Pardon the Random

10:45 AM

Stem exhaustion is making it's way to my brain!

I kinda apologize in advance. I am kinda feeling uninspired today, so I went searching for a survey to take. They are random questions and you probably could care less, so if you decide to go else where, I don't blame you. But to entice you to stay for a few minutes, I've included a quick blurb about girls night last night. Switching gears real quick, I want to sit here and complain that I had a shit run, but that would be annoying. I felt really sluggish the AM and my legs were really slow. I'm slightly embarrassed by my splits, but I won't get down on myself too hard. Time to get ready for tomorrow's long run...16 miles...eek!

January Girls Night snuck up on all of us. Since the first Thursday of the new year was new year's day we put it off a week. However, due to sickness, new puppies, and general busy schedules it was a skeleton crew last night - 5 ladies, 2 little girls, and 1 baby. The kids almost out numbered us! To keep it simple we had a nacho bar, this is always our fall back, go-to food for Girl's Night! It was definitely nice to see the ladies, even if it was a super low-key affair. The food was good and the convo was good, just as a girls night should be.

Now if you decided to stick around, here's the random survey I decided to do:

When did you get up today? 
5:35AM, bright dark & early!

Is there anyone that could make your day if they showed up at your house? 
Of course, a visit from any friend or family is always a lovely surprise. Total PC answer, huh?!?

How old was the last person you rode in a car with? 

Do you have big plans for the weekend? 
16 miler with Steph on Sat AM, the rest of the day will be attempting to recover from that. Sunday will be a 6 miler, off to work at the Roseville Whole Foods, then to celebrate our late girls holiday tradition!

How long have you lived at your current residence? 
A few months. Does it count if I lived in the unit connected to it for over 3 years ;)

When was the last time you were up at 5am? lift some heavy stuff!

What was the last movie you saw in theaters and who did you go with? 
Oh geez, I can't even remember what movie or with who! Lo siento...

When was the last time you went bowling? 
For the Mormon's 31st birthday in the beginning of December.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? 
Sadly, no. On the list, of course!

The Eiffel Tower? 
These locations are depressing me. Nope, unless you count the one I saw at the Global Winter Wonderland.

The Great Wall of China? 
Nope, but again, still on the list!

How old were you in 1999?
Sweet 16!

How many funerals have you been to this year? 
Nada, but it's literally only 9 days into the year.

When was the last time you spent a night stargazing? 
Couldn't even tell ya! I have made it at point to look up, in the sky, when I'm running in the dark lately. This morning's moon, hidden behind the clouds, had a crazy, eerie feeling to it. Tuesday night's sky was pretty, but I wouldn't necessarily call it night stargazing...since I don't want to fall flat on my face...

Are you taller than 5’6”? 
Nope, coming in at about 5'5"!

What were you doing last night at 10pm? 
Being lazy, and procrastinating getting ready for bed...

Do you have a favorite pillow you always sleep with? 
No, just regular pillows. I do love snuggling with my SF Giants panda pet, even though panda is no longer a Giant :(

When was the last time you slept in someone else’s bed? 
No se...

Are there any candles in the room you’re in? 
Candles are frowned upon in a cubicle.

If you turn around, what is behind you? 
The abyss that is my cubicle...

Would you dye your hair hot pink for $50? 
No thanks...

Do you know what you’d have been named had you been born the opposite sex? 
I was supposed to be Ryan, sorry Momma and Poppa Bear!

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?

Where was the last place you spent more than $50? 
It's not really a place, but I had to pay a damn parking ticket!

Are there any buttons on the clothes you’re wearing?
My jeans have one...just don't mind the muffin top!

How about zippers? 
On my jeans...what a dumb question...

Are your fingernails painted? 
Gold and sparkly, just how life should be :)

I know I said I feel uninspired today, but I think it has to do with my bout of low-self esteem today and the past week or so. You know those moments where you feel chunky, nothing seems to fit right, and you're still trying to work out. Yeah, that's what's happening these days. No matter how many times J reminds me I'm beautiful/sexy/pretty, I just don't believe it. In general, but this past week or so it's been really bad. I'm back to working out and trying to eat a little healthier, but I just feel gross. TIM Alert - it could be because it's that time of the month too, but I'm sure its a mixture of everything. Just looking to get out of this funk and feel good about my body. It's probably important to remind myself to be grateful. Grateful for stems to keep me running, strength in my arms to keep me lifting, and a belly full when there are millions without.

Just as I was editing this, I saw a tweet that was so fitting I thought I'd share:
To lose confidence in ones body is to lose confidence in oneself. - Simone de Beauvoir Tweeted by @HuffPostWomen

Trying to keep perspective...

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  1. I love the quote at the end. I'll have to remember that!

    1. I had to favorite it, so I could go back and look at it when I'm having one of those days! Happy Weekend Haley! xoxo, ganeeban


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