Rose & Thorn [34]

3:14 PM

Another weekend closer to Napa..

Rose: The infamous Bacon Burger from the Grange!
Thorn: My heart...

Sorry, this post is most likely going to lack my normal, grit and humor. The case of Monday's has reared it's ugly head...

Another Friday Family Date Night after we picked up L. Again, we stayed in Folsom to avoid any traffic on the way home. Originally we had planned to eat at a local salad spot, but then J changed his mind and we ended up at a Hawaiian themed Chili's, otherwise know as Islanders (I think). I'd been to this chain once, but never to this location. I didn't really want a burger, since I had 18 miles the next day, but sometimes you just go with the flow.

Needless to say, it was about as good as you expect from a place shoving over-generalized Hawaiian themed restaurant and food down you're throat. My burger was average and drenched in mustard. I like mustard, a lot. Especially the really classy, yellow French's kind, but this had about five layers slathered on each side of the bun. I wasn't going to say anything, but J did and they ended up comp'ing it for us. I feel bad when this happens, but was grateful that we didn't have to pay for something that tasted like that.

As we headed back home, we stopped at the store to pick up my carb intake aka breakfast for the next morning at the Co-op. Pretty, non-exciting Friday night!

I was up as scheduled, but I lollygagged for awhile. I could barely eat my breakfast, I literally had to choke down 60% of it down. I had a whole bite in my mouth and just spit it out. Forcing the carbs in my body, just didn't seem right - even though I figured I probably needed them for the long run I had ahead of myself. After taking the time to hang out with J and slowly getting myself out the door, I was finally off to run my 18 miles.

Again, this was a completely solo run. Well, besides the other runners and bikers on the trail. I pretend they are my friends, so it doesn't seem desolate on the trail for three plus hours. I wasn't sure or going to bank on the water fountains, so I had to roughly plan out how I would get 18 miles on the trail. I did an out and back for one mile, then did an out and back of 8 miles, since the water fountains were functioning. Seeing as how I didn't log one mile since my last long run, I didn't know what to expect. I literally skipped all runs in between last week, the laziness was real! But I secretly blame Bacon Week ;) It was either going to be a great run on rested legs or hell! Luckily it was pretty much a strong run, slow at some points, but I finished strong, but a little mentally bruised. The pain set in once I stopped running. Literally, I almost had a melt down in my car. A pain in my legs that hurt so bad, nothing was comfortable. I had to get gas, so that helped avoiding a meltdown, because I wasn't going to be that girl in her car crying! But the pain was real.

Hobbling up the stairs and showering was rough, but helped with some Motrin. I couldn't decide if I wanted to rest the legs first or shower, but was freezing so a warm shower sounded much more appealing! After the shower, I laid on L's bed with my legs against the wall to help with recovery. I'm not sure if this really helps, but the few times I've done it, it seems to help.
I didn't have much time, so I had my feet in the air for 10 minutes, then it was off to get my hair done. I limped my way to the salon. I had done some homework, which I never do, and pre-sent pics of what I was looking for to my stylist. It should be noted, he is basically family, he's the Bestests' cousin. So he knew what I wanted, but I didn't know it would be a 3 hour endeavor. What I thought was simple highlights, apparently is something called balayage, which means paint in French. Whatever, it just looked cute and simple in a Pinterest image. 

As my first set of color set in, I realized I hadn't eaten anything post-run. To be honest, I wasn't even that hungry. But, I ran to the local Starbucks, which has a drive thru. I only look half crazy if the employee see's me in the to-go window, right!? A coffee and a breakfast sandwich later, the color was set, then it was time for the actual balayage. Does anyone else love getting their hair washed at the salon? It's a lovely head massage, in my opinion. It's my favorite thing about going!
Finally finished this book while in the chair, over a year later!

Hair done and styled, I was out the door and headed to run a few quick errands and then home. I tried to make resies at a restaurant that was selling an infamous bacon burger, but they didn't have any. Just for fun, I tried calling again and the sweet hostess said she'd squeeze us in. The bacon Gods were on my side again, this week! So J, L, J's little brother, and I were off for a bacon experience. The restaurant is part of a swanky little boutique hotel, but still very casual. Our booth upstairs was a little dark, but it had a nice over looking view of the joint. Because I will post on Wednesday, I won't go into too much detail. We all ordered the burger and L had a grilled cheese, we also treated ourselves to the bacon dessert!

L and J had a movie night planned, Lion King again, but I bowed out. I just needed some me time and to relax my legs. I read a little, watched a little TV, and just spent some time to myself. Obviously I can't sit here and spill my emotional guts all over the Intranets, but at times I wish I could. To see where my heart really is. To see if I'm taking the easy way out of things or if I'm being truly real with myself. I know I speak ambiguously when I talk about my relationship or topics related to a relationship, but it is because I respect J and what we have. Although, I need and use the blog as a way to express any emotion(s) I am feeling. And Saturday night, I was hurt. Again. I'm navigating my way through my emotions, feelings, and thoughts...but for some reason, this time just feels different...

I had a fun blogger date on the schedule, but one of the gals was kind enough to not spread her germs to us, so we hopefully can reschedule. That meant that I turned off my alarm and slept in, until L woke us up! Then we all spent a lazy Sunday lounging, until we had a plan. A plan that I should have done my homework so it would actually work out. We all started getting ready to go on a coffee date and then walk to the farmer's market. However, the FM is on Saturday, FAIL! So instead, we walked to have bagels and enjoy the Sunday morning sunshine. After sitting there, talking about anything and everything, we decided to spend the day at the Zoo!

I love the Sacramento Zoo. I wish they had elephants, but I'll live with the new baby lions! The Zoo was just as much fun as I expected to have. It's nothing fancy, but just enough to be exciting to see the animals. There were some new enclosures opened, since the last time I was there. We spent a good portion of the afternoon here.
Lounging little monkey.

We were getting hungry and maximized our zoo time, so we decided to head home. But first we stopped at Jamba for a treat. Thanks, Groupon! Then we had a super late lunch or really early dinner together. Afterwards I napped for a long time, while L played and J watched TV. It's always a little sad when she leaves for the weekend, she really brightens up our weekends! She keeps us on our toes and is always so happy, despite doing her one "chore"! We had a double date planned to see the Wedding Ringer, so we napped until it was time to leave.

I lost a bet at the Zoo, so I had to buy the popcorn. I think it's impossible to go to the movies and not buy popcorn, seriously! Per the usu, I smuggled in a bottle of water and some candy! The movie was funny, but we already knew it would be. The four of us enjoyed it, it would have been more fun if we actually had some time to hang out and chat. But we just saw the movie and parted ways, but it was still fun.

We ended the evening binge watching GIRLS, we're almost done with Season 3, and talking. More talking.

I sit here and am trying to be happy. Forcing a smile and trying to get through the work day. Trying to remember that something good isn't perfect. Trying to remember that my heart is fragile and it will get hurt at times. Trying to remember good things and times. Sometimes things shift and we have to either go with it or not...

The thorn really sucked this weekend...

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