WIAW - Sac Bacon Fest 2014

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Bacon, it's like meat candy!
Thanks, Jenn!
You don't think so? Maybe I'll have to rethink our friendship! Last year was fun, but this year I got really serious about my participation at #SacBaconFest or Bacon Week as it should be deemed!

The good 'ol deets:
Who: Bacon lovers near and around the Sacramento area
What: Celebrating bacon and local restaurants in Sacramento Midtown
When: January 19th- 25th, 2015
Where: Various restaurants on the Grid - sanctioned events and bacon menus
Why: From the creators via their website -- " Oh yeah, about our mission: We only care about celebrating local chefs, restaurants, and their all-natural, quality product and produce. We do not allow factory-farm hogs to be served at official Bacon Fest events. All the bacon must be house made. And we’ve donated thousands of dollars in proceeds to the Center for Land-Based Learning in Winters. We love doing this!"

Okay, now that that is out of the way, let's get to the good stuff. What I Ate During Bacon Week!

Wednesday Night started at Revolution Wines and ended at Tank House BBQ & Bar

My partners in crime for this delectable dinner and more, were the Bestest and her cousin (who I basically feel is my little cousin as well) Caca. I had a Groupon for two glasses of wine and two small plates. Lucky for us after last years BW, they kept some of the items on the menu all year long.

Bacon Lollipops - We were conservative and only ordered done per person, but they were really, really good. All that fat, all that goodness.

Bacon Cheese Dip (year long item) - So good and decent serving size, we had to ask for more bread to finish.

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts (year long item) - Ordered veggies so we felt a little healthier, but still good!

"French BLT" (year long item) - I order this regularly, so I knew it would be tasty!

The BLT - Was really good, besides the spicy tomato jam. I had to scrape some of that off, but it was really, really good!

Bacon Bon-Bon Profiterole - The BEST dessert I tried during the week. 

RW Renzo - had to enjoy some wine when at an urban winery, duh!

So after recapping our bacon adventure, I realized we ordered everything on the BW menu. What a freakin' win for us! However, since we all follow so many local restaurants on IG and FB, we saw some cool pics coming from Tank House. As we finished our bon-bon, we decided our stomachs could handle a little more. We hopped in the car and went for round two.

Bacon Tots & Bacon Mac-n- Cheese - The Bestest loves, loves, loves salt and even the tots were too salty for her. The mac-n-cheese was savory and rich, but the crunch of the bacon was a great texture. We weren't thrilled with our stop here, but it was pretty tasty.

Moscow Mule - to wash it all down!

Thursday Night went down at Capital Dime

I think I'm pretty good at coercing others to consume copious amounts of bacon with me, because Jen and I had a girls bacon date night! We chose this place because this was the location of the BW party that night. We weren't a part of it, but we were able to enjoy the benefits of the BW menu. Since we were all about sharing, we ordered way too much food for two and shared it all. I should probably add, we washed it all down with a couple of glasses of wine too! We actually only ordered two things off the BW menu and two items off the regular menu.

Fried Bacon Mac-n-Cheese (on their regular menu) - I've had this before, it's good. But it's really greasy, best to share this with the table.

Bacon Grilled Cheese - The burger stole the thunder of this sando, it was okay, but not anything great to write home about!

Rib Bacon Whiskey Burger (on their regular menu) - On freakin' point! So good, glad I can order this whenever I wish!

Spiced Bacon Caramel Corn Iced Cream Sundae - You say spiced, I freakin' say SPICY! It was like there was cayenne pepper in the caramel or something. The server mentioned it would be like pepper bacon, it was not, bless her heart. It was okay, but again, Revolution killed the bacon dessert game!

Saturday Night finale at The Grange
This low-key, swanky restaurant is located in a cute boutique hotel downtown. Let me just say, Twitter was a blaze with this burger. Everyone, critics and patrons, raved about this burger. I knew I'd regret not ordering it. On Friday I tried to make reservations to go with J and L, but was told they were booked. Around 4PM on Saturday, I called to test my luck. The Bacon Gods were on my side and the hostess said she's squeeze me in. She even let me add one more guest, J's brother, who apparently loves bacon as well!

The Bacon Burger (it is on their regular menu, thanks goodness)

Bacon Dessert - bottom of the cup is lined with bacon fat, then a blonde brownie, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate magic shell, caramel, and bacon and praline toppings to finish it off.

The wallet was hit deep this week, all in the name of bacon, but it was worth it. I don't know what it is about that salty, crispy, aromatic delicacy that has me swooning, but it does. And now, well since 2012, to know that there is an entire week dedicated to it, makes my heart flutter. Although I have to wait 51 more weeks until the next one, I will have BLT week to look forward too. Which, by my standards, is almost the same thing!

Don't go bacon my heart!

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  1. Be still my heart. (Not sure if that's out of love, or clogged from bacon grease).

    This looks amazing though. I could probably do a bacon week. I definitely love a good bacon burger.

    1. I find it really hard to believe that SF doesn't have something similar, y'all would kill it out there! Yes, if bacon isn't on a burger, then something feels wrong ;) I'm laughing because I read Cassie's post about you two eating vegan and I'm over here killing my arteries with bacon! xoxo, ganeeban


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