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Please let me explain before you stop reading. My hatred stems from its ability to give me  false hope that what I find on a stupid "board" will be easy to make. And also because the title tells me so! Psh, lies...all lies! I'm sure some of you readers will immediately gasp at my title of the blog today, but seriously...let's be real! Pinterest is kinda dumb, but kind genius as well, which is probably why I despise it! Boards and pins, even more stuff social media stuff that I have to keep up with.
Peas and Crayons

Today's WIAW is a little different that what Jenn had originally intended this link-up to be, but really, when do I actually follow the traditional WIAW postings? Never, really...

I know you've all seen those memes and/or articles with the title "Nailed It," well let's just say my Thanksgiving contributions could appear in one of these, no doubt! And by Nailed It, everyone really means a Pinterest FAIL!

I was asked to make an appetizer for Thanksgiving, so of course I turn to Pinterest. I literally look up "easy + appetizer" and these are the two pins (?) that I came up with:
Cucumber Bites w/ Herb Cream Cheese
Pretty simple right. Well, that's what I thought. J helped by grocery shopping for most of the items at Trader Joe's on Tuesday. After work on Wednesday, I got the rest of the items for both of the recipes. We had most of what we needed. Someone (re: J) didn't buy the paprika to make the Cucumber Bites look so festive, so we had that going against us already.

After logging about 10 miles that morning at the local, yet huge, Run to Feed the Hungry race, we started in on our appetizers. J was super helpful in assisting me with these, all the while making his delicious and aesthetically appealing mashed potatoes.

No excuses, but in an effort to be quick and efficient I thought I could get these done with minimal references to the actual recipe. Hindsight is always a bitch, because after looking back I could have used some of the sage advice in the recipes. Such as cut the pizza rolls with a serrated knife, not a regular, sharp knife. Oh, that would have been helpful, but I don't think it could have saved those poor things!

Although I'm completely embarrassed, I guess I better own it. So here goes nothing...proof is in the pudding, as they say...

Cucumber Bites: I didn't have a small melon baller, so I couldn't scoop out the middle of the cucumbers. I also got a little creative and used a Ziplock and cut off the corner to make a so-called pastry bag for the cream cheese, but you see how well that turned out. The tomatoes would stand tall as in said picture, so we laid them down. So, the colors are appealing, but it came nothing near the actual recipe.
Taco Pizza Rolls: They look like little puke patties if I do say so myself. They tasted good, not just my opinion (my family even said so, bless their hearts), but you wouldn't know by looking at them. You can see below, I'm not even sure a serrated knife could have saved these bad boys! My somewhat of a saving grace was that these can have toppings on the side, which we had diced tomatoes, sour cream, and guac. I think those definitely helped their aesthetic appeal...you can't see the rolls when they are smothered in toppings ;)
Just for a little side-by-side comparison...
Pinterest, you suck! #NailedIt

Just in case you want to follow me on this awful thing, here you go:

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  1. I have to say I definitely laughed- but I'm sure they still tasted great! The cucumber bites look delish!

    1. Thanks! All I could do is laugh :) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Ughhhh. Pinterest is the worst for these things. It'll be like "Simple Healthy Cookie Dough Dip", and you'll need like tears of buddha, and lilikoi extract to make it.

    At least they turned out edible. :)

    1. For real...but we'll both still use it, am I right?!? Happy cooking...or trying at least ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  3. hahaha yeah hunnie I don't see the resemblance between those taco bites. Hey at least you gave them a try though :)

    1. A for effort, right?! Haha, next time I'm sticking with my cheese, crackers, and salami! xoxo, ganneban


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