WIAW - Confessions of a Girl Who Doesn't Cook

3:34 PM

There's a first time for everything...
Thanks, Jenn!
Probably, more like another attempt at something. Ever since I moved away to college, my cooking versus going out has been very one sided. I'll let you take a guess as to which side I lean towards. When I get into my "crazy healthy" mode, as I'll call it, I cook a lot and don't eat out often. I suck when it comes to temptation.

But life is different. I'm not in college anymore, I have a job and a home and little family that requires my time and efforts. I can't solely focus on eating and working out, with school as an after thought! So, in every effort to be more money conscious and eat healthier (for all three of us) we are attempting to cook at home more.

Cooking -- some people thrive off of this. I hate this shit. So many things to do, so many messy dishes. Just not my thing. So, instead of getting ahead of myself, I'm starting slow. Selecting easy recipes that don't require too many steps. I've mainly used Pinterest, despite my dislike for that app! However, yesterday I took to FB to ask everyone for their suggestions. Over 50 comments later, I have two new apps on my iPhone, a handful of websites, an amazing email listing out tons of tips and websites from Liz, and some other great suggestions. All of which I need to sort through and take advantage of.

The next step will be to meal plan for an entire week, so that I can buy groceries and reach my maximum cost effectiveness. Because, going to the store each night to buy the ingredients is not really saving us much money in the long run. However, slowly, but surely, I am going to start a collection of spices and basic ingredients for cooking. Like, maybe I should have some all purpose flour lying around, but I don't! 

I thought I'd show you some new things I've attempted to make. They aren't the prettiest, but they've actually been pretty tasty!

Egg Muffin Thingy's - I've seen a million of these all over Pinterest. I knew that they'd probably be super easy to make. A friend posted hers on IG and it inspired me to make them with a free dozen eggs a local grocery store gave us, best coupon I've gotten lately! The best thing about them is that you can literally add whatever the hell you want. There's no secret to them, other than cooking them. This pic is my first batch, which I learned to not cook them as long, they were barely over cooked. I added ground turkey, shredded zucchini, ground pepper, Mrs. Dash Garlic and Onion seasoning, salt, 5 egg whites, and 5 whole eggs.
Crunchy Parmesan Garlic Chicken  - This one only had a few ingredients, prep time of 5 minutes, and a cook time of 30 minutes. Easy, exactly the style of recipe I was looking for to cook for dinner. However, I had to make a quick trip to the store for the ingredients, which meant I was at the mercy of the Sac Co-op. Meaning, I was probably going to pay more than I would anywhere else. They don't have many options of items, so I ended up with organic Parmesan cheese, when it is really unnecessary. I didn't want to waste the "crunchy coating" mix, so after I coated the raw chicken I took the remainder and added it on top. However, while cooking all this extra coating got extra crispy. With five minutes left to cook, I turned down the oven and scraped some off. I was worried about it looking burnt, and the taste as well. It turned out tasting great and the chicken was juicy. J approved, as well :)
(Bought) Dessert - Since I was at the Co-Op I grabbed us a fun little dessert to share. I was a little scared it was going to be hippy, but it actually tasted great. Best portion control size ever, especially when you split it with someone!

BLT(A) - Obviously this doesn't take a genius to make! However, it was the perfect quick and semi-healthy meal for us to make with/for L too! J found this awesome way to prepare bacon, so we tried it. Then I added avocado to mine, J took off the tomato, and L ate it the traditional way!
That's the sum of my cooking for this week. Give me a break, it's only Wednesday! I thought I'd also show some other things I've been eating lately...

Trader Joe's Haul
Shopping for BLT ingredients and other stuff for the week!
Breakfast Burrito - 2 egg muffins cut up, ketchup, shredded Mexican cheese blend, and a tortilla from Mexico. There is something magical about the tortillas from Mexico, they are amazing!
Random Lunch - Safeway potato soup, my fave Southwestern salad with chicken, and an iced coffee for along afternoon!
Another Random Lunch - A grilled turkey, avocado, and cheese sandwich with a side of baked BBQ chips. Of course a Orange Pellegrino to wash it all down!

Snack Time - Because I stay hungry...
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee - This does not apply to all days, but I love this mug. I bought it for J for Christmas, but I knew I'd use it just as much as him. Kinda selfish, I know...
And because every post should end with something to make you smile!
Wow, this post got real random real quick. Lo siento!

I'm too vain to cook, I just realized this...

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  1. Love the bacon weave!

    I have this fear I'll never learn or love cooking because I work at a company that provides all my weekly food. :( Love your recipes, because I could probably do them. :)

    1. Thanks, so did I. It's genius and so easy to do...even though J did everything :)

      You are so lucky they provide you food, good and healthy food too! Yes, these two that I posted are what I'd deem "ganeeban proof" haha! A little narcissistic, but you get my drift! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I've never seen anyone make a bacon weave before. Very clever! Can you please share the 2 new apps you learned about? I wanna knowwww!!

    1. It is perfect for BLT(A)'s! Yes, the two apps I downloaded are Yummly and Epicurious, both are free. I've only looked at Yummly and was slightly overwhelmed. I do think I was able to "save" a recipe for Broccoli Beef to try to cook soon, I think... xoxo, ganeeban


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