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I'm gonna change it up a bit this week. I'm going to list 5 things that are currently my fave, not just five random things that I feel like writing about. Technically, I guess they are one in the same, I just wanted to pretend I was doing something a little different!

We Made Too Much // I've mentioned this little slice of Heaven before, but in case you don't know Lulu has a "sale" section. They are so boughie, they won't even call it their sale section. HAHA! Anywho, ever since I've downloaded the app, I check that section ever. single. day! I justify my purchases from there, since they are on 'sale'. It also gets me to by more exciting stuff that I generally wouldn't buy, patterns and such.

These Nike Shoes  // My Pinterest usage has been at an all time high lately. I came across these beauties. Apparently Nike celebrates Black History Month every year and releases special stuff. Is it weird that I feel a little awkward buying BHM shoes? I mean, I'm not black. But I do appreciate what they are celebrating and they are freakin' cute! I just bought the new Saucony shoes, so I'm can't decide if I should 'treat yo my self'!

Donuts & My Birthday  // I'm not cheating here. These go together, because I FINALLY get to participate in the Donut Dash! This race occurs two days after my actual birthday, but I am using it as a way to celebrate my birthday; while eating donuts, being active, and fundraising for a great charity. I've invited anyone and everyone to come celebrate with me. Two miles, eat four donuts, run another two miles. Pretty simple, only out there for the fun of it. Who knows, I might even show up in a tutu! Or something donut related...I haven't decided yet! 32 is going to be exciting y'all!

#BuiltForMLS  // Last night the Mayor (KJ) announced that the 49ers are going to be a 'whale' investor for the Sacramento Republic. This is another push for the MLS to bring a team to Sacramento. I don't love football as much as I do futbol, but I do love me some 49ers. I love that our local-ish teams are supporting each other and doing great things for our city. I read a tweet, not sure of the validity, that said there are more 49er season ticket holders are from Sacramento than in SF. What? That's pretty neat! I never would have thought Sacramento could have a MLS team, but this reality seems a little bit closer each year.

Going to bed by 10:30PM  // I never put too much emphasis on a bed time, but it really does make a difference. I mean yes, I've read the articles about 8 hours of sleep and I know I should, but it really is noticeable when you actually try it. We've done it twice this week and both mornings we feel so refreshed and wake up much easier, snoozing doesn't seem so appealing. Now I'm going to make it a point to be ready for bed by 10:30PM Sunday through Thursday evening...let's see how it goes!

Just a few of my favorite things...this week...

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  1. I'm as white as they get and I want those BHM Nikes!

    1. That makes me feel better :) I'm still trying to justify $150 for a pair of shoes that I want to wear for 'fun'! xoxo, ganeeban

    2. Joshua got me these for Valentnes day.. so of course I automatically thought of you! Please tell me you got a pair? We can be twins? :)


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