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12:09 PM

Verbal purge...

Just some randomness that has been floating through my brain, in conversation, or on social media.

Health Check - I love that my company rewards us for being healthy and also offers great tools to keep us on track. Each year they have a company come and take blood, to analyze certain aspects of our health. We receive points based on our results, the more the points, the more the free stuff and discounts you receive on your health insurance premiums. Last year I was probably a good 10-15 lbs smaller, thanks to running a marathon and I was in range for everything. I knew I might be off on my BMI this year, but to see it sucks! Here were my results:

Total Cholesterol: Healthy
HDL Cholesterol: Healthy
Triglycerides: Healthy
LDL Cholesterol: Healthy
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: Healthy
Glucose: Healthy
BMI: Alert -- 26.3, [Taken from website] Target values are between 18.5 and 24.9. A BMI of 25 or above is linked to an increased risk for health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
Blood Pressure: Healthy

I know that I need not put too much pressure on my BMI number, since it doesn't tell the whole story. However, I do realize that I should probably drop some lbs here soon. I wasn't too far off from the high end of the target. I won't put too much emphasis on this or get down on myself, but it is a good reminder to make healthier choices when it comes to my food intake!

Breast Feeding - Before you get your Jimmy's ruffled, I am not getting on a soapbox and going to spout things I know nothing about. I merely am going to relay an experience and my reaction, and that is all it is. On Sunday, while at the Zoo we were watching the Orangutans be their silly selves, then we heard the small monkey's making tons of noise, so we turned to look at their enclosure. Sitting on a bench nearby was a woman who was openly breast feeding her son. It threw me off, because she had her entire breast exposed and her child was sitting on the bench next to her eating/drinking from her breast. I was thrown off by it. I am all for breastfeeding, but I prefer to see it done in a slightly more conservative way. By conservative, I mean just a blanket over the situation, really, nothing more. I celebrate this ritual between mother and child, because I've had friends who were not so successful at this and have seen how hard it effects the mother. I am generally a somewhat liberal person, but this was too much for me. The kid had to have been at least two years old. I can't sit here and say I wasn't judging, because I was. I also am cognizant of the fact that I have never been in this position yet, as well. However, I do think there is some etiquette that should be followed while breastfeeding your child. Again, I hope I don't offend you and I know this seems to be a hot topic and can be very sensitive to some.

Quote - I saw this quote (below) and I think it suits me well. As a self proclaimed girly tomboy, I think you get what I am referring too. It's a fine line between being soft (girly) and strong (tomboy), okay, so it's not a perfect fit to the quote but you get my point. It is hard to be a strong, opinionated woman, but still have people view you as caring, loving, and nurturing. As a society, strong women generally aren't seen as being loving, caring...or any adjective along those lines or synonymous with 'soft'. I think I've found my balance or at least one that works for me. I think it can be mastered, but it's how you create your mastery of combing both attributes and believing in yourself.

Veggie Week - Sometimes I find it really annoying to look for veggie recipes for VW. So, what usually ends up happening is I'll buy whatever veggies sound good, saute them up, throw some eggs and call it a day. It helps me get my veggies in my meals, but it is also pretty random. This week I threw together carrots, corn, a bell pepper, spinach, and asparagus and it came out so colorful. I used this veggie mix and added egg whites, to make the innards of my breakfast burritos for two days. All I had to do was assemble the tortilla, add some cheese, and this mix and breakfast was made. I even added some brown rice to the one this AM. Turned out great and is super filling. I also made my tried and true VW meal of asparagus and tofu. I love asparagus, but ewww it makes your pee smell gross (TMI)!

Bestest Date - The ebbs and flows of friendships happen. Luckily our friendship is pretty resilient. No matter what happens in our lives, we find a way back to our normal, silly friendship. Even after a one year hiatus (in the past, not currently) - which I hope never happens again. It probably strengthened our friendship, by making us talk and be more open, but I missed her terribly even if I was too stubborn to admit it. We had a fun Bestest date last night, much needed conversation and guacamole, and it was what I think we both needed. Probably me a little more than her, I did most of the talking. I am grateful for her (and all my amazing friends) and I can only hope everyone else has a Bestest like her in their lives.

Girlfriends - Apparently I wear my heart on my social media accounts. I'm okay with that. I felt overwhelmingly grateful to my girlfriends who reached out to me when they thought that I wasn't doing okay. I didn't think my posts were that expressive, but apparently they were, along side my blog posts. I am thankful that they know me well enough to notice these small things, even when I didn't reach out to them for an ear to listen or advice. Surround yourself with good people, it really matters!

Humor - If you've spent any time here, then you know I have a deep love obsession for maple bars. So it should be easily assumed that any donut pun or joke is good in my book! Target has the best holiday swag ever, ever!

Being random is fun, you should try it...

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  1. Being random is my favourite <3 And I very much know what you mean about the ability to be both soft and strong -- it's a tough one. I have the side of me that races cars, snowboards, and swears like a sailor, and then I have the side of me that loves teddy bears, makeup, and romantic comedies. I don't think I could ever pick a side to focus on at the expense of the other, so I do my best to balance them out to end up with the unique creature that is me. Hopefully I'm not mussing it up lol.

    1. I love that we can be both sides. My soft side cringes at my sailor mouth, but I can't stop! HAHA! As long as you/I are happy, then I think that is the balance that we should maintain. I really liked that quote and it just seemed fitting for most women! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. It seems like your overall health check was really good! That is really cool that your work does that for all of the employees. More companies should focus on health and wellness, making sure that their employees are healthy and happy.

    I don’t think I could live without my girlfriends. They show up no matter what and love me for me.

    The idea of a veggie week is really intriguing. I feel like I would have to be very creative, but could do it. Do you eat tofu at all?

    Trust me, the tomboy in me completely relates to that quote. :)

    1. Hi Kristen! Yes, I was happy with all of my other levels, especially my Cholesterol. I so much appreciate how they focus on our health and wellness here, it's a big added bonus! Yes, I do enjoy tofu and have found one that I like to eat from Trader Joe's. Some weeks are better than others. Sometimes I eat cheese pizza and mac-n-cheese all week ;) I also thought about incorporating Meatless Monday, but I haven't committed yet! xoxo, ganeeban


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