Five Things Friday - Like It's Supposed to Be

11:30 AM

"Go take a Napa, you don't move to Napa!"
five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!
Guess that movie?

Obviously, if you don't get it, then maybe we aren't that good of friends! HAHA, just kidding, of course. Mr. Big, always breaking Carrie's heart!

I digress. I'm excited to get out of town this weekend and enjoy Napa, enjoy it so much I'm even going to run through 26.2 miles of it - well that's the plan anyways! But you already know this so I'm going to keep it simple and follow Clare's style for Five Things Friday!

Five Things I Ate:
1. La Fiesta Cheese Enchiladas - these have been my go to during VW when I'm craving Mexican.

2. Nothing Bundt Cakes, but really Bundtini's - Jen had dinner with us on Wednesday night and she brought a dozen of these over for dessert. It's Friday and we're still working on finishing them off! They are soo good! Thanks Jen!

3. Bagels, Bagels, Bagels - Carb loading before the race. Yesterday, I woke up a little extra early to enjoy my breakfast at the dining room table, not in front of my computer screen at work! It was lovely!

4. All things Almond Flour - sorry no pic, but my co-workers made a bunch of samples of food with our new almond flour and I devoured plenty of them - meatballs, chicken nuggets, creamy pesto, and a bunch of cookies!
5. Chinese Food - sorry no pic, we brought takeout to J's grandparents for dinner last night. It was really nice to hang out with all of them. We brought orange chicken, fried rice, and chow mien - all J's choices. It was pretty tasty, wish I snapped a pic :/

**I would do Five Workouts - but I've only gone to two strength classes and plan on running four today...

Five Pins:
1. I pretty much swoon over anything referencing a princess anything...

2. Love me some Modcloth - saw this and almost bought it, but realized I don't have any event to ear it too!
3. Loved the detail in the back of the sports bra, Lulu does it again ;)
4. Yup, at work, at home, in general!
5. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Can be casual or dressy.

Five Things That Make Me Happy:
1. Kate Spade  - I was originally upset with them for just canceling an order for a purse, but when I received my other purchase I was happy. I love their packaging and attention to detail.

2. My Husband Didn't Take My Last Name - an article I enjoyed reading. The satire and perspective were interesting. It definitely sparked a debate on my FB wall. I will keep my thoughts to myself, but I enjoyed the read.
3. Almond Flour Product Launch - In the world of food manufacturing, especially our nook of the the land, you don't get too many serious product launches. So, it has been fun to be around for the entire process here at BDG. It finally came to fruition yesterday when we had our kick off meeting with the entire division and now it's ready to go to market. It was fun and I loved putting all the pieces together!

4. I love surprises - Yesterday was a loooong day at work and I had mentioned that to J. So he let me nap longer than usual and then had a beautiful surprise bouquet of flowers waiting for me when I woke up. Of course, he also had the sweetest note with them for me. I seriously felt so spoiled. I love surprises, big or small, and this made me fall out of my long day funk real quick. That surprise and having L there, made it a great evening.

5. Napa! Duh! So maybe I'm a little more excited for the RACEcation than the actual race! But oh well, I'm headed to Napa in a few short hours, holler!!

Instead of inundating you with another post about running a marathon, I decided to just do as Clare does on Friday's hope you enjoyed!

I say Napa, but I'm thinking.... Wine. Wine. Wine!

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