Rose & Thorn [33]

3:47 PM

Weekends are now synonymous with "long runs"...

Rose: Celebrating my dativersary with J.
Thorn: The bottom of my feet hurting, something crazy, after my long pain!

Game night with the soccer homies! I say soccer homies because most of us play soccer together, but we all also hang out outside of soccer too. After work, I went home to make my BLT dip for the party and also clean up the casa a bit. Just another case of the #NailedIt , but on a much smaller scale this time. I hate, no really hate mayo, so I found other ways to substitute it out. All of the ingredients used came from Trader Joe's.
Easy Holiday B.L.T. Dip
Only 4 ingredients, I'm still scare of ends & pieces.
Final Product
Crackers to go w/ the dip!

It was fun to get the group together. Just a low-key affair, pot-luck style with some Cards Against Humanity. Why are the dirtiest cards the best ones? Seriously, they always get picked. It's even better when the sweetest human ever reads the dirtiest cards. To be fair, we were giving her some dirty ones to read, just for fun...we're mean nice like that ;) At midnight I had to bid them all adieu, 18 miles were on the schedule for the AM. Rude hostess I know, but thank goodness J was there to say goodbye and bonus, he even cleaned everything up!

18 miles were on the schedule. It was a solo run, because there wasn't really anyone that was running the same mileage or had the same time restraints as I. So I hit the ART to log my miles. Since I knew the fountains would be closed, I planned my run an out and back twice and hid some extra water. To my surprise, most of the fountains were in working order. Since it was a pretty big jump, from 14 last week, to 18 this week...I knew it might be a little iffy. My legs, my heart, and my mind just weren't in it all the way. My run turned into 16.82 miles, with me logging some of my slowest miles in years. I was trying not to get mad at myself and just trying to get the mileage in...but I gave up. I felt defeated since I was pretty close to the mileage, but every step felt like I was running through mud. The bottom of my feet ached for some strange reason, this was a very new feeling.

After I hobbled my way to my car and stretched, I had to get back home to get ready for Lili's 1st birthday party! Showered and limping a bit, J and I headed to a local private school for the partay! A quick caffeine stop, because I'm a proponent for treating myself after a long run, at Peet's for a soy mocha!
Lili's first birthday was the cutest Mickey Mouse theme ever. Thank goodness I had a shirt from Disneyland and three Mickey Mouse ears to sport. I love a themed party! I can vividly remember when Maddie told me she was pregnant with Lili, then watching her grow in her belly, then her arrival. Now from a bubbly, happy baby to a healthy, sweet one year old. I seriously love that my friends have kids, I love being there as they grow up!
After all the goodness that reminds me of Disneyland was over, we headed home to hang out for a bit. A lovely nap and relaxing with J. Then we both got ready for our dativersary! 

J made reservations at the exact same place we had our first date. We kept saying " a year ago we were doing this"! We are so dang cheesy, I know! This time we both actually ordered food, last time my stomach was having serious issues, this time just minor issues (which have been going on for the better part of a week, ugh)! We both ordered a flight to taste and enjoyed the date. We were going to go somewhere for dessert, but I threw out the idea of the service that delivers milk and cookies. J loved it, so as we were sipping wine and chatting, we put our order through and they were set to arrive at our casa at 9PM.

Dine Downtown Special Flat Bread - went rogue when ordering..
Italian Paninifresh mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, sun dried tomato, pest
Cookies & Milk
While we binged watched Girls and relaxed, we waited for our cookies. 30 minutes late, but not too irritated, they arrived. Warm and delicious! I literally just hung up the phone with the company when the doorbell rang! I am so glad we splurged and ordered this ridiculous luxury food delivery. It wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it was and I'd totally do this again. However, now I know what cookies to order. They don't have a huge selection and they do offer a cookie of the week, which was Oreo Cheesecake this week. We definitely went to be satisfied!

Given my state of affairs last week, I knew it was not smart to run 6 Easy in the AM before my shift with Vega, where I'd be standing on concrete for 4 hours. So, I attempted to sleep in and was able to make a nice breakfast for myself. I got a little lazy and ended up having to rush to get to Whole Foods on time.

After four hours of slangin' vegan goodness, I made it home. However, I did make two stops to the hot deli bar, which again satisfied my ravenous hunger that seems to be rearing it's ugly head after long run!

We had intended to get a leisurely 6 miler in after I got off, bu it turned into another long nap. Apparently we needed some sleep this weekend. Groggy, yet rested we got up and got ready for a double date with the parentals. We all had been discussing how we wanted to see American Sniper, so we made it happen. I think this was my first movie of 2015, becuase we had to buy our Century 2015 popcorn bucket. Best deal, pay $7 for the first go-around, then $3.50 for all other visits! I don't ever buy the soda, because I don't drink that much soda and it's always Coke products, yuck!

After the movie we hit up some late eats at BJ's, since there aren't too many options on a Sunday night at 9PM. It was great to hang out the parentals! I feel like I haven't seen them much lately. Finally, after tons of calories consumed and a tasty glass of wine, we all parted ways. I was the ONLY person who had to work today, so they all teased me that I better get home to bed, for work! Rude!

Me: Bacon Burger add Avo
J: California Chicken Sando
Momma Bear: Chicken Wings appetizer
MINE: Mini PB Pizookie
We did spare a little time to watch Scorpion since there was a special episode on last night. Except for the stupid football game played us and made us miss the last 15 minutes of the episode! So annoying...I'm hoping they'll post the episode on their website or update the DVR recording to not include the football post-game dumbness!!

Napping is so underrated...

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