WIAW - Is it lunch tiiiime yet?

10:44 AM

Lunch might possibly be the most annoying meal of the day...
Thanks, Jenn!
It always seems like such a hassle, especially during the work week. If you aren't like me, then you probably prep it the night before or in the AM, before leaving for work - which would both annoy me. However, since I live so close to work, I go home take a nap and grab something to bring back and eat at my desk. On occasion I will go out to eat, but most pics are ugly and on my desk, right in front of my computer screen.

So I thought I'd share a few pics of lunches that I've had lately.

Dad's Sandwiches - Some how I've been lucky enough to be assigned lunch duty at work on occasion, thus gives me the opportunity to order my favorite foods and not foot the bill. So, I ordered sando's for the photo shoot and I got myself a treat. This spot and meal, might go down as top 3 in my book. Literally, all three items make me swoon - chips are always a must with a sando, the Hot Blonde add bacon, and the Blood Orange Pellegrino, basically liquid crack!

Nordies Cafe - This might be another in the top 3, maybe top 5. After working at Nordies for 5 years, you hone in on this place and spend way too much money here on your lunch breaks and/or post work dinners. J and I had a lunch date since he had the day off and I had no car. He wasn't too hungry, so he just had a small cup of their infamous Tomato Basil Soup and I had the California Grill sando with easy aioli! Ahh, and chips of course too...
Homemade Lunch - We bought Columbus turkey at Costco, so we've been working through the bulk package. I made a wrap that had mustard, cheese, spinach, avo, and turkey, all enclosed in a tortilla from Mexico. The Whole Foods 'Beet-Nik' juice was good, it was only made with beets and carrot juice. I love me some beets, so I really enjoyed this beverage. I can't get rid of my chip habit, so I decided to make the 'healthier' choice of baked chips instead. I know 'no chips' is out of the question, my will power sucks lately, so I went with the best alternative. It also helped that Costco had a sale on these individual packages, otherwise I don't generally splurge on these little guys.
Here's where the food randomness will set in...

Last Thursday - Dinner needs to be carbs on Thursday's during my training cycle, since my long run is on Saturday AM. Thus, we made our fave sauce from TJ's...however, I think both of our stomachs rejected it this time. Let's just say the next day wasn't that enjoyable for either of us! After we cooked and cleaned up, we drove out to Folsom to drop L off at her madre's. We all wanted a treat, so we got one at Whole Foods! Gelato for the WIN!
So repetitive, but here I go again, trying to cook again. 

I absolutely love to eat butternut squash, especially at restaurants, but am terrified of it in the raw state. Have you seen those awkward looking things in the produce section? I know they are hard as rocks and attempting to cut them looks like a workout, in itself. To alleviate my cutting insecurities, I finally talked myself into buying the pre-cut pieces at Trader Joe's -- even though I fell it is a complete diva move. No more excuses, I will conquer this damn food!
Again pulled a Pinterest recipe to make. I wanted something simple, so I could eat these with another protein and carb for meals. I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon, but I listened and added it this go around. For the next batch, I might not add it and I'll use less brown sugar. I used a heavy hand this time. L helped me make these, even if she thought they tasted disgusting after all was said and done.
I mean really, my food NEVER turns out like the stupid Pinterest picture, but they tasted good!
And just because I really wanted dessert last night, but neither of us wanted to leave the house, we settled for popcorn (in our movie bucket, so it felt authentic) and Reese's pieces, while we binged watched GIRLS before bed. Yeah, we're pretty romantic like that...
I spend way too much time thinking about lunch...

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  1. Love all your sandwiches and chips. It's such a perfect lunch combo. :)

    I've given up on anything I make looking like the Pinterest photo. My sister makes it, it's as good or better. I make it, and it looks like I didn't even try. As long as it still tastes good!

    1. I have a serious addiction to chips! I just can't STOP! One day, when I'm a grown up, I'll own one of those fancy cameras that make my food look like it's straight out of a magazine, for now I'll stick with mediocre cooking and my iPhone ;) HAHA! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Those sweet potatoes look like butternut squash and now I am craving it! HA! THANKS ;)

    1. Oh my gosh! I am seriously so embarrassed, someone else pointed that out. I cooked butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes! See, this is why I think I'm allergic to the kitchen ;) GAH! They still tasted good, but oh my...what silly mistake! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, ganeeban


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