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In every relationship there are things.

I'm not talking about the small, day-to-day things. I'm also not talking about just any relationship. I'm talking about the one where your heart is involved. The big things that touch you with so much raw emotion, they feel as if they consume your thoughts, probably even more so, your being.

These things that we go through are inevitable in any relationship. The tricky ones are the ones that no matter how many times you work through them, they still resonate. Resonate in your mind, in your heart, or in your subconscious. I hate to believe that we go through them to make us stronger, smarter, or any other adjective that is supposed to comfort you. Oddly enough, it seems to be the case.

Things are hard! The sleepless nights, the tears, the hurt, none of that is something anyone wants to go through. Especially with someone that you love. At times I have felt tested. Tested to acknowledge my own self worth, tested to know how much I can emotionally take, and tested to work at being a better person. The derivative of things can usually be associated with an action, one that has an outcome that tests you, your partner, and your relationship. This isn't always the case, but I feel like it is for the most part...

Its hard to imagine a relationship that has never had it's things. I guess, it truly boils down to how we deal with them individually and as a couple.

I used to romanticize about being in a relationship forever, but then when you are shaken from singledom to the world of coupledom, you realize it's not all a fairytale. You realize it's hard work. If you're lucky enough, you'll get through your things or for the most part let them rest in peace. If you cannot, it seems that your destiny lies in the hands of the things that will keep rearing their ugly head.

Your things can be different from mine. But, regardless, we all have them in a relationship. I write this because it's a reminder to myself that when I'm not feeling confident in our relationship I need to take perspective with the things that are swirling in my mind space. I'm definitely one that will over analyze every situation, every word, and every action. It's who I am, I will not apologize for this. However, I will be cognizant of who I am and how I process our things.

Goapelle's newest album has a song that sings my sentiment of this posting and the way I feel about the things in our relationship:
If I didn't already love her, this song just cemented my lady crush on her! The chorus is so perfect...

Cause I'm only strong as glass
They say I'm built to last but I could break
Yeah I'm only strong as glass
and I am all I have so if I break, there's no more

There are things...and then there are some things!

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