Five Things Friday - Our Coffee Date

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Let's pretend for a second...
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Thanks, Clare!
Let's get lost in a very cute, hippie chic coffee shop. We are sitting in some slightly uncomfortable wooden chairs, leaning on a concrete slab table, and enjoying each others company. Here are the things I'd probably talk to you about...

1. Wanderlust - My sincere obsession with going on a vacation is really insane right now. All I keep thinking about is being at the beach for 10 days with J and/or my family on vacation. No responsibilities, fun adventures, being sun kissed, and reading copious amounts of books. Also throw in a few adult beverages and you're basically living my dream scenario these days. Maybe it's the foggy Sac weather or the impending marathon I have, but I want to do nothing, think about nothing, and let my thoughts get lost with the ocean.

2. Restart - I need to find my happy with my workouts. This will probably sound like I'm complaining, so I apologize in advance. I have no gym membership, as it ended in January. I am currently working out at Midtown and running (on the rare occasion). I need to find that passion and zest for sweating. I also have a credit to a yoga class, that can't seem to be fit in anywhere this week - but I'm dying to go. I just need to find the motivation that I know I have hidden somewhere and get back to making the gym a priority!

3. Launch - We have a huge product launch at work and next week is GO time! I'm excited, because this is the first product launch that I've worked on here. It's been fun to do all the marketing collateral for the project. To the average person, this product would not excite you, but for our industry it is pretty awesome! I always call my division the "unglamorous" division, but we do big things and I'm excited to be a part of whats ahead!

4. Being Cheap - I want to give my blog a face lift, but cheaply. I'm tired of using a boring Blogger template and want it to be more ME. I still haven't exactly figured out what I want, but I have a bunch of color schemes pinned. I want it to reflect my girlie and my tomboy sides. Probably my more girly, just cause I like that type of design much more. I guess my content can carry the tomboy side through. Any who, I know I'm being cheap about it. But I don't make money with this hobby, but I'd love to come here and it look pretty!

5. Napa - I obviously couldn't leave our coffee date without discussing my race. It's in 10 days. I'm over it and nervous, but I'll do it and I'll live through it. I will probably be angry, disappointed, and hurting - but I'll finish. I will remember that I have so many fun things planned ahead and that there are people out there who can't run - who would give anything too. I will remember that I am giving this whole 'marathon' thing a second try to see if it really is not my thing. We have to try everything more than once right? With the exception of bananas and mushrooms! 

Thanks for the delicious soy mocha and letting me talk your ear off. I will have asked you a bazillion questions about whats going on in your life. I will have left smiling, because when a good friend (re: reader) takes the time to listen (re: read) to whatever I need to ramble about, then I am eternally grateful. Thanks for the coffee date and I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Coffee breeds love...

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  1. Happy Friday pretty lady! I am actually sitting at Starbucks sipping my own soy mocha as I read this so it really is like we are having a coffee date which I swear we will be one of these days in Napa. I am also longing for a blog facelift (my design is OVER 2 years old...eeek)! Can't wait to hear about your sunshiney vacation and your race!

    1. I hope your coffee date is really a wine tasting date ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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