made last minute plans, due to my late change of heart in celebrating, and went on a day adventure. We ended the day playing our favorite sport and having dinner with my parents. It was an amazing day...

Happy Fat Tuesday, I hope you "sin" it all out today!!

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  1. Oh man, this is the cutest ever. Congrats on one year, and congrats on bagging a good one. Love the rose petals. Literal rose (no thorns!) this time.

    1. I didn't even think of that, so genius. A true ROSE and no thorn weekend :) Thanks, it's not perfect, but we seem to be a good team! Hope you had a great long weekend! xoxo, ganeeban


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